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Hi all my friends this month I have decided to analyse the NEW Zealand Dollar as I saw it has witnessed a free fall against all its counter parts. I am trying to find out what are the possible reasons and and from here what are the prospects for its future growth.
In the fundamental factors let's have a look at GDP, INFLATION RATE TRADE BALANCE and UNEMPLOYMENT RATE which affects currency value.
In the first quarter of 2018 New Zealand GDP has shown a growth of 0.6% which is same as 0.6% of last quarter of 2017.
In the contributing factors breakdown is as follows.
  • Service industries shown a growth of 1.1 percent, driving economic growth.
  • Primary industries weakened, down to 2.4 percent.
  • Capital goods also shown rise thus lifting investment.
  • GDP per capita shown a rise of 0.1 percent.
  • Real purchasing power of New Zealand’s income rise up to 1.4 percent.

Pie Diagram representation of contributing factors.

Year-on-Year and Quarter-on-Quarter comparison of GDP numbers.

Breakdown of GDP components.
In first quarter of 2018 CPI in New Zealand fell to 1.1% from 1.6% of last quarter of 2017. In the components housing and other ho…
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Vlad73 30 May

very good

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Good job.

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Diana29 31 May

Спасибо)) Статья супер)

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Chilli 31 May

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Great job

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После того, как данные по розничным продажам в марте в Великобритании оказались хуже ожиданий, курс GBP/USD вновь под давлением.
  • Инвесторы ошиблись, обнаружив, что продажи сократились на -1,8% в месяц, что говорит о том, что потребители начали резко сокращать расходы.

  • Поскольку в ближайшие месяцы инфляционное давление будет расти, даже когда темпы роста заработной платы не будут достигнуты, продажи, скорее всего, еще долго будут испытывать слабость.
  • С политической неопределенностью, порожденной всеобщими выборами, которые также могут ограничить внутренний рост в ближайшей перспективе, прогноз курса GBP/USD кажется медвежьим.
  • Если Тереза ​​Мэй продолжит поддерживать жесткую Брексит во время агитации, это может привести к ухудшению настроения по отношению к Стерлингу, учитывая, что рынки держат пари, что большее Консервативное большинство увеличит шансы на более мягкий выход из ЕС.
  • Между тем доверие к доллару США упало, так как шансы повышения процентной ставки в июне от Федерального резерва снизились.

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anashape 19 May

well done!

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Chilli 8 June

very good

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shahrukh 16 July

great analysis

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shahrukh 16 July

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Hello all,
This is my first post and I hope it finds you good.
I am following the UK economy news for sometime and I found that the news and information are not good with respect to their economy. Please follow some of my views. The reason I have mentioned that the economic outlook of GBP looks little worrying because of the following fact,
Manufacturing and Production sectors are struggling. Factories and Outlets are reducing the workers since September which means the unemployment rate is growing. On the other side, UK has increased the biggest pay hike last month whereas the unemployment continue to rise because of the manufacturing sector dullness which is a big bubble in employment rate and salary ratio. One such jobless incident is, last month SSI Redcar steel plant stopped it's production and 1700 workers will be unemployed.
About housing sector, the price is continuously climbing high. But there are also several criticism over the housing and mortgage sectors, that it's is failed to meet the housing requirements of common people. Also two days earlier, there was a statement from UK banking sector about Household sector problems and financial downturn risk because of Mortgag…
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ijayakumar 14 Oct.

I have created this content on Sep 29th, unfortunately I didn't submit it correctly and it's delayed post now!

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Airmike 21 Oct.

nice article

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The Chart above is the Current NZD Daily Chart.The price is 1.4578 at the close of daily chart Friday January 28,2014 at a very strong Resistance after a pullback to to re-test the new high that formed the Resistance. From the chart when NZD Index price hit and reacted from the daily Resistance line it formed a Bearish Pinbar. The Bearish Pinbar indicates that NZD index is weak as price was unable to breakout from the daily Resistance line.
The reason I choose to write on this topic is for traders to understated the trend direction of all NZD Base and Counter pairs and to take good advantage of it as the market opens this week Monday March 3, 2014.
The NZD daily chart above is very important for any trader that want to trade the NZD Base pairs and NZD Counter Pairs.The Chart tells us that NZD index is very weak when the market open this week Monday March 3, 2014. since the price is unable to breakout from the daily Resistance. it means that all NZD Base pairs will move in a bearish dir…
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Skif 7 Mar.

хорошо разобрал NZD !!!

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Airmike 22 Mar.

nice article :) +1

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