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Factors that are an obstacle to achieve more profits in Forex

If you're a trader gainers in the foreign exchange market congratulations to you thou fall under 5% of winners all over the world. But you must keep in mind that even if you make a profit, it passes a period of time you settle your earnings ratios can not achieve more. This was due to psychological factors limiting further gains, we review the most prominent together.
Early exit from the order:
Most of the traders in the currency market do early out of the deal and does not wait for the arrival of the pair to the specified target him and who cum advance. This was due to the psychological state of the trader. For example, if you enter into a deal to sell the pair Eurodollar with goal setting 50-point, if the pair fell 20 points only, you trader, may be affected by psychological your condition may prefer to get out of the deal without obvious reasons, or even the existence of reflexive signals before reaching the target set.
On the other side, we find that the psychological traders may prompt them to move the stop-loss at the reflection of the deal and approached the hit stop-loss point, which would result in the end to …
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40What is the exchange rate?

The exchange rate is the value of the local currency against other foreign currencies. exchange rate plays a vital role in trade and economic activity of the state, so is the currency moves by central banks as well as investors monitored. the local currency is influenced by a number of factors exchange rate against any foreign currency, those factors are:
The level of inflation:
Whenever the level of inflation rose whenever fallen value of the currency, and vice versa in the case of declining inflation, with high value and purchasing power of the currency. central banks monitor the movements of the local currency, due to the strong impact on the inflation path, where to maintain the stability of inflation is one of the priorities of the central bank of the state. Seeking countries that suffer from the low level of inflation to devalue the currency in order to support the rise in inflation towards specific levels, and this is done through what is known as facilitation measures, which in turn contribute devaluation.
Interest rate:

There is a close combine all of the interest rate relationship, and the level of inflation and the exchange rate. Central …
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