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Possibly everyone knows term “Blockchain”, however I am not sure that everyone understands its importance and significance for today’s world development. Blockchain is considered as a virtual, transparent ledger, being invented to fix cryptocurrency transactions and generally regulating Buy-Sell process of cryptocurrency.
However, pleased to distributed- ledger technology and smart contracts Blockchain has a great potential to benefit various companies all over the world – not just financial sector.
The main features of Blockchain in Financial Sector are the following:* Transparency;
* Traceability;
* Efficiency;
* Collaboration;
* Security;
* Auditability.
There is a wide landscape of applying and embedding Blockchain in the different areas of Business, including, but not limited with opportunity to solve refugee problems, bypass corruptions and bridge poverty gaps, facilitate business operations and contribute to other spheres of business.
Allow me to describe the most important and relevant from my point of view:
1. Preventing poverty in the world.
Poverty is the biggest world tragedy right now, particularly taking into account terrible situation in Siria, being resulted in …
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colai 20 Ago

Не плохо!

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Good information

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steveinn 22 Ago

nice article

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Sanju777 24 Ago

nice and final article

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Teo 27 Set

Good article

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Dear colleagues!
Almost every trader is afraid of trading throughout the training process. It is possible that some excitement accompanies the speculator further, but it is fear that goes away. If a person has only recently started working on a real account, then he will have experiences concerning possible loss of funds and not only. Of course, in such a not simple psychological state it is very difficult to be objective in making decisions in the market. People often make mistakes, commit rash actions, which, as a rule, lead to financial losses in work.
The reasons for the fear of the trader are different, but the most important ones should be highlighted separately:1.Fear of losing money2.Experience for starting a new activity3.Anxiety due to lack of confidence caused by lack of experience4.A person worries that he was wrong, developing a system
Of course, there are other reasons for concern, but the most common can be considered exactly listed. To get rid of the fear of losing money, you need to reduce your trading capital by withdrawing some of the money. In this case, the person will continue to trade on a deposit of a smaller size, which will not so much disturb him. For exa…
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Why it is not fashionable and prestigious to be a trader on Forex market?

In this article, I want to talk about the following questions:
Why the Forex market and trading in it has such a bad reputation?
Why to be a FX trader is not fashionable, not prestigious?
Why traders do not like to talk about their work?
Why, if you will ask them about their activities, they will answer: "I work in finance", "I work in the financial markets," or something similar?
Why traders are shy of the fact, what they trade in the Forex market?
Why nobody talks about it proudly?
So many why!
I heard this from so many people, many of my friends are traders. I am a trader in the Forex market, and I know this. Let's try to clarify this issue.
Trader can lose money.

Often you can read the article or see the video on the topic: "Why is it so dangerous trade in the Forex market? Why is it better to trade stocks? ". Or "Do you really want to trade currency? – Trading Futures on currency on the exchange! Do not trade on the SPOT market!"
The reason for such statements is, in the first place, that existed before, and there is still very large numbers of Forex companies, which work for dishonest sche…
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i like this ... too many fraud and deceit shit brokers  .. traders not be won and lost money .. ... and an my government the block many brokers, including this broker .. lolz

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hm, I think if you introduce yourself as a manager of hedge-fund, speculation in FX market, you will get more appreciation from the public

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but if you say that you are currency trader -- they look at you a bit down:)))))

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it could be that others believe that when you risk other people`s money -- you are professional; to the contrary, when you risk your own money -- you are an amateur. this is why they think you are essentially a bum. you could not persuade anyone to trust you money.

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llolor 28 Ott

Well done. Being a traders is surely great work

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Introduction I start to be interested at Forex during my PhD thesis when I read with interest some old papers about Hidden Markov Processes in Economy. As part of the thesis I decided to investigated if it was possible to apply this methodology utilized in areas like speech recognition, Macroeconomy, Physics in the FX market .I found some good articles like Stylized facts of financial time series and hidden semi-Markov models written by Bulla. But the objective was to create a HMM model that outperforms simple technical indicators.So I start to built my own HMM model, I ask to Andrea Procaccini a funny and great Matlab programmer to cooperate to do something that could have interest also out of the University walls. Cyclex We call Cyclex the model investigated. I would try to explain with no mathematical formulas some of our results.Cyclex is an exchange rate forecasting model that outperforms a random walk at short horizons and appears to be robust and efficient over different sample spans. So an easy way to translate could be THE MODEL IT IS BETTER THAN TO FLIP A COIN AND DECIDE. Later we would try to answer to the questions How better is our model compared with the flip of a coi…
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Pirjetta 19 Ago

hea job.if ühendada matemaatika psühholoogia siis lõpptulemus võib olla vapustav :)

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very interesting and great to see someone approach this in a more scientific manner!

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ilonalt 20 Ago

I see that this article is very popular among girls :)  As for beginner, my advise to you - evaluate your trading abilities and be patient. And of course it is important to have your own trading strategy and keep it. Good luck!

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Durden 20 Ago

Thx for the suggestion, probably a yoga trainer could be profitable 

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Nice article ) Congratulations on your success in building a running predictive forex model ) I am also very much interested in applications of applied statistics, econometrics and modeling to trading ) Hope to hear more from you on this subject )

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A lot of individuals delve into the trading world with the misconception that there is a highly positive correlation between intelligence and trading success. It is nothing short of an axiom that trading is a very intricate profession- a mystery that can only be unraveled on complete analysis. In addition, the grandiloquent terms associated with trading, especially in its fundamental aspect, such as quantitative easing, intervention, down grade, inflation, Gross domestic product, demand and supply, etc, help to bolster the above thesis. Yes, a trader needs to be mentally alert in order to successfully analyze currency pairs; however, success in trading requires a whole lot more. It is important to note that individuals who have attained “financial maturity” tend to be more successful in the art of trading.  
Financially mature traders are the wise ones that recognize the worth of their equity. They understand the effects of loss and profit on their capital; therefore, they put all aspects of trading into perspective. As a result, they pay close attention to key aspects of trading such as risk management, money management, and psychology. With this type of approach, they stand the c…
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So the main idea is that you have to be financialy free to be successful in trading?... what about gaining this freedom through Trading itself?... don't you think it is possible? +1

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ritesh 10 Dic

Nice article, a must read I'd say. keep more coming +1

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additonally he needs a good portion of insticnt and also the ability to re-evaluate his opninion each single second! nice article. thanx.

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happy new year!

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