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Hi Pip Warriors,
I am going to share my own trading journey, mistakes and lessons learnt from mistakes in this article. I am working as salaried employee and have big dream of becoming millionaire in short time so my friend suggested to invested in share market because they told me you can make thousands very easily by working 1 to 2 hours in a day so I thought instead working 1 or 2 hours, I will work for full time and become millionaire in couple of months. Finally decided to quit the job but didn’t had investment so borrowed 500K Indian rupees from bank and started full time as stock trader without knowing anything.
Why I want to become Millionaire?
Want to change the life style of people live in my village. Initially thought of becoming government servant and serve the community but it’s not possible due to high corruption. Then thought of joining politics which is not suitable for me because I am not kind of person who used to tell lies, giving false/fake promises to people and break their heart so decided to make good money in trading and to give investment for the people for small/medium/large scale industries.
Finally I have a dream to construct and live like below Mans…
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))) wow

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cool idea))

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olenka2517 20 Jan.

very good

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Good ₽)))

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Красивые картинки)))

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Всем доброго времени суток!
Все, думаю, знают что такое верификация. В Dukascopy она существует тоже. Многие люди стараются ее обойти, а некоторые вообще не понимают зачем она здесь и для чего нужно загружать свои собственные документы, даже боятся это делать! Знаю это сама и не по наслышке, много людей меня спрашивали: "Не боишься ли ты что Dukascopy будет знать о тебе всю личную информацию" и признаюсь сама сначала этого не понимала, а ведь истина била так близка.
Зачем нужна верификация? Этим вопросом задавались думаю большая половина здесь зарегистрированных пользователей. В том числе и я по началу. Это один из тех вопросов, который объединяет большинство негативных отзывов и спорных моментов в работе любого брокера. Фактически, новички впервые сталкиваются с верификацией через месяц после регистрации при попытке вывести прибыль со счета.Так какая причина верификации? Почему проблемы верификации на выводе денег беспокоят десятки тысяч клиентов?
И так, главной причиной верификации является защита от потенциального мошенничества! Что бы узнать более подробно о тройной защите вашей персонификации торгового счета посмотрите на список:
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mariailkiv 30 Aug.

Archey  thank you very much

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mariailkiv 30 Aug.

timjke1111  much thanks

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Very interesting!

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Many smart and successful people make some critical mistakes when it comes to the stock market. These errors have a significant impact on their chances of good, long-term market performance, said John Reese These mistakes, however, can be avoided, as the first step is to understand their essence. Then we can make improvements to our investment strategy and put a barrier for common investor mistakes.
1. Falling profitability
Investors are pursuing hot, profitable shares, funds, and strategies to find that they often enter the top when the growth has already been accumulated. If you see a share or strategy that has provided great profits, try to find out what has been done and whether this is a single case or a mere chance. You have to ask yourself whether the management, the strategy or the system is unique and will continue to produce similar results?
2. Forecasting short-term price movements (when you can’t hit 75%)
Trying to define short-term market movements and entering and leaving positions is almost impossible. You need to be accurate about 75% of the time to get a better score than someone just was on the market. Remember, leaving the market is only half of the battle - yo…
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I found myself in.

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In short term also we can make good profits but of course it's damn difficult a job.

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good job!

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very nice!

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Last year I had the good fortune to become a finalist for the beauty from the brokerage company!
I will not say the name, I do not want to do advertising :P
That's when I learned closer exchange market, Forex
At first it seemed difficult, or even fragile and not stable earnings, to me personally!
I took a few lessons and courses broker, it helped, it was worth it.
Over time, it became easier.
But later I changed my mind.
Today it is so I do for a living))
And do a lot of plans.
I am very happy that now my life is connected with this plan
Even today, thanks to Miss Dukascopy
I can tell here are my impressions, and emotions)
I think it's right, serious and very interesting to do)
For me personally.
Hopefully in the future thanks to this "occupation" can make a lot of plans, due to finances
Also, and even -Build career, dreams ....!)
I want to say that I love to take risks by investing)
This gives a kind of excitement
And several times a day, I will carefully monitor the results, this is quite exciting
I also like to share my experiences and opinion on forum.
And listen to the advice of others
So over time, you can gain experience ..
And patience
Although it is not easy, especially f
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Relu21 22 Mar.

Good opinion and good experience for you...

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