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Hello friends, this time I am here with an article on Dukascopy itself, which provides a launching pad to various Forex traders and career seekers.
I believe Dukascopy is doing enormous job in providing fabulous and amazing opportunities in the shape of Dukascopy contests.
Good thing which I like about Dukascopy is that, that if you have talent in you, you can prove yourself on a platform given by it.
Show your talent and get rewarded handsomely

I do believe it’s a great opportunity to participate in the contests and win positions (Lacs of Dollars in the offing as prize money). Specially for those who doesn’t have much funds to invest in Forex Trading. Here you need to invest your time and skill only. With no fear of losing money gives an extra weightage to these opportunities provided by Dukascopy.
Below are the contests which are offered by Dukascopy:
**Trading Contests**
Manual FX trading
* Trader Contest * Signal Provider Grand Prix * Trader of the year
Automated trading
* Strategy Contest
Signal Trading
* Social Trading Contest
Binary options trading
* …
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отличная статья !

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В очередной раз приветствую всех участников сообщества Dukascopy!
На этот раз хочу сделать обзорный материал на тему ПУТЬ, КОТОРЫЙ МЫ ПРОХОДИМ В СООБЩЕСТВЕ DUKASCOPY!
Мы все попали в сообщество Dukascopy по разному:

  • кого-то пригласили сюда друзья;
  • кто-то случайно наткнулся на этот сайт бороздя просторы интернета;
  • кто-то непосредственно искал конкурсы с реальными призами;
  • кто-то имеет реальный торговый счет в Dukascopy и по пути участвует в конкурсах;
  • даже я встречал таких, которые не участвуют в конкурсах и не торгуют на рынке Форекс, а просто общаются с интересными собеседниками.
Начало положено -

А вот дальше начинаются различные испытания, которые включают в себя несколько этапов:

  1. Проявить себя лучше чем другие (в красоте и общительности, в способности угадать направление движения валютных пар, получить наибольший профит, создать лучшего робота для торговли и так далее);
  2. Привлечь внимание участников сообщества (участники сообщества должны отметить лайками и комментариями Ваше умение проявленное в первом пункте);
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good article! really nice

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прекрасно написано, Влад!

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Отлично!!! Побольше профитов, Влад!

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good to know that

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The trend (Which is the base of this strategy) is the most important element in the technical analysis elements, therefore it is important to draw it correctly as the following:
  • The trend has to predicate on 3 candles, more distance among candles means more powerful trend.
  • Concentrate on the trend angle as it should be between "30-70" degrees, acute angle or an obtuse angle outside 30-70 degree range is not considered a trend and is not included in the strategy.

1- Moving average Indicator:
We will use EMA9 and EMA30 for an hour frame.
2- Momentum Indicator:
Momentum is being used with the strategy to illustrate the market position, whether it's with the buyers or sellers, an indicator above Zero line refers to a market at the buyers' side, and vice versa so if the indicator below Zero line refers to a market at the sellers' side.

Entering is via opening a candle after a broken trend. Inviolably trend has to be found in order to be able to draw a trend. Inviolably here means no closed candle/s outside the trend, candles tails do not affect the strategy or the trend. The price should be observed so it doesn't move away much from the trend b…
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thank you all my friends

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Хорошая работа.

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This is perfectly very well

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Very interesting

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Hello Everyone,today i would like to share my experiences with dukascopy contests.First of all,i would like to start with Trader's contest.
Trader's contest : - Coming to this contest,i have been participating since very long time but unfortunately i did not won any places in this contest.
Analysis on points with Trader's contest
  1. Performance Points : - These are points where i am failing i.e i am doing trades badly and at the end losing the capital and i am not even good at protecting the initial capital in almost 99% of contests.i think for winning in contest,the performance points really matter as it is traders contest but coming to what points we need to achieve is 140 points here is enough. For achieving 140 points,i think a 250k balance an average is enough after some observation.So,250k is really not that hard but all you need is consistent trades with profits.
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good job!

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Thank you for sharing your experience and ideas.

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i learn from your experiance  thanks

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good luck in the future

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great job!

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