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Above images gives history of EUR and its adoption as a common currency of Euro zone.
We all know these days market participants are looking at the meeting of European Central Bank ( ECB) which will be held on 26 October 2017 to get some clue on the prospects of Quatitative Easing Programme ( QE) which is suppose to end at the end of the year 2017. We all are looking what will be effect on EUR if ECB ends QE in December 2017 and what if they don't end it. So friends lets have a look at nitty-gritty of Quantitative Easing Programme of European Central Bank.
It is a bond and asset purchase programme of Central Bank of a region or Country to boost inflation to desired level. In context of Euro region European Central Bank buys Bonds from regional Banks, this increases the price of these bonds and creates money in the system, as money rises in the system it results into cheaper loans and interest rate falls, this helps to business and peoples to borrow more and spend less on their debt, as a result of this consumption and investment rises which in result creates more jobs and supports economic growth.
European Ce…
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FXRabbit 30 Oct.

An excellent article! Well written as well my friend!

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Yulia10 30 Oct.

nice article

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Eco 23 Nov.

Всё очень странно. Мы проводим безнальную эмиссию, и типа количество бумажных денег не увеличивается. Снижаем процентную ставку, что способствует большему объёмы выданных кредитов - но как бы денежная масса не увеличивается.))

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супер статья

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Fibonaaci Retracements:Fibonacci retracements are levels determined by the Fibonacci sequence to provide areas of support and resistance by drawing from the high to the low of a recent swing in price or vice versa. The most commonly used numbers are 23.6 (55/233), 38.2 (34/89) and 61.8(8/13 - 55/89) these numbers are expressed as a percentage of the move with 0.0% being the start and 100% being the end of the move.N.B. ALL good forex brokers have a Fibonacci drawing tool.(including Dukascopy)For example if GBP/USD had fallen from 2.000 to 1.000 (for ease of demonstration) the levels of support and resistance when price retraced would be 1.236. 1.382 and 1.618. These level are ones which you can trade around with a high Risk:reward ratio as these are strong levels which will be respected by ALL traders up to Institutional level.Applications of Fibonacci retracements:you can use Fibonacci retracements in many different ways:As a price target for a trade at which you think it would be wise to close for a profit as price could turn here.Using it as an are for a stop loss where you would place stop 5/10 pips the OTHER side of the line.You could trade a bounce with a very tight stop and …
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mielec 20 Dec.

You know what is most interesting in your articles? THey are one after one after one in rankings. This is unique

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AdrianWS 20 Dec.

Cheers everyone hope you all enjoyed reading and learnt something. Mielec I hope that means I am consistent if anything :)

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Doctorby if you have pivots lining up with fibs its very respected. However as before low liquidity can have dire effects on high R:R set ups. As always good stuff.

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nice article, very useful and a happy christmas. +1

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AdrianWS 31 Dec.

Happy new year everyone, have a good and prosperous 2012.

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