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In my last month article I described the general ideas of how I decided to automate the strategy presented by the member BlueDragon, as I mentioned I saw a great potential in it. In this article, the last of this year, I want to show you the practical part as regards the implementation of the code. Just picking up on what was described in the previous article, we will analyze step by step the generated code to build the strategy. I'm not going to show how a strategy is made from scratch, as it is already well explained in previous articles from other community members.Let us start analyzing the code for each point described in the previous article:1 - Pivots Calculation:I will start by presenting the main piece of code of the strategy, it is here that the pivots are calculated according to the periods used : H4 - Daily - Weekly and Monthly. What this piece of code does is get the history of the last candle of each period and then calculate the (H+L+C)/3. Then it checks the difference between the closing price of the candle and the pivot calculated. If the difference is greater than or equal to the defined, the conditions are set to open trades at the beginning of the next candle in…
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scramble 21 Dec.

interesting setups, well done! thanks for sharing!

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You can't ask more from such a well written article.

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LinnuxFX 24 Dec.

Merry Christmas to ALL....

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fullmoon 25 Dec.

Merry XMA$ to all. LinnuxFX, I couldnt find your java code anywhere - did you make it public to so users can collaborate? I am missing for example the activeOrder and setStopLoss functions and can not verify your results. Thanks.

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elvy 31 Dec.

My favorite widgets, build strategies and their way of me getting drunk, enjoys strategies.
Thanks for this article, it's worth every word.

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Today I come here not to teach anything or present any lucrative strategy, but rather decided to write this article just to congratulate Jforex Strategy Contest for its Second Birthday. For anyone who is new in these parts should not know, but are gone two years since the first Jforex Contest Strategy was launched, in April 2010. When the competition was born, the structure was quite different from the current and participants were much less, sometimes there was not enough competitors to distribute 10 Prizes. In these two years, we just have to congratulate the Dukascopy team for the excellent work he has done to improve the monthly contests (JForex, Trader and Article).
Just to remind, at the begin of the contest, the strategies ran on participants computers, which forced us to have our computer ON 24 hours a day. I say "forced us" because I also participated in the contest along these lines yet, for the first time in September 2010, and my strategy finished in tenth place. Since then I has never ceased to participate in this great contest which gives us the possibility to test the performance of our strategies.
After these two years we can see that the changes were many and Dukas…
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alifari 19 May

Good to know the history of Jforex contest +1

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a different thinking! not many in trading zone are programmers. so, they take the easy route of copy pasting the strategy.

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drishti 23 May

What to say about this! It's fantastic and brilliant idea, when every one is talking about strategy or analysis. You told those facts, which most of new DFC members are not aware of.

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egidijus 23 May

Interesting article. Good luck! +1

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positive 27 May

Well written article . The message of fair play is highly relevant when people are looking for easy routes.

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There are a lot of Forex strategies all over the
Internet. In the following series articles I am going to present briefly the most
important factor-strategies for consistent winnings.
1st Article - Strategy 1 –
Market Sentiment
The forex market is nothing more
than the compressed display of emotions at any one time emanating from
currency speculators around the world. How can you better understand the
market, and use that knowledge as one of your trading weapons? This is the
question that every trader should ask to himself. In order to give an answer to
that question we firstly need to give an answer to “What is the market
Market sentiment is simply what
the majority of the market is perceived to be thinking or feeling about the
market – it is the most important factor that drives the currency market. This is so because traders tend
to act based on what they feel and think of certain currencies, regarding their
strength or weakness relative to other currencies. I will assume that when you trade
currencies, you don’t blindfold yourself to simply pick any pair to buy or
sell, leaving it to randomness to determine your profit/loss statement at the
end of the day or month. …
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AdrianWS 9 Jan.

hey great article, take a look at my profile and check out my articles I think they can help you

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doctortyby 10 Jan.

Very informative article about Market Sentiment, I would have Liked to see some charts and some Images.I believe Market Sentiment can be Better spoted on range Bars Charts(Price Movement, volatility charts). The volumes in those charts give better signals. check out my range Bars Charts Articles and Analysis.+3 And good luck this month. Waiting for your next article.

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ritesh 19 Jan.

Market sentiment is above all indicators. :) +1

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A Challenging
As traders we are
making our money from trading the markets, from making financial decisions in
an environment of risk and uncertainty. If there was a formula to describe what
goes on in challenging decisions, it might look something like this:
Risk +
Uncertainty + Money = Challenging Decisions
If you then add
into that short time frames, and the pressure and stress that can be generated
due to the possible consequences of those decisions, it is not difficult to see
why trading is so difficult, and so few people are able to excel at it.
To become a
trader you need to embrace risk and uncertainty, as they are an integral part
of the trading world. You need to develop approaches to help you to accept and
manage your risk in a way that still enables you to make profits, and you need
to learn to cope with the uncertainty that trading brings. (taken from blog of
W., Steve and Tony Holmes)
Embracing Risk
most of us prefer comfort and safety to risk-taking.” – Ari Kiev, The
Psychology of Risk
Do you consider
yourself a risk-taker? Do you believe you are taking a risk when you put on a
trade? Have you accepted the possible consequence…
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ritesh 22 Dec.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. +1

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you made it in the top ten. congrats!

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As you can see in my previous article (Building a Bridge to Forex World ... ), having a Trading Plan is essential to be a successful forex trader. Your plan helps you keep your goals clearly defined, is like a road map that tells you the way to reach your destination: "Have Profit". Make a trading plan is easy, even though most people tell you it's hard. The hardest part is to follow it and adapt it to changing market conditions. Before you start trading in forex you can even have a trading plan with more than one hundred pages, but such plan is not dynamic nor useful. First let's analyze why a trading plan is so important to your trading. A trading plan gives trading structure by giving you a clearly path to follow and clearly goes. This helps you tremendously to control your emotions. If you do not have a trading plan the negative emotions are amplified due to the fear of taking wrong decisions, and not have targets and goals does not help anything at all. Remember, a trading plan is like a road map that keeps you on track and allows you operate your trading account efficiently and effectively. Without a plan, you will fail, with a dynamic and adaptable trading plan you will prob…
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gorozcoh 23 Nov.

Good luck. visit me

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adask 25 Nov.

Plan is one of the most important thing in Forex. Good luck!

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excellent text! Comment my blog in trade contest! +1

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ksalam 26 Nov.

Excellently described the concept. Good luck +1 Visit my article & give me your feedback.

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Bluedragon 28 Nov.

excelent article. Good luck ;)

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