I have been often told by friends that STOCK trading is way better than FOREX trading and it has better prospects in the long run. Today, I would like to draw out the advantages and disadvantages of both the world in order to get a better idea for myself along with other community members. I wouldn't go much into the history and definition as most community members are pretty much aware of them.
My sole objective would be to point out the difference to grasp a proper knowledge and base our future trading decisions.
Forex market is considered as the most liquid market with a trading volume crossing over $ 5.3 trillion per day back in 2013. This is a massive figure and way more than the combined figure of all stock markets.
Each month, Thompson Reuters Index tells us the combined average daily volume of all spot, forwards, swaps, options and non deliverable forwards.
The above charts clearly depicts how often Forex is traded over Stocks.

New York Stock Exchange has over 4500 stocks listed and NASDAQ has close 3500 stocks. Apart from them, we have Tokyo, London and other stock exchange as well. If we combine the US, European and Asian stock markets …
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