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The unity of this article is to point out the similarities between large market selloffs in different timeframes in FX markets.I will try to inform you,the reader,common features of these events,a ‘sixth sense’ understanding of them,and to make sure you profit the most out of them.
Do these charts look familiar to you? Do you see any resemblance in them?
People say history doesn’t repeat itself,but it tends to rhyme.That is what happens with moments I like to call price waterfalls.A price waterfall is a continuous selloff of the markets usually as a result of a change in fundamentals,although multiple factors are involved.Price waterfalls are not a feature of only one market i.e they come in different shapes and sizes,but they behave in a similar way.It is a strange thing to say that markets ‘behave’.We need to consider that people are participants of markets and their behaviour reflects market prices.Therefore people’s behaviour in deteriorating conditions hasn’t changed much during the years.After all,large profits can be made during large selloffs.
What do these events have most in common?Lets have a look at them.
PHASE 1: A top
A top is a process,not a bar on the chart and…
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I present one of the input signals for which I pay attention during my trading. It is quite popular in its basic version, so I decided to present it. I recall that it is part of a larger strategy and independent use of it, does not lead to miraculous results. You need also to consider exit signal. In this example, the H1 is traded timeframe, and the entry timeframe is M10. Currency pair, which we will investigate, is EURUSD. The values ​​of indicators are chosen based on observation and they are not some "magic" numbers. Signal is the observation of double bottoms, but rather breaking local lows and later its successful test. This is not a trend reversal signal, but signal of end of correction and trend follow-up, in contrast to the classic double bottom. It must meet the following conditions: we have quite a long, stable upward trend;market has made ​​significant correction, i.e. outstanding against the former, which is higher than the average pullback;correction does not exceed 61.8% retracement of last swing;first bottom falls on the technically important level (whether it is a grouping of retracements or anything else, just consider this as important);first bottom on traded t…
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