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This article is about the use of Average True Range and pip value calculation for batter choice of forex currency pair for trading. We often use ATR to know the volatility of any currency pair and go for the trade with high ATR or whatever our trading plan is , but there is another point that we must keep in our minds is pip calculation. By using ATR and pip calculation, we will try to find batter currency pairs for trading.
Average True Range:
According to Investopedia [1], ATR can be defined as
current high less the current low,the absolute value of the current high less the previous close and absolute value of the current low less the previous close. the average true range is the moving average, generally 14 days, of the true range

. we can find ATR indicator in JFOREX Platform charts, under indicators menu in volatility indicator sub menu.
so we can find ATR of desired currency pairs using JFOREX chart indicator, as shown above, I set 21 days period for today i.e
11-10-2016.You can set any other period in indicator as you want
Commonly Traded Currency Pairs present ATR:
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good job! interesting to read! ;)

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wonderful job!

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After nearly six months of sleeping, one of the most volatile currency pairs before the introduction of the floor on 1.20, woke up. The reason for waking was restore the trust that the EU will find a solution to its debt crisis and the diminishing pressure on the SNB to buy euros for Swiss francs. Will this adventure of eurchf last long or we'll come back to 1.2006-1.2011 range? Thanks to the recovery of the EURUSD? The debt crisis in Europe that has lasted for 3 years strongly affected by the devaluation of euro, however the actions taken by the EU member states as well as the establishment of the ESM and opportunities through which these funds will be used affected the recovery of the euro against all currencies, among these currencies are found and CHF. Chart 1. EURCHF dailyRecovery of euro against the dollar in particular contributed to a QE3 which the Fed has done even more pressure on the dollar. Between EUR / USD and EUR / CHF we can find correlation (see point 1,2 and 3 on chart 1 and 2), so when the EUR / USD at a level above 1.3, then the pressure on the floor 1.20 was lower and the EUR / CHF moved in the range 1.2030-1.2150, whereas when the EUR / USD fell below 1.30 on…
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amerfx86 25 Nov.

CHF which leave the Swiss are used in the financial systems of other countries. Because of the financial and debt crisis that started in 2007, CHF is tempting currency, but when the market is flooded with CHF, market will react as the SNB wants, selling CHF and pressure on the floor would be a none, that would be the moment when SNB will remove floor.

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Well done, your strategy is very interesting. All the best for you!

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