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Hi pip makers,
Wish you all a Happy New Year and great success in 2018. Many of you have read my past articles and given me good support and great suggestions so far. Therefore, this time I am seeking your guidance with a personal question I got and need your genuine answer to it.
Baby girl's introduction and her dream:
I am from a middle-class family and have lived happily in a great care of my parents and when I was a growing up, I always saved some amount of my pocket money and mostly deposited in the bank in return for an interest. Totally I have always been interested in investing and multiplying it over time. I have always believed in the following sayings:
When I was kid, I used to think money was grown like vegetables on farms and most times I used to think of inventing a system with which I could grow lots of money plants and distribute the harvest among poor people. I know that was such a silly imagination. Finally when I was in 2nd grade, I came to know that money cannot be grown as plants and it made me felt very sad at that time.
After the completion of my engineering, I started to spend most of my time in the Dukascopy community and began to dream of winning the tra…
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well done!!!!

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Aviator 31 Jan.

good job

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thekrash 8 Feb.

Very nice article. Haven't read the other ones but if you have 8k, to be honest I think being a scalper or daytrader at least should be the "easiest way" to accomplish with the turnover. My other advice will be to just transfer something like 3k from "my finances" to your live account but trade as if you have the 8k. you shouldnt get leverage issues and in case something happens and you (lets hope not) blow your account, you will still have 5k in a safe place.

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carpe 10 Feb.

Very well done Angle! Good article and excellent performance so far. Keep on track no matter what

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AngleRMS 10 Feb.


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The answer
may be simple, but I believe that it is different for each of us, that it is
mixed, connected and, finally, it can change with time.
 I trade FX
because of lifestyle!
Let me
share my story.
My wife and
I each own our own company and also manage them. In the years there has been
more than enough money in our family budget and we adjusted our lifestyle
accordingly. More time off and we reduced the number of work hours per week to
approximately 30 hours. Therefore, we have beautiful family life, as we know it
in the EU.
 My family's
current lifestyle is such that we spend July and August on vacation. Yes, two
months on vacation, and my wife and I still keep contact with the seat of the
company and coordinate work.At least five
times a year we take a one week vacation. I am currently writing this article
by a swimming pool in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. The kids are swimming and
my wife and I are drinking tea. This is our vacation before Christmas. (New Year's
decoration of Ljubljana)4 years ago
I came in contact with currency trade (FX-market). Then, we put our money in
management a…
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Boris 30 Dec.


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hakala 30 Dec.

@ Boris: Than you should play lotto, not trade :)

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hakala 30 Dec.

@ Milani: Thank you my friend.

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hakala 30 Dec.

@ musmus: Thank you my friend.

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musmus 30 Dec.

I think you will have some problem with real live trading like we all had.But with common sence you will provale and you will be sucessfull.I wish you all the best.

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