This is a quick conclusion of previous article series titled "The Fifth Element (part 1-2-3)" where I exposed how I made an automated strategy working in semi-automation and using it just as a visual reminder of possible good trade events, and implementing a widget in a chart to immediatly buy/sell an instrument with pre-fixed SL/TP orders and size. Here you find links to previous series "The Fifth Element".
As you may know, I'm not (yet) an expert Java programmer, and as a great beginner I did some minor errors, indeed the code was working but not perfectly. In this quick article, which opens to my next presentations as well, I am only exposing how I solved these minor issues and how I took the opportunity to add some few improvements, (the sixth indeed).

Trading with MAs is one of the most simple and various ways traders use to detect a price direction, and due to the vast amount of different MA settings, I decided to make it personalizable when strategy starts. But as always once I did this, I realized it would be better to personalize almost…
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