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So, here are the basic principles of the “Trading chaos”:1. You enter the market in several steps. Take the first one once a reversal bar has formed. There are two kinds of reversal bars: the bullish buy-signal bar and the bearish sell-signal bar. The first one opens below the low of the previous bar and the closing price is in the upper half of the bar. The bearish reversal bar has a higher high than the previous one and closes in its lower range. Remember that for the first entry there should be angulation, which is the angle between the price bars and the Alligator lines. Enter with the minimum lot size.2. If you have already made profit after the first entry and see the Awesome Oscillator (AO) indicator change its color, you can enter with a double or triple lot size. The author of the strategy calls it “The Second Wise Man” signal, which appears when the third AO bar, turns green.3. There are some additional AO and AC signals, which can be used as indicators to enter the market only if the first two entries are profitable. For instance, you can enter by the first green AO bar above zero or by the third green AC bar.4. The price moving towards the fract…
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Very good !

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good start. Write more words. explain in detail. And yes good approach for markets.

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great work :)

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The forex market is a constant battle between bulls and bears. There is wise saying that “Bulls make money, bears makes money but pigs are slaughtered”. If we do not implement strategic trading considering all the risks, having proper money management and mastering own psychology then the result will be obvious. I often note that in ranging market, one particular strategy always works. It is called “False breakout strategy”. In this article, I will illustrate how I used this strategy. False breakout strategy is based on the major support and resistance levels.
Time Frame and Currency Pair
The false breakout strategy can be implemented in any time frame and any pairs, but for this example, I took 4 hours candlestick chart on USD/SEK currency pairs. This means that each candle on the chart represents 4 H of price movement.
Strategy Concept
In ranging market, the price often reverse after an attempt of false breakout around the resistance or the support levels. This happens because of the buyers and sellers are in hesitant state of mind at tricky levels. (Figure 1 equilibrium condition). Figure 1. In ranging market, equilibrium condition prevai
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brilliant 25 Jan.

does it work with majors

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Yes, it is the same

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Trading Weekly and Daily Charts
This strategy assumes some ability to evaluate the character of candles. The candles are the most basic element of price action. Each candle tells a story. It is more important to evaluate candles in certain areas such as in the preferred entry area which will be described. Steve Nison and Gregory Morris are experts in Japanese Candlestick interpretation and one is encouraged to study their material.
Time Frames: Weekly, Daily and H4 and M30. Using a specific criteria, weekly and daily zones will be identified where trades may occur. The M30 will be used to pinpoint trades within the context of the 30 minute time frame. Since this is not a scalping method time frames less than 30 minutes are not used. Very occasionally the 15 min time frame may be used.
Strategy: Identify key support and resistance utilizing large bodied weekly candles. The 50% rule is explained later and is the preferred area of entry but not necessarily the only area for entry. Daily large bodied candles are also used in the same manner but here I always trade in the context of the weekly large bodied candle. …
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mcquak 28 Oct.

thanks for insightful hints

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Vain 29 Oct.

the best trading strategy thanks for sharing

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its a good arsenal into my strategy


very  good

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very good article

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TIME IN FOREXJune 7, 2013 Time time time what an important concept. It’s difficult to really estimate how important time in the Forex market is. Sometimes if you really think about it, it’s everything! So was a good example yesterday in the EURUSD and GBPUSD it was a time to buy!!! GBPUSD EURUSD EurUSD rallied about 215pips! Amazing! While GBPUSD rallied about 280pips in one day!! Whoa! Even more beautiful is that fact that I collected a 100pips on GU. I bought at just about the lowest point of the day and set my take point for 100ips (proof my username is healer and I am on the traders contest). I also collected a good amount of pips on EurUsd too about 50+. Do you know I wrote on the traders contest on my GU trade when I was entering it that anyone seeing it should follow me? This was over nine hours before the trade took its 100pips profit. How could I have known and be so sure? The answer is simple I knew the time to buy. Timing in forex trading is too important. There are various times in forex trading I would list some and endeavor to explain. 1. A TIME TO WAIT 2. A TIME TO BUY 3. A TIME TO SELL 4. A TIME TO BUY AND SELL TIME TO WAIT This is when your method of trading g…
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Victor 9 June

good gun

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Oh victor you have made my weekend thanks a million and
pls help to share it thanks again

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geula4x 18 June

+1 Liked: interesting article. I'd like to read more about how you time your trades, systems that you use and so on. Happy trading :-)

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healer 3 July

Thank geula4x much appreciated i had login challenges within the month and this really affected my participation thanks alot much more would be seen of me and many good stuffs are ahead!

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From my experience in the forex market , I cannot imagine anyone can profit and accumulate profits without understanding the physiology of the doji , I believe that we –as traders- can trade without a lot of indicators but not without doji because it the alarm which warn us for trend reversal or at opposite it may indicates the trend continuation ,from this article you will see charts in a way you did not see before what is DOJI candlestic , doji is a candlestick in which the opening and closing prices are the same as shown below (Figure shows different formation of doji) In this article we will check the doji in the -most important frame- monthly frame in order to understand how the big movements in the market occur Note :in the forex market when the doji have small body , I accept it in some casesExample 1 : closure below resistance (Short or sell) :Let's see this doji in the Eur/Usd in the monthly frame , all the explanations are in the chart please read and concentrate Now we will check the weekly chart to decide the direction of eur / usd From the last example ,we can see how the doji can help us gain hundreds of pips with small stop loss . how to enter this trade ?? it is …
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thank you for support my bro ...EFEGEN

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Delossan 29 Mar.

The doji can be good with other confirming tools.

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SpecialFX 29 Mar.

I agree with previous comments that dojis by themselves do not give you great odds of success, but when combined with good money management and some other filters they can be very powerful, far better than most indicators anyway :) Good article

khalidamassi avatar are right but in monthly + weekly give us clear indication ... i will show more examples soon

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SpecialFX... thank you ... you are right ... one of the most values indicators

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Hi guys,
This article is written for new traders to get started, from
deciding how to enter, to the exit of a trade and most importantly, managing a
trade. Instead of focusing a lot on technical indicators, I would like to share
on the use of simple candlesticks charts (you may set candlesticks as a chart
setting. In my personal view, simple things work best.
Determine your Entry
1.       Using candlesticks pattern
Bullish sign – To Buy or Long
Bearish sign – To Sell or Short
2.       Price concept
Fundamental concept, a trend can
never start nor continue if prices doesn’t go higher high, or lower low.
Buy or long when prices goes
higher, sell or short when it goes lower.
3.       Combining Candlesticks pattern and Price
Buy on 1 pip higher, sell 1 pip lower
(this is for intraday charts, if you are using a daily chart, you may want to use
wider pips). I will be using 1 chart as an example all the way from the entry of
a trade till the exit.
Position your Exit
Move Stop-loss to breakeven level once price
moves in your favor
Tightened Stop-loss price to the new price
whenever a new high / low is form
New reversal candlestick pat…
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MrSami 4 Apr.

Nice approach for starters. In my opinion, samples may be increased in a detailed article. Such as, giving some bars you may ask for estimates for next move, and trade plans. Later, you can show what happened in real...
Good luck

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New month is here and I welcome you, traders, who came to read my fresh article! I must admit I had few topics on my mind, but after browsing last week's and month's charts, this one popped up as a shining star...Again, everything I will discuss is fully tradeable on live accounts, exhibits shown below will be this time again EUR/USD daily and 4h charts.PROBLEM:How often happens to you that you are staring on screen, watching the markets move price dramatically higher, but without you in that trade? Yeah, you just missed it and though you have been waiting patiently few days for optimal entry, you are not in. The price bounced off quite visible support level and now after few hours, it is 150 pips higher. This is so painful experience! We who trade know, that missing a good opportunity can be much worse than losing a trade. Just because if our regular SL is hit and we followed our tradeplan, it's simply ok and sooner or later we recover - depends on our trading experience of course. But when we miss an opportunity, we feel that markets owe us something. That pips had to be in our pocket - and we want it desperately back, thus later trying to get it and doing actions not fully sup…
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MrSami 7 Apr.

Good, may be used..

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andrew_d 26 Apr.

thank you very much

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   The Question to be made is: "What does a Trader need, to be Successful?". It looks like a complex Question, right from the start. Your thoughts fly away to Trading Plans, Strategies, Systems, Methods, but You have to keep into attention the >>> Timing Factor <<<.    The Entry and the Exit (Stop Loss or Take Profit) of the Trade, are the Components that make it Succesful or not.    Of course that you need a complete Analysis, both Fundamental, and Technical to get the Best Entry and Exit for the trade. You might have a great analysis, very accurate, very precise, regarding the Direction of the Market Price, but if you enter too early You might trigger our Stop Loss before the Trade goes the way You have Predicted. On the other hand if You enter too Late, you might lose the Market Move and wake up in the Middle of a high risk trade.   I have written about the Timing issue in my "12 Steps to Make a Trade, 12 Solutions to Discipline Yourself" article from December.           The >>>TIMING<<< issue involves a Time Factor - the best Moment to Enter/Exit the Market.   How can You find the Best Moment in a Time Based Chart?... You have to take "another View of the Market", one that is beyond the Time Factor.   So, We have a Timing Problem, and the Best Solution can be found by Detaching Yourself from the Time Factor.   The next step to take is to concentrate on the >>>Price Movement<<<, on the Volatility of the Market, beyond the Time by using the Range Bars/Candles Charts. You can read about the Range Bars in my first Two articles from my January Articles Series:- Constant Range Bars Charts introduction,- Range Bars Charts Analogy with Time Based Charts.   >> It is amazing how You can use Trading Instruments from the time Based charts, in the Constant Range Bars/Candles Charts analysis, and combine them with specific Tools from the Price Movement Charts (R.B.C. - Range Bars Charts).   >> For example, You can use Pivots (Daily, Weekly and Monthly - Time Based) combined with Moving Averages from the Range Bars Charts, other than those from the related Time Based Charts, and also Trendlines and Channels based only on Price Movement.   >> However, the real Help comes from the Volumes indicator, and the Volume Spread Analysis conducted in the range Bars Charts, because We have a different number of Bars/Candles, and the Volume is distributed different from the time Based Charts.   >> Another Important Difference, the Bars/Candle Formations, show Different Signals, sometimes earlier then the Time Based Chart, correlated with Volume and the Technical and Fundamental Analysis in both types of Charts.   >> >>>IMPORTANT<<< Volume doesn't Always follow the Fundamental Anaysis and News. They are sometimes higher during the OPEN/CLOSE of the Asian (Tokyo), London or New York.   >>>SOLUTION - Use the Time Factors, Fundamentals and Market Opening and Closing to Spot the Best Entry and Exit Signals by using the Constant Range Bars Charts (Price Movement and Volatility Charts), with the Specific Tools: Volumes, Volume Spread Analysis, combines with Candle/Bars Formations and Technical Analysis. Just Follow the "Smart Money"  (Professional Traders) Real Movement.  
I will post some Chart examples to Better understand the Theory.
   First, let's see an example of the signals provided by the Volumes
combined with Candle Formations in both Types of Charts (Time Based and Range
Bars Charts - 10 Pips). 
In analogy with the Time-Based Chart - 15 Minutes Time Frame:   
Next You can see two examples of How you can combine different instruments in
Constant Range Bars Charts.
Example 1:  
Example 2: 
Thank you for reading my article. I hope you can use the Information to build a
Better trading Plan and Strategies.
Remember to take a Look at my Constant Range Bars Charts Technical Analysis (35
Pips Bars/Candles) in Analogy with 4 hours Time Based Charts for This Week, for
the Major Pairs (Eur/Usd, Gbp/Usd, Aud/Usd, Usd/Chf, Usd/Jpy, Usd/Cad and
Nzd/Usd). So far, my Analysis has had 85 % Success, because it is based on
Price Action. In the First Analysis in February I will also Post the Monthly
View through the Daily Charts.
You can see examples for my Analysis in My Article Series from December and
Disclaimer: Please Assume Responsability for You Own Trading Decisions.
Thank You,
To Your success,
Tiberiu - Doctortyby  
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doctortyby 15 Feb.

In trader's Contest I am testing a strategy based on the Currency correlation. It does not follow that successful analysis(85%) from my Weekly Articles (with Updates)as I use Different pairs to trade and different correlations between the currencies.

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Schaolin 22 Feb.

good article +1

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Great articles and analysis. Thank you.

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