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Bonjour friends,
The holiday season is upon us, and I wanted to jam through this highly useful article for your research and statistical analysis on how to make R language work for you.This write-up covers the following topics:
  • Introducing R
  • R Installation
  • Installing packages
  • Creating graphs
If you’re not already familiar with R programming, there’s no better time to learn and get started with this powerful little programming pack. In it you can run very detailed statistical analysis in a matter of no time. Knowing how to code and planning your work will help you in your analysis and research. Since R is recognized as a credible statistical package, it’s helpful for you to know how to code with this language to help shape your writings in global currencies.
First thing to know is that R works off of the S language framework developed at Bell labs; and S-PLUS, which is mathematically expressive. So, if you have any experience with coding in S or so-called latex in your research papers, you will quickly learn how to master R programming language.
During my time as an undergrad at the University, I had the privilege of working with really good statistical software for my analy…
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good work

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The RSI Indicator
The Relative Strength Index indicator is one of the most commonly used indicators in the financial world.
It is in the class of momentum oscillator indicators and was developed by a technical analyst Welles Wilder.
The main function of this indicator is to detect strength and weakness in a trend.
Often used to see over bought and over sell conditions based in its range of measurement from 0 to 100 in its own graphics where 0 is in the bottom of its range and 100 is at the top.
The Formula is: 100 – (100/1+RS) where RS is: Average gains/ Average Loss
Settings: the most common parameter is 14 period
If the RSI is above the high line 70 it is indicating over bought conditions, over there the traders start looking to enter sell orders, and when the indicator is under the 30 of is range is to be over sold so they will be looking for long positions.
The RSI indicator is most effective when used in middle to large charts such as daily and weekly, but because is very effective indicators many average traders use it in as low as one minute charts.
Method of using this indicator: It is mainly used to Identify over brought and over sold conditions as well as a tool to ID…
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SikmaN 30 Sep.

Very nice!

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Полезная информация.

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Хорошая подача. Спасибо.

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Armands 1 Oct.

Well done! The most important is the last sentence! :)

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bokafx 11 Oct.

Good article, trade RSI divergence is successful trade.

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In this article I want to show you how to pick the right price levels and how to trade from them. Most importantly I will show you how to implement this in the context of the price manipulation.
1.What is a price level.
First of all we need to understand what it is.
In my opinion it is something more than just a level where price changes direction. I think of it as a point where beliefs of a trader get manipulated. Those levels are constructed by big players such as market makers and institutional traders to trick others into placing orders that would be favorable for them.
When such an activity can be observed it can help us in predicting the potential price movements with a higher likelihood. If there would be no price levels there would be no point of interest and therefore no orders placed by traders.
Only two types of price levels exist.
These are horizontal and diagonal levels or better known as trend lines. There is one huge difference between them.
Horizontal price level can only be at a fixed price, and is not subject to change.
However diagonal trend lines don't have that fixed price, it can always change depending on the time of a touch. It means one more variable in the…
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Aviator 12 Oct.

good article

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PipPoint 14 Oct.


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very well

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Vlad73 2 Nov.

well done

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pperfec lecture

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This article is about the functionality of the small widget I developed for JForex platform, which allows the user to: hide, show and manage any order or position on a specific chart and its relative instrument.
Setup in JForex
Save the .jfx file on your preferred C://...//Strategies folder and play in Local Run:

Hit the PLAY button and set orders appearance and colors from the Default Parameters Window:
1 - Running positions
A small widget with just 4 buttons will load on the top-left corner of every open chart, (note: all pictures are taken from a 13" laptop monitor):
  1. Show all filled positions and SL + TP orders, in that chart, for that specific selected instrument.
  2. Hide all running position drawings for that chart.
  3. Update all TP / SL modifications (if any).
  4. Open the "Conditional Orders" widget (detailed explanation on par. 2 - Conditional orders).
To better understand the functionality for buttons 1 and 2, consider the following example:
All positions are hidden from the charts, excluding the one where the user hits the " + " button.
1.1 - Modify TP/SL
The code will draw for each position an 'Entry' line together with 'TP / SL' lines and their resp…
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valester 31 Aug.

хорошая работа

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Chaudhry77 23 Sep.


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cobra8 9 Feb.


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cobra8 9 Feb.


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cobra8 9 Feb.

very good

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В последнее время стало модным писать о конкурсе фундаментального анализа, поэтому хочу вставить свои «5 копеек». Многие участники сообщества периодически высказывают предположение, что временной промежуток в 10 минут слишком мал, чтобы в полной мере повлиять на движение соответствующей валютной пары.
В этой статье приведены результаты небольшого исследования, призванного выяснить - так ли это на самом деле?
Особенности подбора данных для исследования
Вначале из экономического календаря были взяты наиболее значимые события за 2016 г.
Затем изъяты следующие типы новостей:
  • Новости, эффект которых нельзя измерить математически или не дающие мгновенного влияния на валютные пары (выступления глав центробанков, финансовых чиновников, протоколы заседаний комиссий по денежно-кредитной политике и т.п.);
  • События, актуальные значения которых совпали с прогнозами аналитиков (в основном, процентные ставки, ВВП, различные индексы инфляции);
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Nihad 29 Feb.

@Olkiss The whole idea is just like the PMI can tell us, that the future for GBPNZD is up, so can your analysis

Nihad avatar
Nihad 29 Feb.

Olkiss70  I hope you get my idea, but please take this idea of yours one step higher, to a LEADING DIRECTION indicator, where news only reveal the intentions of the big market players.

Olkiss70 avatar
Olkiss70 29 Feb.

thank you, Nihad... my english is not good enough to understand everything you wrote ))  I will read it again later

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Nihad 29 Feb.

Olkiss70 I just thought these comments would help for now :), tomorrow is another day :) WINK, good luck buddy

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Olkiss70 29 Feb.

thank you, Nihad :)

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This article (if you'd like to call it an article) will be strictly technical and based on andrew's pitchfork analysis of the weekly and daily charts of EUR/USD. So here are the charts:
This is an analysis of the pitchfork, which, as you can see in the first weekly chart, is respected by the price action, meaning that the median line served as strong support in Q2 and Q3 of 2015. Then at Q4 we broke this support and revisited the 1.05 region, which has both strong psychological and volume wise barrier, ie. bids are very strong at this level.
The euro just can't keep falling forever as the short trade is way too overcrowded. This gave rise to the short squeeze on the ECB event, where just in one day bears got ripped apart. This is the turning point for the euro, as all the fundamental dire straits have been priced in over the last year or so. Holding a euro short position these days feels like holding a hot potato, where fund managers are looking for a way and excuse to cover the shorts (preferably before year end). By an excuse I mean any event that will bring about volatility and volume, for example, even if the NFP's are a blowout number then they will cover their shorts into tha…
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Maxim3 13 Jan.

good writing

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very interesting

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fx211pips 14 Jan.

today the price opened on the boundary of the minor pitchfork in pink, wicked below and went back up again, this pitchfork really is working nicely

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fx211pips 16 Jan.

well, it's not working nicely with the article results:)

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very interesting!

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I have been often told by friends that STOCK trading is way better than FOREX trading and it has better prospects in the long run. Today, I would like to draw out the advantages and disadvantages of both the world in order to get a better idea for myself along with other community members. I wouldn't go much into the history and definition as most community members are pretty much aware of them.
My sole objective would be to point out the difference to grasp a proper knowledge and base our future trading decisions.
Forex market is considered as the most liquid market with a trading volume crossing over $ 5.3 trillion per day back in 2013. This is a massive figure and way more than the combined figure of all stock markets.
Each month, Thompson Reuters Index tells us the combined average daily volume of all spot, forwards, swaps, options and non deliverable forwards.
The above charts clearly depicts how often Forex is traded over Stocks.

New York Stock Exchange has over 4500 stocks listed and NASDAQ has close 3500 stocks. Apart from them, we have Tokyo, London and other stock exchange as well. If we combine the US, European and Asian stock markets …
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Lyubant 11 July


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al_dcdemo 11 July

Great article - useful content and very well written!

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Well done!

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Mariia 15 July

Good job!

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For thistrading strategy is very desirable price action of the asset that will operate from 30 minute chart on.
During theperiod when the candles are formed in order to create a double top pattern can be detected in the candles the following information:
The thickpart is the "body of the candle." Sample prices when the candle opens and closes.
The mostdelicate parts are "slivers." They show the maximum and minimum price of the day.
The traderused the information from these chartists figures to determine when to buy or sell something as is giving the pattern. But in our case as we are studying the double top we prepare for a turnaround ie ticket sales look is suggesting after being given a double top pattern.
Now for thedetailed explanation of our pattern.A doubletop is formed when there are two peaks on a large resistance , with a distance between them indefinite at approximately the same level .Betweenthese two maxima price correction where candles are usually very small in size , with large tails, and whose minimum price point will be key when the confirmation of our double top pattern occurs . However, It is important that between the maximum and the corre…
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P3tr4 19 Feb.

i learnt something, thanks.

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babonasfx 22 Feb.


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I have been trading forex for only a few years. Six, to be exact. But already the forex market knows me like one knows an intimate friend. I have studied the forex market, and read around it. But still it knows the direction my every trade is going to take, and even how far each trade is going to go. The market knows exactly where my stop-losses are, and hits them without fail. It also knows where my take-profit is, and stops just a few pips short before turning back. It knows that when it turns, I will follow it. As soon as I do that, the market stops and turns again. And heads for my stop loss. I have paid attention to the fundamentals. I have checked chart history and I have checked the forecasts. I have listened to, and watched, the news. I listen when Mario Draghi speaks. I listened when Ben Bernanke spoke and now I listen when John Bellows speaks. I follow developments in Greece. But still the market gets me into a spin. If the news is right, the market has already factored that in. So it fails to move as I expect. If the news is a surprise, the market gets spooked and runs in a direction opposite to my trade. If it is a rumour then the market pauses, and turns. And, yes you…
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fprophet 15 Feb.

very amusing.
try trading the opposite of what you were going to trade -
or is it that what you are already doing !! or not doing ...

SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 22 Feb.

I'm gonna say something that you will not like, but sometimes those are the best advices. It is a fact that 90-95% of retail traders will never have any kind of success in the markets, so that's 18 or 19 out of 20 people...You have been trading for 6 years, and you still haven't found a way to be profitable. Have you considered the possibility that you may not be one of the 5% who get there? How much money have you lost already chasing that profitable system? And it's not just the system that makes a trader successful, it's the mentality as well. Good luck, hope you make the right decisions :)

Ifuga avatar
Ifuga 24 Feb.

Thank you all for your comments. Just thought I would bring some satire and originality into the mix in this article. I would be cautious in perpetuating this myth (yes, it is a tired, un-original myth!) that 90-95% of traders dont make it. Whoever started that myth was obviously extrapolating in realms that are not necessarily valid; the length, breadth and depth of the forex market and its participants makes it impossible to come up with any such statistic.

Good luck to you all!

SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 25 Feb.

The 95% thing is not a myth, a study (or studies) was done on a very large number of retail accounts and in the long run those were the results. If I wasn't so lazy I'd look for it, but I've read it and the results were unequivocal. Note, it is retail traders only, it is assumed most institutional ones make money obviously, otherwise they'd go out of business. Actually, if you look at the results of the trading contest, in the long run over 95% of traders have an EOM below the starting $100.000. I know, it's only a contest, but the results confirm the study, I've written an article on that :)

sd_shariq avatar
sd_shariq 25 Feb.

I beleive it is good if 5% people are succesfull.. even 1% success makes..i never looked at this data but if it is there then it is good otherwise you would not be able to make profit..

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Profitable trades charts set up are revealed to both novice and advanced Forex Traders.I have been participating in the Dukascopy Trader’s contest for couples of months. Some of my most profitable trades are compiled here in order to share knowledge with other chartists Trader.These trades have been taken from the Dukascopy Trader’s contest of the month of august in year 2012. I used the online trading platform of Dukascopy to performing these profitable trade in the Foreign exchange currency market. Trade nø1: Sell on Eurusd The market developed a nice uptrend move, but failed in the breakout of the previous swing high. I entered a short with a good return using the Dukascopy Trader’s contest defaults deviation stop loss and take profit. Trade nø2 : Sell limit on Eurgpb On 4 hour chart, a bearish candle a gave the sell opportunity if the price came to retest the zero line of the previous support. I set a sell lilmit order which results to a profitable trade of 21.6 pips return. Trade nø3: Audusd in downtrend When the market is in a strong downtrend the height of the first retracement candle shows the strength of the movement. If buyers push to price above the 50% of the previou…
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SpecialFX 18 Sep.

You could also have included some losing trades, because studying negative trades is very interesting as well, and sometimes a better learning tool :)

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alifari 24 Sep.

well done

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captain 27 Sep.

Thank you for sharing

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Lordy_zita 28 Sep.

@SpecialFX It better to share success and let every one learn from his own losses.

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Lordy_zita 28 Sep.

Thanks for commenting. Have a nice day

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