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In a state of shock over messed-up trading account
Most (if not all) Newbies will inevitably over-trade their trading account on their first and subsequent live trading accounts unless, before investing their money in live trading account, they get themselves forex educated, understand the market, and practice good money management.
But very unfortunately, most (if not all) Newbies tend to play their live forex account like in the casino and simply place “buy” or “sell” on anything that moves which will result in the early demise of their trading accounts.
It’s an all too familiar path that most (if not all) Forex Newbies take before becoming (if at all) enlighten from these bitter and expensive experiences. However, majority of the Newbies will never graduate to become successful Forex Traders because they are simply too impatient and gave up when they have lost too much in the forex market.
These are the ones who would shout to anyone who would listen, “Forex trading is gambling”, and their tombstones are all along the forex road.
Most seasoned Forex Traders will adv…
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It won't get so messy if we can digest some losses but human psychology makes it extremely difficult to cut losing trades.

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RahmanSL 5 Feb.

As mentioned in one of my earlier article, we can easily clear up a messed-up trading account by recapitalizing it....progressively closed out all those trades in profits and basically start anew. No need to take any losses!  :)

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Good work and very good tips ;)

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simi 10 Feb.

Thank you, very useful! :)

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Yulia10 22 Feb.

good article

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"You have now reached infatuation's final destination—the complete and merciless devaluation of self." -- Elizabeth Gilbert
The above quote may be from Ms. Gilbert's memoir "Eat, Pray, Love" on the subject of spirituality and romance, but it best describes the value and strength of the currencies discussed in this article. Without further ado, the following five currencies make our list of the least valued currencies of this century, with old price quotes and charts dating back only to 1996 when we saw the first generation of Forex online trading platforms available for retail Forex traders via the internet.
Please note, that many other currencies that may have topped or equally been worthy enough to be mentioned here has at some point during the past two decades denominated their currency to reduce the unwieldiness of its old value. Also, more emphasis has been given over each nation's current GDP data ranking among all of the present 187 International Monetary Fund (IMF) members.
#1: Uzbekistani Som
Estimated GDP: 187,947 millions of international$ , RANK: 62/187

One US dollar was equal to 40.00 UZS on the 1st January of 1996 and since it has gained 7487% to an unimaginable excha…
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Very good job!

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brilliant 18 Sep.

nice article nice photoes

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Chaudhry77 19 Sep.

nice article and good work

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AAARated 20 Sep.

nice article and Zimbabwe's new 100 trillion dollar bill would be worth about $300 in U.S

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Mani 14 Oct.


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Как всякий заядлый зануда, я никогда не переставала задавать себе вопрос о том, какая отличительная черта ставит трейдеров особняком среди других высокодоходных специалистов и почти сводит на нет все достоинства этого занятия? Не обладая академическим образованием в области психологии я, конечно, не совсем честна с Вами, называя себя психологом и давая советы. Но тем не менее, раз уж я делаю это, то развить мою мысль буду пытаться дальше и значит…
Без вокабуляра и классических познаний, покопавшись в личном опыте и опыте знакомых мне практиков из этой области пришла к одному интересному выводу: все успешные трейдеры предпочитают во всём камерность и эксклюзивность. Они очень не любят публичность и избегают популярности, прячась за псевдонимами или вообще “не выходя на свет” и тому есть несколько причин.
Когда новичок садится за терминал он очень плохо представляет, сколько времени будет занимать у него трейдинг. Для людей с активной жизненной позицией зачастую именно этот фактор становится определяющим при выборе — продолжать или нет торговлю. Большинству знакомо негодование близких по поводу того, что вы проводите часы, а иногда и дни за монитором, по внешним признакам ничем ос…
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Nadin5794 21 Oct.

Real situations,real trade, real expirient -this is simple ,i telling truth/Thank you!

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Olga18375 28 Oct.

Интересно пишите, я с удовольствием прочитала!!!!!

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Zett 2 Nov.

Немножко годноты, да. ) Публичность  неизменно притягивает чужую зависть и даже агрессию.
Поэтому скрытность и интровертность. ))

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Оригинальный угол зрения...

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хорошая статья всё так) правда очень мало людей не понимают данную деятельность но как говорится уж лучше одному чем вмести с кем попало по настоящему близкие люди поймут а если не поймут то смирятся вы правильно подметили это дань рынку но у каждой профессии свои недостатки

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I started trading not much like many other starters with fast cars and pretty chicks on mind. I started it as a Research & Development project with a sole purpose of having:
  • A documented accurate trading logic or process that suits my trading style. (Genetic representation & instructions).
  • A precise trading system that ensures: the repetition of accuracy for the above-mentioned process; and that the process is running in a controlled environment.
After having my Crystal Pyramid in place. (the name given to my strategy due to its pyramid-like structure, why crystal?, image-search for the whole term and you might know why).
Finally, it was deployment time. I needed a different broker than those I initially created my trading accounts for my R&D with. Currently, this R&D endeavor has self-financed itself with a proper Return-On-Investment too.
My requirements for that broker was (prioritized in descending order):
  1. Trust to be a business partner.
  2. Tier 2 liquidity provider (STP/ECN brokerage model.)
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Excellent ))

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Brilliant Article

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Agnessa26 26 July

Отличная работа!

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Succeed in the forex world is what we all want when we decided to open our first account and start trading currencies. But for those who think that achieving success is just using some strategies already developed by other trades and begin to apply them in your real account, they can forget it. Until you succeed in this world you have a hard way to go... After some research and collect information from some traders my friends, I will outline the stages through which a "newbie" has to go even begin to have consistent gains in the Forex World. Stage1 - Floor Drifting and Wasting Time (from 0 to 6 months) This period is characterized by a large waste of time to look for strategies based on indicators, but end up becoming completely ineffective. It is also very common among "newbies" at this stage, spend an unnecessary amount of money on books, courses and automatic strategies. In the first 6 months, generally they do not have a consistent method of trading and at this stage most of them give up because they lose large percentage of the money invested. Stage2 - No Consistency or Trading Plan (6 to 12 months) By this time most of the traders decides to stop spending money on un…
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alalaor 6 Oct.

Very good message and very creative
Strategic planning involves an analysis of past, present, and hangs paths to be traversed in order to achieve goals in the future and to keep the market competitive.

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Good article +1 dude

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amerfx86 8 Oct.

interesting article... +1 and ..congr... for last month

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LinnuxFX 12 Oct.

thanks amerfx86, i try wrote something useful but sometimes is not easy, because all contestants have great articles...

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Bluedragon 14 Oct.

Your article is very usefull for newbies in forex, has you said...

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