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Normally, when trading in the forex market, you expect certain currency markets that have similar currencies to behave in the same manner; this is not always the case. An example is Eurusd and Gbpusd markets, both markets have the dollar in their combination so it is generally expected that if Eurusd is going up, then the Gbpusd market should also be going up.
This is what is referred to as positive correlation between two markets. The common factor in both markets is the United States Dollar, so both markets (Gbpusd and Eurusd) are expected to react in the same way to the state of the dollar. A scenario where the dollar is making gains, then both markets would be expected to be heading down, and if the dollar is experiencing losses, both markets would be expected to go upwards.
On most brokers, their correlation tables always show a strong positive correlation between the Gbpusd and Eurusd markets.
Even the charts support this theory, with both markets moving in similar fashion over an extensive period of time.
Does this mean it is a good idea to buy Eurusd, every time we buy Gbpusd? Since they have such a good positive correlation, taking long positions on both markets would …
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Sveetlana 16 Jan.

great article!

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Binary options are a simple way to participate in the negotiation of financial assets. It is very easy and simple the understanding its operating principle. As the name indicates its behavior is binary, comprising only two possible values (is like the 0 or 1 of the bit value), you win the predetermined profit percentage or you lose your investment.
Moreover, in binary options no matter how many pips you will win or lose, but only if it is above or below the entry price (it is suggested the close price of the last bar). So, there is a big question, what is the best option to take after the close of a bar? In this article we make an analysis of the history close bars during the current year and making conclusions about the binary directions for our orders.

The Strategy:

In binary options the important is to be above or below the entry price (In this case is suggested the last close price bar). Furthermore, that is not an issue having the worry of optimizing the number of pips to gain or minimize the number of pips to lose. So was done an analysis from the beginning of this year, making sure that the bar immediately following the bar that was just closed will close …
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agddivisas 17 Nov.

Good idea!

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picoas 18 Nov.

good. I will try it.

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ijayakumar 18 Nov.

Simple and good!

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Good article, nice written, good luck with it.

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not sure if this can be profitable. yes 52% is more than 50% more BUT in BO if you bet on up 10usd you will not win 10usd you will win 9-9,5usd.

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