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So, let me ask you really quick here: How much have you invested (mentally, emotionally, and financially) into trying to learn how to trade? Obviously you can't answer me, but think about this question hard to yourself. Think of all the sleepless nights, all the revelations and AHA! moments, and all the confused depression when it seemed like things won't make sense and never will. My guess is you've dedicated more effort, thought, and research into this topic than any other topic you've delved in to and probably more than anyone you know ever has. Did you ever stop to think that you might need to step back and actually learn about learning? I mean, think about it: If you spend some time finding out how we, as humans, effectively build a knowledge base and a progress through skill set, you'll take the straightest possible path (not the easiest, but the straightest) to proficiency. And when it comes to trading the financial markets, proficiency is profit.And that's where this guy comes in: [image from]You see, if you can relate what you're currently learning to something you've already learned and are familiar with, your learning curve gets shortened. The closer the two subjects are to each ot[/image]…
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Thanks for all the support, guys. Glad it's been helpful to you :)

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Nice, thanks for sharing this with us, at least for me it has great significance at this point of my life. After just blowing up my account is helping me to see some light. Keep up the good work

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very interesting, thanks!!!

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vega2552 17 May

Great article, thanks for sharing this with us.

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Likerty 21 May

interesting comparison:)

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So many traders enter the market with some strategie that they herd on youtube or red on the enternet but little do they know that two weeks later their accounts are going to be at zero! I know that because i am one of those people. I can share some knowlage that i learned the hard way that will help you so you can view this article two ways: You can say to your self who the hell is that guy telling me how to trade or you can read it, evaluate it, learn it and actually apply some of it to your strategie. 1. Know your personality type: Meaning are you a hyper guy who likes adrenaline flowing trough his body or you are a guy that wants to keep it slower. Based on that decide the:2. Timeframe  that you want to trade on. Also:3. Know what is the risk/ drawnown that you are going to feel comfortable of taking.4. Keep the timeframe and risk the same for a predecided period of time. That way you will see your true skill level and quality of your system .5. Spend alot of time creating and refining your own strategies because what works for someone else might not work for you.6. Momentum is your friend (enterpret it your own way). Also you must understand that there are two types of people …
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Cfandesh 27 Mar.

Nice article. Like to see more from u in the future.

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Fandango 28 Mar.

Hope to see more from you +1

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Needless to say a trader's job is thankless and routine.
A trader hardly gets the chance to smile or laugh as his compulsions are too many.
No other job can be as stressful as trading as it also involves
parting away with your money! From societal point of view parting away with
your money is unacceptable. Nothing can be more painful than parting
away with your money.
We hear every now and then that traders are
people with great adiction! The addiction of sticking to their computer screen
round the clock!!! Since trading involves money, Trader has no choice but to
monitor his positions constantly. Since forex is a 24 hour market, a trader
being in front of his monitor round the clock has become a common phenomenon.
Now let's prove that we are not only computer geeks but also have plenty of humor
in our bag....
We say “well begun is half done”. Hence let's
start the year cheerfully…with lot of enthusiasm…with lot of laughter. …lot of
smile on our face. To achieve this objective I have come up with some "out
of the box” strategies ....
 I will resume my article "de-stressing
the stressful trader "from next week...
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ha ha! very funny. this is really a stress breaking article. keep up such works.

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Bideira 2 Jan.

Nice article:)

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ritesh 3 Jan.

Awesome article. These strategies always work ;) +1

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kkforex 13 Jan.

Hahaha...good read 1+

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Tinktank 21 Jan.

Very nice. This article can relieve stress by itself. Keep it coming.

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