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I am writing this article as this I thought is important thing and I know this article can benefit many people, like me who don't have any other source of money but who are passionate about trading and who believe they can found a way to become a successful Forex trader. And other thing I want to tell Community founders and support team their this work is benefiting many people like me. And they are doing a great work which is just next to charity.
At the beginning of 2018 I have lost all my money in the trading. And this was my fourth failure in life. I know many of us have faced this at some point of life. As a trader and being a Forex trader this one thing is common for sure between us. That was the time when I can't go back to my Family to ask more money so that I can start trading again. And I cannot join any job. As I don't have any decent professional qualification. I have graduated from computer science stream. I was in distress as wasn't getting any option to start trading. And recently trading become my passion in life. And I know at one point of time I will emerge as successful Forex Trader.
Then I saw a ray of hope. One of my friend recommended me…
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Потери нас учат. После удачного разгона депозита нужно успокоиться и торговать с 10-м плечом, не более!

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good article!



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very nice dear!


nice ...........

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The vital role of momentum in trading Momentum is a vital element that lives with all people in everyday life and I’m sure that everyone experienced the impact of momentum in his/her own life , Momentum can affect us in many ways because it keeps us moving in our way achieving goals with constant speed .
The definition of momentum.
It’s the force or speed of movement of the price, object or events resulted of initial influx of energized action taken by large number of people , price or object moving constantly in one direction maintaining velocity . To illustrate the momentum further I’m going to explain it scientifically using physics ““A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest.” There is no better example to explain what is the momentum and its significant effect on our life than the Newton’s first law and maybe you heard the sentence ““A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest.” The interpretation of the law is very logic and straight forward is that it takes a lot of force to move a body in a still position but once the body moves it get easier to keep moving smoothly and constantly in its direction. That means if an object is…
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Good article!

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Good job :)

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Well Elaborated!

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Aaamira 4 Sep.


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It is my hope you are doing fine in making money constantly and you remember every success strategies that you preferred, every Technics you might employ and every piece of education you might have. I would like to share with you a little time of information that will not only help you achieving good education but also helping you see through everything needed for great success in forex market.
INTRODUCTION Succeeding in forex trading, need some of the important mechanisms which will enable you to know when you should open your trade, when to close and when you have to do whatever you can in order to reduce risks. Some says “trading is risks’ trick” because every trader out there has his/her difficult times in losing but the different is, the good trader will stick to the original plans until it goes well again but novice traders will keep changing strategies until he/she got no other moves.
MONEY MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES The principles of money management address risk from the angle of the trader, relating the market to both the adopted trading methodology and the trading investment. It is important to remember that the result of a specific trade is reliant upon many variables and …
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Хорошая работа.

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very well done!

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Hashimu 20 Apr.

thank you all. I will continue giving you what i think is the best considering that is what i do like everyday and it has greatest impact in my trading skills..

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very useful article! nice job!

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Forex Day Trading During These Hours
The Forex market is open 24-hours a day, but not all those hours are active and worth trading. Most day traders seek out activity and movement; if a Forex pair isn’t moving, profit potential is reduced, and the spread—the difference between bid price and ask price—can slowly erode the trader’s account if they trade during these quiet times. By trading only during the most active times, day traders can capitalize on the activity and avoid the doldrums.
Global Trading Sessions
The forex market doesn’t have a centralized location; rather, it’s a network of banks, brokers and traders which facilitate trade around the clock during the week. Due to the various time zones around the planet there’s always a market open somewhere. For example, London is open for business from 3 AM EST until noon. New York and Toronto are open from 8 AM EST to 5 PM. At 5 PM Sydney opens, followed by Tokyo and then London again. A market is always open somewhere, but that market may not necessarily actively trade all Forex pairs. For example, after the U.S. market closes, Sydney and Tokyo open. Pairs that include the Australian dollar or Japanese Yen will see some activity…
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*Rule No.1: Always Use a Trading Plan

A trading plan is a written set of rules that specifies a trader’s entry, exit and money management criteria. Using a trading plan allows traders to do this, although it is a time consuming endeavor.
With today's technology, it is easy to test a trading idea before risking real money. Back testing, applying trading ideas to historical data, allows traders to determine if a trading plan is viable, and also shows the expectancy of the plan's logic. Once a plan has been developed and back testing shows good results, the plan can be used in real trading. The key here is to stick to the plan. Taking trades outside of the trading plan, even if they turn out to be winners, is considered poor trading and destroys any expectancy the plan may have had.
A trading plan is a written set of rules that specifies a trader’s entry, exit and money management criteria. Using a trading plan allows traders to do this, although it is a time consuming endeavor.
With today's technology, it is easy to test a trading idea before risking real money. Back testing, applying trading ideas to historical data, allows traders to determine if a trading plan is viable, and …
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mcquak 21 Apr.

@lovybandesha thanks, got it. Do you know by any chace Investopedia site? There are also nice articles about investing and trading. E g. this one

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MaziarE 22 Apr.

good job

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rule based

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Great article for someone who starts with forex,a must read.

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1 Since the Federal Reserve raised interest rates in December, many U.S. businesses, as well as foreign countries and overseas companies, have been working through the impact of the increase on global trade.
The U.S. dollar serves as the world’s de facto reserve currency, so changes in U.S. monetary policy can affect country economies in various ways. Although the increase was modest and anticipated, reaction by central banks around the world has been mixed. Many countries whose currencies are linked to the U.S. dollar have also increased interest rates, as have those economies that want to keep inflation in check. Other central banks have remained steady or even cut rates in an effort to encourage growth.The U.S. dollar strengthened throughout 2015 in anticipation of higher interest rates and stronger economic growth. Advanced and stable economies such as Europe, Japan and India welcomed the Fed’s move, but many emerging markets are struggling with the impact of the rate hike. The rate increase has negatively affected countries such as Turkey, Brazil and Mexico whose governments and businesses borrowed heavily in dollars over the past decade t…
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The euro fell from the high around 7 am Friday at 1.0685 all day to the low of 1.0603 after the US close—and then corrected higher by almost exactly 62% to 1.0657. . On the wider move over the last two days, a 50% retracement of the upmove would take the euro down to 1.0568.
On another analysis and what we are foresees that far faster inflation in the eurozone than the ECB expecting. Prices rise by 2% as early as Q2 and stay there for several quarters. The ECB sees only 1.7% on average in 2017 and that’s a jump from 1.1% in December. But sees the weak euro as feeding imported inflation and it won’t be a one-time thing.
Consumers are buying 9% more imported goods and services than in 2009. We all knows that the Exporters are happy to raise prices on higher demand. And the role of the euro as an invoicing currency has fallen. Here’s the turn of events: "Underestimating the significance of the exchange rate pass through will provide the hawkish members on the governing council with ammunition to force a discussion on tapering, earlier than expected as inflation creeps above staff projections.''
When we get a bit confused about the forecast, we look at the weekly chart. This time it of…
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s_amira 17 Jan.

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In this article, I want to explain strategies and thoughts about FUNDAMENTAL CONTEST. Winning in this contest is not easy, and you should consider many elements. First of all, In the following chart I illustrate factors which are important in case of winning and predicting contest (this is our plan) then I explain each section with the help of charts, tables and pictures.
FRIENDS’ LIKES) this factor will help you to increase your score. In Dukascopy community there are lots of kind individuals whom you can ask for likes, and they will probably put likes for you. Sometimes you must like them in return (this is thoroughly fair). So this is easy but needs a little effort. Also it has a privilege to find friends from all over the world.
COMMENTS) I must precisely say that this is your trump card. Very important. Try to read some predictions (on the internet) about specific news which you want to predict about, and understand the predictions then put them in your own words (what you interpret in next section, put it in words in this section.). Be careful it has been seen that some participants get (-100) score.…
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Interesting article

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В первой части своей статьи я описал некоторые свои статистические наблюдения из фундаментального анализа и возможность их использования в бинарных опционах.
Статистический отбор возможен всегда и некоторые наблюдения за поведением участников и рынков дают возможность для эксперемента.
Фундаментальный анализ последнего конкурса. Часть таблицы лидеров на пятницю 22.01.16г.
Из украинцев в лидирующей пятерке двое. Это Sikman и Bombila. Вот по их прогнозам я и применил свой эксперемент. Почему они. Первое на что я обратил внимание это то, что в пятницу 22.01.16г в 9:45 AM ( 7:45 GMT ) будет выступление ECB President Draghi.
Учитывая это я предполагал, что новости по европейским валютам должны получить положительный фундаментальный фон и как прогноз отработку в бычьем направлении. Расматривая прогнозы моих соотечественников я увидел подтверждение моему видению бычьих прогнозов. Переходя на прогнозы с долларом я продолжил свой бычий настрой поддерживаемый этими участниками.
Основная часть.
Расстановку бычьих ордеров по бинарным опционам я использовал тот же подход, что и в первой статьи. Старт в конкурсе бинарных опционов на минуту позже чем в фундаментальном анализе…
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Golda 29 Jan.

да, продолжение действительно хорошее!

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SikmaN 31 Jan.

Тут я соглашусь с Olkiss70 труд хоть и интересный но в реалиях конкурса бинаров совсем не пригодится)))) Но спасибо за роботу!!!!

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salamandra 31 Jan.

SikmaN  Повторюсь. Головна ідея була була як фундаментально статистична і тільки. Ніхто не презентував її як варіант перемоги в конкурсах.  Це ж не стратегії на перемогу.
А от для реальної торгівлі в бінарних як експеремент можливої торгівлі вона пригодиться багатьм.

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tdbatinkov 31 Jan.

it is interesting experiment

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восхитительная статья!))

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- конкурс фундаментальный анализ:
Анализируя статистику в конкурсе фундаментального анализа я заметил один из вариантов статистической оценки и возможности ее применения в конкурсе бинарных опционов.
О правилах проведения этих конкурсов Вы узнаете посетив странички:
- конкурс фундаментальный анализ:
- конкурс бинарные опционы:
За основу я принимаю конкурс фундаментального анализа. Согласно условий он выкладывается к рассмотрению участникам уже в ночь субботы. Выкладываются все предлагаемые к рассмотрению новости. И к завершению дня воскресения уже многие делают свои пометки о направлении движения предлагаемой валютной пары.
Основная часть.
Я опишу свой день понедельник 04.01.2016 года и свою работу в конкурсе бинарных опционов исходя из статистики фундаментального анализа.
Вот такую картинку мы наблюдаем по мере приближения времени оценки конкурса:
Из такой картинки я статистически узнаю, что за рост австралийского доллара против американского на время выхода данной новост…
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salamandra 31 Jan.

Olkiss70 Если период коррекционных по старших ТФ Вы прекрасно понимаете, что будет 50%-50%. Как пример берем валюты против доллара в прошлом году. Тренд нисходящий и многие не зависимо от новости ставили на доллар и выигрывали конкурс почти в 90% попаданий. Помню и Вы были в их числе.
Ответ точен и период и ситуация на рынке. Спасибо

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salamandra 31 Jan.

Natali_Niyazova , Annuuta  Дякую Вам за хороші слова.

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voldemar 31 Jan.

Отличная статья

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TaniaS 31 Jan.

какая информативная статья!

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