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In the article below am going to discuss a way in which any Forex trader can predict the change market sentiment with over 80% accuracy. The method follows a three step process which are summarized below.
  • Trend line is broken
  • Retest and failure
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TInna avatar
TInna 9 Nov.

well done!

DaShik avatar
DaShik 10 Nov.

may be i'll try this one day. in this case i'll share my results with you))

scramble avatar
scramble 22 Nov.

Yep good way to spot possible trend change or at least a good swing !

brilliant avatar
brilliant 24 Nov.

trend is our friend tell it ends

yellownight avatar

good luck

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`One of the smartest things I have ever heard when we talk about trading and business in general goes "Fail to plan and you plan to fail". Of course having a plan doesn't automatically translates into success and profit. But even if you lose money, you can be at peace with yourself because you developed a plan and followed it. Of course, modifications and fine tuning of your trading plan will also help.
So, what is our plan ? I have defined a scalping strategy which consists of three basic elements:
1) Trend - The price has to be in a clear downtrend. Usually, the price breaks the support, clears stops and then reverses and tests the resistance i.e. previous support.
2) Hammer candlestick pattern - A bullish reversal pattern which consists of a long lower wick which is at least two times smaller than the body of the candle. The close should be at top of the candle.
3) Volume - The volume has to be higher than for the previous candle, which usually is a red candle. The bigger difference between volume in these two candles, the greater reversal will be.
EURUSD 5 min chart
GBPUSD 5 min chart
USDCAD 5 min chart
Trade management
Good charts will help you a lot and create a great…
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tdbatinkov avatar
tdbatinkov 24 Aug.

yes !!! this is powerful strategy ..

Sennna88 avatar
Sennna88 24 Aug.

thanks everyone!

Marenno avatar
Marenno 26 Aug.


scramble avatar
scramble 28 Aug.

interesting setup, do you use it profitably? any result on last 2months?

tangell avatar
tangell 30 Aug.

занимательно замечательно

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I find it useful to look at the big picture from time to time. In technical analysis terms that usually means inspection of weekly and/or monthly charts. However, I rarely get to see analysis of "ultra-high" timeframe charts, so I decided to make few attempts of my own. Last week I analysed long term charts of the Euro. Here's the link in case you missed it:
Today, I'll have a look at yearly and quarterly Yen charts. Both are covering the period from 1971 to 2015. Since platform's historical data for this pair is currently available from 1986 only, I had to fill in the missing data manually. I've drawn the candles using "Short Line" chart objects.
Yearly chart:
Quarterly chart:
Following the end of the Bretton Woods System (1971), during which the value of yen was fixed at 360 per dollar, the pair embarked on a long term downtrend which lasted until 1995 (although one might argue that it still lasts). After that, the pair entered a wedge-like sideways consolidation but it did broke below 1995 low in the 2011-2012 period. The low was set near 75 and the pair turned back up from ther…
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Airmike avatar
Airmike 12 Oct.


al_dcdemo avatar
al_dcdemo 13 Oct.

To clarify the second paragraph of the article: there is no historical data missing and Dukascopy is one of few brokers that I came across that provides the data going that far in the past and that's more than enough in most cases. But I think it would be awesome to have (daily) historical data from 1971 on all the majors and the respective crosses.

Vitalinka_Pavlenko avatar

Interesting post! Well done! Good luck!

al_dcdemo avatar
al_dcdemo 31 Oct.

Thanks to all for your great comments!

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In my last article - Do you know the trend ? - i talked about the famous words "The trend is your friend" and why we see this words everywhere. In there, i talked about determining the trend using trend lines. But there are several ways to determine if we are in presence of one trend or not and with trend lines we can get easily false breakouts (price crossing the trend line). We can see that in image 2 taking as reference the pink line there. With this breakouts we may think about trend change but don't is what happens.  In this article i'm talking about using a indicator (well, to be correct, same indicator three times) to help us in trend determination. The indicator we are going to use is the SMA - Simple Moving Average. What is SMA ?SMA refers to "Simple Moving Average" and is one of the simplest "Moving Averages". "Moving averages" are one way to "smooth" the price action (price flow) along the time. This "Moving averages" can be of two major types: Simple and Exponential. In "Simple Moving Average" - SMA - we use the price as is  without modifications for a determined number of periods (can be one of  Open price, Low price, Higher price or Close price of each period). On Exp…
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belman avatar
belman 15 Apr.

good luck to you, please look at to me in the strategy contest

belman avatar
belman 15 Apr.


4xkishore avatar
4xkishore 20 Apr.

SMAs are lagging indicators. Anybody will find the crossovers for entry signal only when "the train has already been missed"... It involves high risk with considerable returns. I would suggest you to "google" XLT TRADING, VOLUME SPREAD ANALYSIS, THE SECRET CODE OF JAPANESE CANDLESTICKS by Felipe Tudela. I am sure after reading these e-books your trading will go much nearer to the expert level traders and you will almost forget using MA Crossovers. Please do not take my words negatively. All of starts small..but one should always find great opportunities which are available free of cost.

jlongo avatar
jlongo 20 Apr.

@4xkishore: I don't use MA on crossover neither talk about that in article... I'm novice but i came to that conclusion sometime ago if you use great values for MA. I alert for lagging in the article. In my hubble opinion it is good for trend confirmation, trend retracements (in some extent) and trend following. Thankyou for your alert words. Trade well and good luck.

DEMO2ibHhM avatar
DEMO2ibHhM 25 Apr.

ery good ideas..
have happy month of you ..good luck

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"The trend is your friend"What defines the markets is the flow of money. This occurs because of demand or supply of commodities, bonds, stock shares and even the money itself. On the side of demand we have the buyers trying to buy at best price, on the other side, we have the sellers trying to sell also at best price for them. With this interaction between buyers and sellers, the trades occurs at defined or negocied price. This price may vary by the rules of market, level of supply/demand, traders sentiment and a great number of other factors (everything can affect the price, even the weather). It's the change of price going up, down or staying at defined levels over time that defines the trend. We talk about the trend in Forex market on this article.Trend definitionIn Forex market, the trend is simply the movement of currency pair price along the time in a specific direction. With this movement the trend have some characteristics: direction, duration, stage, strenght among others.Trend directionTrend direction means where the price is going. If the price is going up and up consistently along the time creating higher highs (HH) and higher lows (HL) by buyers force (also know as bul…
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kkforex avatar
kkforex 12 Apr.

Interesting article 1+

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