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Automating your trading strategy frees you from constantly monitoring the market, removes emotions from trading and grows your portfolio. The latter is possible only with proper risk management. To better understand this, consider risking 10% of your equity on each trade. When you win, you win big and when you lose, you lose big as well. This can be construed as gambling.
Starting small and increasing risk as your portfolio grows while letting profits run for as long as possible are sustainable capital management techniques. By implementing dynamic lots, you will be risking a predetermined percentage of your account and the lots only increase or decrease relative to the growth of your equity. When using a trailing profit, you will rake in more pips should the market rally in your favor.
The following is part of a large strategy, which I cannot cover in full in this article. However, the component can be successfully attached to any VJForex based strategy. Let’s get started.
Strategy Basics
  • We will be risking 1% of 10K account on each trade,
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Excellent article.

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Mariia 24 Apr.

As always amazing pipx !!!!!

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very smart!

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well done! very interesting article!

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great idea thanks

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Prologue: In my last article one user posted a comment asking about how to clear Java cache on Mac OSX. I don't have a Apple Mac but you can find usefull information about it clicking here. Just use it if you need.In continuation of previous articles about JForex (JForex in one click and JForex troubleshouting) we are going deeper on the last one in this article. There are ocasions that we face some errors in JForex, and clearing Java cache doesn't solve them. We contact  Dukascopy Support with screens, account, trade, strategy code, and all information we think that is needed to solve the problem. However we can provide some more detailed information with the logs generated by Java Virtual Machine (Think about it as a operating system for JForex such as your real operating system is for your computer). In this article we are going talk about the access to Java Console, how to save the logs and where they are located. Here, we will focus on Windows operating system but if you have any questions about other operating systems just comment the article or send me a private message and i will try to help or indicate a way to find a answer.Java Console is hidden by default on Java instal…
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not usefull for me, maybe for others. but good to know. gl

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very interesting thing here..good luck my friend

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