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"When you enter the markets, you are going into a competitive field in which your evaluations and opinions will be matched against some of the sharpest and toughest minds in the business. You are in a highly specialized industry - under the intense study by men whose economic survival depends on their best judgement. You will certainly be exposed to advise, suggestions, and offers of help from all sides. Unless you are able to develop some market philosophy of your own, you will not be able to tell the good from the bad, the sound from the unsound." – John MageeIf you have ever listened to the above quote, you may have known that there is no perfect method to make money in this business, no Holy Grail, no money-printing machine method... But we certainly have an edge if we see at what big guys see. It is clear that when you have a very big amount of money to invest, you are not likely to watch for complex technical system. You would rather plan for risk events and trade from an economist's perspective. Thus, the more simple your technical system is, the more effective and less time-consuming your decision making process would be.In this article, I will guide you through how to setu…
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auto1 13 Dec.

Would you you please explain as to to what is the purpose /usage of high/low/close of same ma? Nice article,

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Hi, the purpose of applying SMA with the same time period on high/low/close of prices is to know when we get into the support/resistance zone better. It is a zone; therefore, doing so will erase in your mind the idea that support/resistance is just a single price.

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Likerty 14 Dec.

Interesting approach:))

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William Delbert Gann (1878-1955) was a legendary trader.
Started trading at the age of 24, who have designed several techniques for
analyzing prize charts, by nature he was very religious man as well as having scientific
approaches in his trading explorations. Gann considered that the perfect
balance between time and price exists when prices rise or fall at a 45 degree
angle relative to the time axis. And I think many of you traders are aware of the
24 rules defined by W.D.Gann. Coincidently you are all perfectly following seven
of the rules in trading contest system offered by Dukascopy bank. Rules like
having a compulsory stop loss for a trade execution, writing reasons for trade
entry and exits, moving stop loss close to breakeven level etc. If you follow remaining
rules properly, probably you will come into one of the top ten places. Similarly
there are so many complicated and incomprehensible explorations have been done by
legendary trader W.D.Gann.
Gann GridChart-1Gann grid is the one of the technical analysis tool designed
by applying W.D. Gann concepts. The tool is available in MT4 trading platform
which you can access from Fair Trading Technology Company who is external
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Maryk1 18 June

nice article

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cameronben 20 June

best article

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Tsandes 21 June

Very nicely worked

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hjs69 22 Apr.

This not new I learn this form my mentor back in 1989 and it works still today.

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jado_r 13 May

Very nice article till the last word

Would you please explain more how to draw the tool (how to select the scaling points) especially that in of your charts the scaling points were hanging in free space

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  I'm sure many of you are familiar with the works of H.D. Gann. Personally I am a true admirer of both his work and legacy. No other trading style and/or forecasting method knows so much attention and secrecy as that of Gann. His true legacy is, in my opinion, the knowledge that, one way or the other, he managed to pass for the next generations to build on his works. He himself has reiterated the famous King's Solomon words “Knowledge is of more value than gold”. For Gann, everything was a number. He was a master of cycle analysis. So here's what I did: I took EUR/USD since the beginning (1971) and looked for a broker that offer that kind of historical information. Than I studied each cycle in terms of length and, attention, astrology (yes, I know, it sounds a little bit mystic but believe me it's not). From an astrology point of view I just wanted to see if the exact day the eur/usd turned has any meaning regarding full moon/new moon correlation. Surprisingly, it does. (see Image 1 for the chart) Next, I used Gann Square of Nine for dividing each cycle and to see what degree goes with each cycle. Extrapolating the …
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dady> I know what you say, but I received an error when trying to upload the it's solved and for the second article I managed to upload them.....thank you anyway

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Deta 10 Aug.

Armstrong was the one to observe the shifts in capital flows hit the markets every 8.6 years across many asset classes. The estimate of magnitude seemed to revolve around periods of 51.6 years, which nests a series of 6 business cycles of 8.6 years each. Armstrong revealed that the business cycle concept can be backtested into ancient history going back to the Greek and Rome empires and all monetary systems that followed.

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deta> can you elaborate more about Armstrong? I knew the 8.6 years cycles, but did not know to whom it was attributed...thanks

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ritesh 28 Aug.

Dukascopy should have given us option to edit the articles after publishing, to help make give this contest better and useful articles. Unable to edit causes lots of issues. Best of luck buddy for the contest +1 for ya ;)

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LinnuxFX 28 Aug.

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