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Hi every one, How are you I show you (Eu members countries) old currency note before euro. Some currency note is there Currency names and Forex Market Codes .I think teenager cannot know old currencies Eu members. Total Eu members 28 countries you saw there Country Capital Geographical Population and since Eu Member Current Currency And or Old Currency
1. Austria
Capital: Vienna Geographical size: 83 879 km² Population: 8 507 786 EU member: 1 January 1995 Current Use Currency: Euro. Old Currency Name Austrian Schilling Code in Forex Market (ATS)

2. Belgium
Capital: Brussels Geographical size: 30 528 km2 Population: 11 203 992 EU members: 1 January 1958 Currency: Euro. Old Currency Name Belgian Franc Code in Forex Market (BEF)

3. Bulgaria
Capital: Sofia Geographical size: 111 002 km² Population: 7 245 677 EU members: 1 January 2007 still use old Currency: Bulgarian lev Code in Forex Market (BGN)

4. Cyprus
Capital: Nicosia Geographical size: 9 251 km² Population: 858 000 EU member : 1 May 2004 Current Use Currency: Euro. Old Currency Name Cypriot Pound Code in Forex Market (CYP)

5. Czech Republic
Capital: Prague Geographical size: 78 867 km²Population: 10 512 419 EU member : 1 May 2
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llolor 20 Jan.

Great article

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very good article!

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interesting article

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al_dcdemo 22 Jan.

You got the Slovenian data right but the image is of the Croatian dinar - I think they had that before the kuna. Otherwise, nice effort and an interesting article. Well done!

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Skif 27 Jan.

It has done a good job

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This article will look at the major fundamental figures of the top Countries involved in trading of the major currency pairs (or those that include the USD):-EURUSD-GBPUSD-USDCHF-USDCAD-AUDUSD-NZDUSD-USDJPYUnited States of America:Currency : United States Dollar (USD)GDP : 14.58 Trillion USDGDP Y/Y : 1.60%GDP/Capita : $48,147 USDInterest Rate set By Federal Reserve : 0.25%Inflation Rate : 2.90%Unemployment rate : 8.30%Government Budget surplus/deficit : -10.30Debt to GDP ratio : 100.5%Eurozone:Currency : Euro (EUR)GDP : 12.45 Trillion USDGDP Y/Y : 0.70%GDP/Capita : $35,887 USDInterest rate set by ECB : 1.00%Inflation rate : 2.70%Unemployment rate : 10.40%Governement Surplus/deficit : -6.20Debt to GDP ratio : 85.10 ( However some countries like Greece has 125% while Germany 83%)United Kingdom:Currency : Pound Sterling (GBP)GDP : 2.24 Trillion USDGDP Y/Y : 0.80%GDP/Capita : $39,604 USDInterest Rate set By Bank Of England : 0.50%Inflation Rate : 3.60%Unemployment rate : 8.40%Government Budget surplus/deficit : -10.30Debt to GDP ratio : 80.00%Switzerland:Currency : Swiss Franc (CHF)GDP : 0.52 Trillion USDGDP Y/Y : 1.30%GDP/Capita : $84,983 USDInterest Rate set By Swiss Central Bank : 0…
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Nice stuff. Japan's debt seems quite a lot surprised how it got that big.

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Yeah I agree with doctor. Next week do a fundamental analysis overview for the next week. Thanks. Either way good article, with useful info.

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AdrianWS 24 Feb.

Hey, thanks for the support, If every one wants it I will do some of the scheduled announcements and analysis on them. thanks again.

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Stefanos 25 Feb.

Check out FSKLIRIS article. He te best.

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AdrianWS 25 Feb.

please don't spam my articles with this.

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