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1. Introduction

Last month for the article contest I published an article giving an introduction to the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (Ichimoku) indicator, it was a beginner’s introduction as I am a beginner with the Ichimoku. Since then I have had some time to experiment with the Ichimoku learning what does and does not work when using it to place trades.
This article will better explain the components of the Ichimoku and offer insight into how to identify and place trades accurately and safely. Keep in mind that some parts may be reiterated from my previous article.
2. Teachings of the Ichimoku
2.1 Teachings of the Tenkan-Sen

The Tenkan-Sen referred to as the conversion line, is calculated using the midpoint of the highest high and the lowest low over 9 periods.
Figure 1. Ichimoku, Tenkan-Sen on NZD/JPY 1 Day Chart
In Figure 1 I have removed all lines except for the Tenkan-Sen. On its own the Tenkan-Sen can show momentum, we can see it steeply curving upwards on NZD/JPY which shows significant bullish momentum, if the momentum was bearish it would curve downwards and if there was indecision in the market it would become flat.
2.2. Teachings of the Kijun-Sen
The Kijun-Sen referred to as …
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The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (meaning ‘’One look equilibrium chart’&rsquo otherwise known as the Ichimoku Cloud or simply just Ichimoku is an incredibly versatile indicator that in the right hands can provide a trader with support and resistance, trend direction, momentum and even trading signals. This indicator is the most popular indicator among Japanese Traders of all markets and was created by Journalist Goichi Hosoda in 1968 then published in his book in 1969, however he reportedly first began creating this indicator in the late 1930’s.
While this indicator is overwhelming at first, after reading this article you will gain a basic understanding of how the indicator works and how to make basic use of it.
What It All Means
Figure 1. Standard 9/26/52 Ichimoku indicator on NZD/JPY 4-hour chart.
Chikou Span (Pink line)
The Chikou Span or lagging span, is the current price shifted to the left by 26 periods, this is default but can be altered for different strategies and/or preferences.
Tenkan-Sen (Orange line)
The Tenkan-Sen referred to as the conversion line, is calculated using the midpoint of the highest high and the lowest low over 9 periods. The Tenkan-Sen is used wi…
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Thank you all for the support! Much love :) check out my new article

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1. Abstract.
Today I want to talk about my trading history with the simple purpose of to share the experience and aim to all who loves read real stuff.
I will share the results of my live trading account before to join the community and demo contest account at this time to make the analysis and track my journey on trading the objective way.
With this information, I will able to discuss and remark why and how the evolution of the results and the importance of trading.
You can improve your results if follow the rules and recommendations, self-educating more time than trading.
In this article, I will share as well my thoughts at the beginning of my trading live account and the emotions among that trading time.
2. Development.
I will create two blocks of information, the first with my initial journey and the results of this job.
Then I will create the second block with the results of contest trading because this is manual trading with community rules.
2.1 Live trading results.
On January 2016, as most people or more like everyone one day I have received information about forex market, an unknown world for me. So I decided to make a research because I don't like put money on magic syste…
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Hello everyone!
In my past I spent 3 years for manual trading, before I commenced to feel myself tired of constant repeat of the same actions.
Also I realized that I can't create my new trading system without making of custom indicator. This forced me to study programming.
Now I want to share with you my experience. I'll show you how it's possible to learn JAVA at home.
Who is this article for?
  • If you wish to program your own indicator or strategy, to automate your trading - this article is for you!
  • If you're new to FOREX, you're in search of your own trading system and don't know where to begin - this article is also can be useful for you!
  • If you don't want to spend years trying to become a professional programmer and wish to limit your knowledge, by learning only restricted variety of tasks - this article is for you!
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Peggy37 I saw a version for Linux, but didn't use it

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You succeeded to be short and simple. Though I am just the 2nd category (beginner), it gave me a push what to do after the necessary manual trading, thanks.

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I’m sure most of the people reading this article have encountered such emails before. When over 90% of forex traders lose their money on the market, then why do th…
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So, let me ask you really quick here: How much have you invested (mentally, emotionally, and financially) into trying to learn how to trade? Obviously you can't answer me, but think about this question hard to yourself. Think of all the sleepless nights, all the revelations and AHA! moments, and all the confused depression when it seemed like things won't make sense and never will. My guess is you've dedicated more effort, thought, and research into this topic than any other topic you've delved in to and probably more than anyone you know ever has. Did you ever stop to think that you might need to step back and actually learn about learning? I mean, think about it: If you spend some time finding out how we, as humans, effectively build a knowledge base and a progress through skill set, you'll take the straightest possible path (not the easiest, but the straightest) to proficiency. And when it comes to trading the financial markets, proficiency is profit.And that's where this guy comes in: [image from]You see, if you can relate what you're currently learning to something you've already learned and are familiar with, your learning curve gets shortened. The closer the two subjects are to each ot[/image]…
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      FOREIGN EXCHANGE and the other FINANCIAL MARKETS (precious metals, commodities, bonds, stocks, options) may be the ONLY WAY to get FINNANCIAL INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM in today's ECONOMY... (Financial Freedom means to be able to sustain your living and comfort financial and survival needs, for you and your family - from your current savings, for the rest of your life even if you don't obtain other income from that time on. Ex: if you have 500.000$ in your savings, and your monthly needs expenses are 1000$ , you have insured 500 months, or about 41 years an a half for your current living, if your savings gain at least the yearly inflation to protect them, even if you don't obtain any other income for the rest of your life)      Next to Real Estate Market (which has a long time to even start recovering) and Businesses (which are harder and harder to manage because of the law environement and the lack of support from governements for small and medium companies), the FINANCIAL DERRIVATIVES are the best way to keep track with the growing inflation of the world currencies...      However I strongly believe there is no such thing as FREE MARKETS (With the PRICE formed freely from the…
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