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In the spirit of learning and sharing, I am going to convert my Catch a Trend Strategy into a JForex trading robot. I did not find it challenging implementing on Visual JForex compared to automating the Day Scalper strategy, which utilizes moving average envelopes and complex entry methods.
As I always state when sharing my trading strategies, there is no holy grail in forex trading. Every strategy will lose at a point no matter how advanced it is. What carries the day is proper risk management.
Multiple Bots Lowers Risk
With automated strategies, I have learned that spreading the risk across multiple robots with different entry methods and trade management systems greatly lowers my losses even if it is on the same pair. I risk 10% of my live account and run 10 to 15 bots concurrently on a VPS.
As seen from the following image on a demo account with Dukascopy, multiple bots were able to cover losses and end the period in profit. If I was running only 1 bot, the chances of profit or loss would have been 50%.
The next image shows the performance of many bots over a period of 30 days, but not on Dukascopy.
Note: I count pips made not the money.
As you can see, one bot trading GBPUSD …
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Agnessa26 27 ژوئن

Good job!!!

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Natalia_Kisenko 29 ژوئن

very nice!

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WallStreet6 29 ژوئن

very interesting- at least I see first advantage of automated trading- when trading manually it is rather imposible to incorporate 15 different strategies

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locked 7 جولای

nice educational article .

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optionhk 5 اکتبر

Pipx: Thank you for your generosity.
Can you please help me for this strategy:
I want to get email alert for different symbols.
1.  I want to select XX (number ) symbols (currency pairs): Example, I select 12 pairs.
2. I want to get alerted two conditions are met:
3. out of selected pairs  XX pairs are moving
(a)  in any one direction. Up or down, but must be in same direction.
(b)  if have gained (for up direction) or lost (for down direction) by XX pips
3. As I can't sit (because of back pain)  to watch I want to receive email and push notifications.


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As everyone knows, the latest version of the Visual JForex (build 1.1.224) was launched last May 1. In this new version, several bugs have been fixed on Interface, Processor and Server Side. CDLDOJI pattern indicator was added to the Indicators Library. So with this tool brand new, there is no better time to begin writing an article about the potential and somehow also a help to those who want to start but are still a bit lost. Even myself, I am a little used to this kind of tools I had some difficulty in building my first strategy. So in addition to all the help that is now available on DFC about Visual JForex, I will write a series of articles that may help overcome some difficulties that I also had._____________________________________________________________________________Firstly what is Visual JForex, and it's for?Visual JForex is a Drag and Drop tool that allows all members of DFC, to create automatic trading strategies. This tool has effective and intuitive GUI functionality. With is drag and drop technology, most of the work is done with a couple of mouse clicks. On this page you can see the main features of this tool: http://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english/forex/Visual/fe…
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Likerty 21 مه

This VisualForex thing is really inovative - 10 points to Dukas for that!:)

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Very good this JForex Visual! It was what was missing!

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egidijus 29 مه

Nice article!

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like, like , like

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ericksegura 7 جولای


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I’ve been engaged in algorithmic trading for five years. During this time, I’ve learnt about performance and source codes of over 1000 various Forex robots and indicators. Just alone Strategy Contest contains some hundreds of different Forex robots and their source codes. That is very helpful for beginners in learning the algorithmic trading. I’d like to share my experience with others. So, this article presents the basic principles of creating a profitable Forex robot. Where to start? First, you need to type “Forex robot”. You can find a plenty of different strategies (robots) in Dukascopy Wiki, Strategy Contest, Forex Community. Use the sources to choose the most suitable robot for your personal Forex strategy and customise it. If you do not have your personal Forex strategy – choose whichever robot you like and upgrade it. While going deeper into Java, you will need Java documentation for JForex API. If you cannot learn programming yourself, you can always seek help from a professional programmer. How to evaluate profitability of a strategy? There are many different indicators to evaluate a profitability of a strategy. The main objective of each strategy is profit. In order …
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Thanks for the information

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ok, im ready for part 2

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GreenTrader 27 فوریه

good work...

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Santificado 1 مارس

Hello, friend, how can I get more detailed information about this your robot?
And if you have used in live operations?

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olchik0012 8 نوامبر

удачи тебе!).

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In my last month article I described the general ideas of how I decided to automate the strategy presented by the member BlueDragon, as I mentioned I saw a great potential in it. In this article, the last of this year, I want to show you the practical part as regards the implementation of the code. Just picking up on what was described in the previous article, we will analyze step by step the generated code to build the strategy. I'm not going to show how a strategy is made from scratch, as it is already well explained in previous articles from other community members.Let us start analyzing the code for each point described in the previous article:1 - Pivots Calculation:I will start by presenting the main piece of code of the strategy, it is here that the pivots are calculated according to the periods used : H4 - Daily - Weekly and Monthly. What this piece of code does is get the history of the last candle of each period and then calculate the (H+L+C)/3. Then it checks the difference between the closing price of the candle and the pivot calculated. If the difference is greater than or equal to the defined, the conditions are set to open trades at the beginning of the next candle in…
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scramble avatar
scramble 21 دسامبر

interesting setups, well done! thanks for sharing!

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OneGoodTrade 21 دسامبر

You can't ask more from such a well written article.

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LinnuxFX 24 دسامبر

Merry Christmas to ALL....

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fullmoon 25 دسامبر

Merry XMA$ to all. LinnuxFX, I couldnt find your java code anywhere - did you make it public to so users can collaborate? I am missing for example the activeOrder and setStopLoss functions and can not verify your results. Thanks.

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elvy 31 دسامبر

My favorite widgets, build strategies and their way of me getting drunk, enjoys strategies.
Thanks for this article, it's worth every word.

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What is the main function of Dukascopy community? I think the answer is obvious to everyone, exchange ideas so that we can all improve the way we experience the forex market every day... So taking this maximum and analyzing some articles where more experienced traders share their trading strategies is easy to realize that the most profitable strategies work in larger timeframes. It is clear that many of the strategies presented by community members can work well if they are automated, but given my experience when developing an automatic strategy, the simpler the better. After analyzing some of the articles posted here in the community about strategies used by some members, there was one that jumped me in sight, not only for its potential, but also for its simplicity, just easier to automate. The strategy I am talking about is that one presented by Bluedragon in his September article: Looking for Miraculous Strategies !?!This strategy is a cross system with applications in various markets such as stock market and indices. Although, is a counter trend strategy that has consistent results, because nothing goes up or down so indefinite ...Sure automate a strategy to make it profitable …
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LinnuxFX avatar
LinnuxFX 21 نوامبر

@fxigor - until now the average stop loss/profit ratio is 100% win, because as you can read in the article the strategy does not use SL...

LinnuxFX avatar
LinnuxFX 22 نوامبر

I left pass some trades, but see here the trade open today on Daily Pivot : http://screencast.com/t/KX4Kas9xkA8

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 25 نوامبر

Pivot points are an important part of my strategies. It is very nice of you to contribue to the Dukascopy Community with this strategy based on Bluedragon's strategy. Nice collaboration. Don't you consider a disadvantage the fact that the Daily Pivots are calculated on the GMT based TF, I would rather have them calculated on 17:00 NY time

LinnuxFX avatar
LinnuxFX 26 نوامبر

@doctotyby - At the moment the best results are in GMT based TF. I developed the EA in MT4 and it is running in 2 different brokers with different time zone, they are profitable too but trades take more time to close.

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Santificado 1 مارس

Olá Linnux FX, muito prazer, como posso obter mais informações sobre esta estratégia na plataforma da Dukascopy JForex, a respeito de seu rendimento em uma operação real.
Grande abraço,

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