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The Moon Phase is in fact the appearance of the illuminated part of the Moon as seen from the Earth. The Moon Phase varies as the moon orbits the Earth accordingly to the positions of the Moon, Earth and Sun related to each other.
Psychological evidence suggests that The Moon Phase affect human behavior and mood. Do The Moon Phase affect investors' trading behavior ?
the Moon has been thought to have considerable effect on Life here on Planet Earth, Especially as it relates to humans.
The Moon Phase effect on human body and mind ,Now to some that may seem like some kind esoteric idea or mysticism but it may be more scientific then you think.
we have all heard of the effects of a full moon on people. During a full moon certain crimes are more likely to be committed, the mentally ill become more disturbed.
Basically, stock prices tend to be higher around the time of the New Moon each month and reach a temporary low point around the time of the Full Moon.

Buy and sell signals based on the phases of the moon are nothing new, Larry Williams's advice of some 20 years ago was, "Buy the full moon and sell the new moon." He found that the prices of silver, wheat, corn and soybean oil ralli…
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Сегодня новолуние, что предполагает, что "вымпел" поломается

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Thank you all for the support

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VALTRAD   Yes , today New  Moon, in 11 April was Full Moon and the GBP/USD was 1.2380 and move almost 500 pips

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Good job!

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mursei 7 May


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Dear Traders,
this is the fourth article in my series Bollinger Band Strategy for Trending Markets. In the first article (December 2014) I described how you get in and out of the trade when we are in a trending market. In the second article (January 2015) it was all about managing Stops and Take Profits. The third article (February 2015) was part 1 of how to determine a sideways market.
This is the part 2. In this second part we go further into the selection of the underlying moving average.
I keep the selected chart with the same settings as in my last article so you can easily compare the different settings. So, let’s go with the EURUSD pair on a daily chart.
First of all, I want to include the standard Bollinger Band settings. The underying moving average there is the EMA – Exponetial Moving Average.
EURUSD, Daily, EMA - Exponential Moving Average (standard setting)
When comparing to the following charts, you see the flaws of the EMA and how you can select a better match.
EURUSD, Daily, KAMA – Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average
The Kaufman adaptive moving average KAMA was developed by Perry Kaufman. He presented it in his book "Smarter Trading" in chapter "Smarter Trendfoll…
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Insightful - very well done!
There are some useful tools introduced informative and helpful. A brilliant article, good luck :)

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Airmike 6 Mar.

To many MA. but like anyway :)

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anna_t 6 Mar.


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Olga18375 11 Mar.

Well done!!! Nice article)

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Nihad 19 Mar.

Interesting,Good luck

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Dear Traders,
this is the third article my series Bollinger Band Strategy for Trending Markets. In the first article (December 2014) I described how you get in and out of the trade when we are in a trending market. In the second article (January 2015) it was all about managing stops and take profits.
In this one, it will be all about how to determine a sideways market. This is the time frame, when we don’t trade at all, since we have no underlying trend. Don’t underestimate this – staying aside and waiting for good opportunities is a big part in successful trading.
Te keep things simple and concentrate on the active trades I showed that you are in a trending market when the middle line of the Bollinger Bands is consistently rising or falling. When this middle line – which is just a moving average – is flat or directionless, we are in a sideways market.
This all is completely true, but we can do better: In standard Bollinger Band settings the middle line is a exponential moving average. The parameters don’t matter that much, the key is to keep them on a fixed level to get the feeling how they move.
Back to the middle line - there are numerous ways to alter that line. Jforex is …
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Milian 27 Feb.

хорошая работа!

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verindur 27 Feb.

Thank you : )))))

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garisan 27 Feb.

Interesting. Me myself like the wma because I don't like the line continuously touching the candles. Also another indication of a possible consolidation is when start to appear goups of very short candles side by side, when that happens you have to watch carefully. Waiting for 2nd part :)

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fullmoon 28 Feb.

Hi @garisan, short candles or long candles, like the four above in week 6. Reading Price Action is fun. When I trade my Bollinger Band strategy, I try to keep the Bands always on and only adjust the underlying MA. WMA works great with slightly adjusted parameters, then it's not that slow.

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Annuuta 28 Feb.

Well done!)

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Dear Traders,
first of all, I want to wish you a Happy New Year 2015, let’s make it successful together!
Last month, I wrote about my Bollinger Band Strategy for Trending Markets – the full article is here:
I want to thank community user garisan from Spain for asking a very good question about trade management due to the dynamic nature of the Bollinger Bands and promised him to explain it in more detail. This is what my second article is about.
The In-Trade-Management Strategies pointed out here, do not only apply to my mentioned strategy, but you can use them with modifications in your own trades. In this article, I will explain it with my Bollinger Band Strategy for Trending Markets. The trade entry is described in the previous article. At this point we entered the trade, placed our initial stops and targets and we are now in the trade.
First Example:
Let’s begin with the first illustration. I picked a 15 minute chart of EURUSD. We identified the uptrend, our middle band was hit and entered the trade with a long. We set our initial stop and initial target.
Our initial ri…
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Nicco 14 Jan.

Thank you for this article! If you are interested with BB indicator I suggest to you another article about using /managing the Bollinger Double Band indicator

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fxigor 20 Jan.

I am glad that you implemented BB strategy. " both bands narrowing" is indicator for trend change. Cheers.

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fullmoon 20 Jan.

Thank you @fxigor, it's always an alert when bands are narrowing.

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Mariia 22 Jan.

Good job!

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Good Job

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