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Trader colleagues , in this article i'll steal a little of your time (no much, time is money! ) for a look on USDCAD and his seasonality.
Seasonality?! Don't forget that men do always same things, and currency too , i hope , but stop talking and go on. (sorry for my english , i know...)
First chart , USDCAD daily from 01 April - today
Surely setup of this cross is bull , in medio-long term , but we try to forecast a possible trend in the next weeks, start from this period but back in time! in these last seven years.
Second chart, USDCAD average 7 years 2009-2015 , 01 April - 31 August
It sounds familiar ?! This trend feature USDCAD from seven years in the same period , 1 April to 31 August. You not belive me?
Ok, i show you the next chart..
Third chart , USDCAD WEEKLY 2009-2016
How you can see from that, the seasonality is clear, not same al 100% but similar almost enough.
My idea "We be in a movement like "Cup and handle" in long term , and now we are on base of possible handle!"
This signal may be the start of a new trend long!
Of course , colleagues , the seasonality not is a cristal ball! But i believe that we should spent few minutes and think on "possibility " to risk little…
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TRAD3R avatar
TRAD3R 16 June

USDCAD 130,27 !!!! :P

Natalia_Kisenko avatar

well done!

brilliant avatar
brilliant 17 June

nice observations , good luck

Durden avatar
Durden 30 June

Probably you can find some support with the Hidden Markov models.
The cycles could be studied analitically with that models.
Thanks for the article and good trading

TRAD3R avatar
TRAD3R 30 June

Thanks u Durden , "Hidden Markov models" , thank you for the tip :)

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doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 18 Oct.

You are improving your writing style from the previous articles. I like the fact that you have put charts to better illustrate your ratios. What I strongly believe you could improve is the format of the text because right now it is kind of dificult to read. Maybe split the paragraphs into pieces.Keep writing keep improving

SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 26 Oct.

In order for something to be statistically valid, you need to have a high number of samples, hundreds at least. 20 trades is not enough to determine if cutting loses short is good or not, you cannot make any assumption based on so little data :) By the way, the idea of cutting loses short also assumes you are letting your winners run until the end of the trend, which means no fixed take profit orders, use trailing stops instead. Otherwise what you are doing is cutting your loses AND your winners short, so the strategy may not work as it should :)

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 30 Oct.

I agree with Special Fx. Efficient Backtesting needs at least 300 Entries and signals to be profitable on the long term in different market conditions.

limitless avatar
limitless 31 Oct.

good luck congratulation

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