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Knowing how much to risk per trade is important in forex career. Managing risk is a very important concept to understand in this business . So, to make money with money you have to understand the logic of leverage. Where it can be in our favor, and when and where it is not in our favor to use high leverage for trading.
Scalpers are traders who like to close trades for 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50pips they are usually using high risk or medium risks, as they use tight stops for their scalp trades. The long term traders however use lower risk, who don't have time to site in front of pc 24/7, they are known as investors who like using long time frames h4-daily-weekly. Short term investors or scalpers and intraday traders like to refer small time frames like 30min, 1hour and h4.
So, now let's understand now what leverage is?
Leverage is investing with borrowed money as a way to amplify potential gains (at the risk of greater losses).
Many brokers offer investors 1:100 leverage for foreign exchange trading or forex trading. What does that mean, it means if you invest 100$, you'll have the ability to use 100$x100times leverage=10000$ borrowed capital for amplifying your gains. This mone…
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very good

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good job

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very interesting article!

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        There are a lot of things to consider before taking a trade{I}  First and for most is the broad market.  you have to determine where the broader market is at by this i mean due to a lot of correlations in the currency market, you need to be cautious not to become so focused on an individual currency you forget to consider what is occurring in the overall markets. Once you have your overall market forecast, you will the search for investments that will provide the best opportunity to take advantage of your broad market analysis. {II}   Fundamental analysis is also a key indicator in a productive strategy. It is the cornerstone of investing. In fact, some would say that you aren't really
investing if you aren't performing fundamental analysis' Because the
subject is so broad, however, it's tough to know where to start. There
are an endless number of investment strategies that are very different
from each other, yet almost all use the fundamentals{III}. A technician on the other hand will say that fundamentals don't matter, The chart of the currency pair will tell you its time to buy or sell.  The technical analyst will carefully study the charts because he knows that certain…
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i pity you pete! why does the links in the article lead to learntotrade***.com? you didn't get time to remove the links while copy pasting the article posted in that site?

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Nice article. I think NagarajaAdiga is wrong but I like his observation spirit. You used those links to help the readers to go in the details of the matter.

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thanks for updating me your idea. That's really fantastic. keep up the work.

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MrSami 12 May


Generally speaking, I am agree with you.Especially if one is running a real account, main capital should be large (as you said should be > 25K)

My observation(s) tell me that people come to forex markets for making money in a small time and with minimum effort and minimum capital. Most of them try to do trading as a part time job. (just like all large banks and investment companies - just joking but telling the truth)

These are my opinions... Good luck +22

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kkforex 23 May

NIce writeup 1+

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   Forex exchange, the biggest and most liquid market in the world attract millions of small, medium and big size participants. They have different purposes and goals and different time horizons for their currency operations. Combined, all of their orders and positions produce a multilayered market structure, which determined the daily movements of the currency pairs and reactions of the market to news events.    The forex market is an OTC (over the counter) market. That means it has no specific central market place. It is fairly distributed among all the biggest financial centers in the world. The biggest center, which is responsible for the main currencies cash flow is London. According to the Bank for International Settlements April 2010 survey, London accounts for about 37% of the daily transaction volume. The other big centers are located in USA (New York) – 18% of the transaction volume, Japan (Tokyo), Switzerland (Basel and Zürich), Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. According to the same survey in 2010 the daily turnover in the whole forex world is about 4 trillion $. Of this number 1.5 trillion $ accounts for spot transactions and the other 2.5 trillion $ accounts for f…
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Thing that we alway have keep in mind . Good stuff

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Thank you doctortyby and all of you! I am very happy that this article give a good responce and I will publish next month a deeper research into that theme!

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