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Best Choices to Handle with Loser Forex Positions
After minutes of opening position in Forex, the position will either be profitable or loser, you will see your equity increase or decrease according to position. opening a trade in the market of Forex is very easy and simple but sometimes the pair move against your trade or Simply your position make looses instead of profits and this is great test for your profession and strategy.

From profitable to loser trade:

Generally, any one open a trade it may go against his/her favor and then it would decrease the equity of account. Losses may deepen if your stop loss is set far from entry or according to your exit strategy. Sometimes, the trade may convert from profitable to loser or the opposite in minutes or seconds especially at the time of strong data.
Loser positions adverse effects :
When a trade begin to make losses our adrenaline work and adversely affects our physiological and emotional behavior and this an enemy for any trade, but all of this depends on trading profession and experience, below the common adverse effect of a loser trade position:
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Very Insightful - I will use your suggestions.

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JuliaBF 14 Sep.

Well done!

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thanks for sharing

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Stix 25 Sep.

Every trader should read that ! Thank you so much ! Excellent. :) :)

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A brilliant article. Inspiring and nicely written, really good examples!

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It is a lagging indicator, isn't it?

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doctortyby 10 Jan.

Good Article, but short, isn't it, I would have loved to see some Images and Charts.I use RSI just for confirmation of my Trading signals.Mult Noroc,+3

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ritesh 19 Jan.

RSI rocks and your article is nicely written +1

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RSI is one of my favorite indicator nice article

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