The new daily binary trading contest is one that is very intriguing, while it is not as exciting or as volatile as the forex market, it offers some great insight into how stocks are traded.
The main difference between the daily binary trading contest and the live trading of stocks is that we get the outcome of our Binary bets at the end of a trading session, while live stock trades can be held for several days.
Approaching the daily binary trading contest requires a full understanding of all the variables involved.
The first thing that is very apparent from the name of the contest, is that the daily binary bets have a live span of an entire trading session.
Each session represents a particular stock exchange market, and there are several stock exchanges around the world. This provides an abundance of trading opportunities, because as one market closes another one opens. Sometimes, we can have several exchanges open at the same time, and this occurrence usually leads to increased volatility in the markets.
In the daily binary trading contest, all the various stock exchange markets all over the world are represented.
With each exchange containing a list of selected companies.
An …
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