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Every time in forex trading we want to enter a position and get the best on profit with confidence and less risk.
Is very hard for most of traders to set up a trade having a lot of information about indicators, fundamentals, trading open sessions and few hours to check the charts.
But we can add few guidelines into our daily checks and to be confident if we see a candle with those features and to say "it could have high probabilities of success with less risk".
The doji or (Kangaroo tail)* is a pattern formation in price action that we can risk on it and get the better without spend hours and hours on the charts.
Candle bullish or bearish
1.- The time frame is best no less than one hour.
2.- The candlestick have very long tails and very small body.
3.- The range of the candle must cover at least 7 previous candles and those candlestick are not bigger in size.
4.- The candle must to be in a zone that has not been trade at least one or two weeks.
5.- The open and close of the candle are contained by the range of the one previous candlestick.
The closing price must be higher than the open price.
The candle mu…
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The MACD Indicator The MACD or Moving Average Convergence Divergence is very popular indicator used by a great amount of traders and financial investors worldwide.
The MACD was original created by Gerald Appel somewhere around the 1970 for technical analysis and trading tool.
It is a type of momentum and also a trend following indicator oscillator, it has built in several moving averages and trough a series of mathematical calculations it produces a signal line.
The MACD Formula: there are several variations depending on the broker or if the indicator is custom made, but the most commonly formula is basically is (12 EMA – 26 EMA) to produce the MACD and then 9 EMA or SMA over the mathematically result of the MACD to make the signal line. The indicator also makes a histogram to give a closer view of a possible trend change
Most common setting: Fast EMA12, Slow EMA 26, MACD 9 SMA or 9 EMA
Method of use:
several aspects are observed to read the indicator and they are MACD cross over/under the signal line, MACD cross over/under the zero line, convergence, divergence and also the wide separation of the 2 lines could indicate an imminent reversal of a spike or the trend at all.
The MACD …
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1. Perspectives économiques pour 2016.
Le FMI prévoit pour 2016 une croissance économique faible. En cause, selon cet organisme, le ralentissement de l'économie chinoise, du commerce international en général et de la remontée des taux aux États-Unis en décembre 2015. Ce dernier point risque de pénaliser les économies des pays émergents dont les institutions et entreprises sont endettées en dollar. Une seconde augmentation des taux US pourrait fragiliser davantage ces économies par des coûts de financement devenus ingérables. Toujours selon le FMI, les économies des pays développés auront besoin de politiques monétaires accommodantes.
Toutefois, le FMI avait publié en octobre des prévisions de croissance du PIB à 3,6% pour 2016. Ce dernier discours laisse entrevoir des prévisions à la baisse pour la prochaine publication.
  • Prévisions de croissance du PIB ( Variation trimestrielle annualisée en % ) Source: FMI

  • PIB réel et volume du commerce mondiaux ( variation trimestrielle annualisée en %) Source : FMI

2. Aux Etats-Unis.

On notera des divergences de vue avec le discours de FED en décembre 2015 qui anticipe un redémarrage de son économie qu'elle envisage de faire suivre par un re…
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In this article, it has been collected a series of information about the NZD/USD pair and a description of a trading strategy with the scope of indicate a pair forecast at 21:00 GMT 30/09/2015 . In accordance with a traditional approach to explaining exchange rate changes, the studies focus on the
  1. The role of the China and the FED played in fundamental analysis
  2. A selection of indicators that support the technical analysis.
  3. A trading strategy
The data and the chart comes from the Dukascop…
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Hi all traders. If you click to Dukascopy community and "Forex article contest" you can see picture of William Shakespeare. He wrote many works and in one of them famous sentense: "To be, or not to be..." It is the opening phrase of a dialog in the "Nunnery Scene" of William Shakespeare's play Hamlet. This question is very analogous to traders every day question: "buy or sell"?
Is it easy answer? Of course not because trading is hard business. What can help? There is indicator Average true range in shortly ATR. What is ATR? ATR is a technical analysis volatility indicator originally developed by Welles Wilder. The indicator does not provide an indication of price trend, simply the degree of price volatility. The average true range is an N-day moving average of the true range values.
How can we use it for trading? Do not forget the main question for intraday trader is "buy or sell?" in actual day. Setup chart will not by daily time frame but lower time frame for example one hour. But intraday trader need daily time frame for answer his question. Why? Because daily time frame is setup chart for ATR indicator. This is very important information for intraday trader. Please look next …
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This is a manual of my IIndicator-MakerNotesLiteS. In this report, I will represented how to use that.
What is this IIndicator?
This is the IIndicator which for convert the TSV(Tab Separated Values) or CSV(Comma Separated Values) document to indicator values on the JForex platform chart. It will help you to inputs the external data to the JForex platform chart. For example, put the US and EU unemployment rate as indicator on EUR/USD chart, observe it (Fig.1). Or, put the value of Gap in the interest rates between Japan and US as indicator on USD/JPY chart, confirms it (Fig.2). In addition, basically, all of data which you can accessed in this world can show on the JForex platform chart by this indicator. So if you have the some anxious data, let convert that to visually indicator value on chart by this. Might be you find something new. Might be there is some correlation between your body fat percentage and EUR/USD chart…
Fig.1: US (red) and EU (green)’s unemployment rate on EUR/USD chart.
Fig.2: US (red) and JPN (green)’s monetary base rate on USD/JPY chart. (Jan. 2006 = 1.0) .

Examples of use

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This article tests the the volatility of the EUR/USD exchange rates related to the European Central Bank setting interest rate decision between 11/2013 and 12/2014 and provide a profitable trading strategy. In contrast to previous articles and about NFP strategy and US GDP announcements which employed an hedging strategies at 20 and 10 Pips profits, this strategy provide a 69.9 Pips TP with a risk/reward ratio RR of 0.286.This strategy also differ from the previous in the magnitude hedging from the slippage and the spread of the news. It is improved the efficiency of the strategy considering that the ratio Efficient Profit/Slippage and Efficient Profit/Spread are different from the previous of around 1/10 order of magnitude. In this empirical analysis it is find the support for the hypothesis that central bank intervention is related to a negative differenence between ex ante and ex post measure of the exchange rate volatility. Instead, central bank…
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al_dcdemo  yes the test did not have a great statistical consistence but as you can immagine the interest rate decision that differe from the forecast are not so many ......
It probably could be possible to try with RUB but the slippage and the spread could absorbe the hedging pips.

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*This Articles is a manual of how to use my chart coupling plugin*
All Chart Coupling Plugin can do is one thing, the synchronization of plural charts time.
If you feel troublesome to deal the plural charts at same time, please do try this plugin, this might be can help to reduce your annoying work. This plugin can coupling the several charts on platform, and automatically adjusting their timelines.
E.g. when you slide a chart to left or right, then this plugin automatically slide the rest of all coupling chart to exactly same time position. So you can easy check the moves of more than one chart at same time. And you might be can realize that you has multicore-multithreading brains.
Alright, let's check the sample steps to explain how to using.
Step 1: Download a plugin file.
At first, you have to download a plugin file. File name is Chapling. You can download it on JStore(please search a "Chapling" on there).
Next, after download it, let launched a JForex Platform and attached that file to the plugin tree. Of course, don't forget to activate this plugin.
Step 2:Open two charts.
Next, you have to open two charts on platform. In this sample, I opened a chart with t…
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Figure, model, pattern - visually distinguishable configuration (formation) on the chart, which is repeated periodically as aresult of the typical, generic behavior of market participants insimilar conditions.
Classic models are universal for different financial markets, instruments and timeframes and are widely used in technical analysis of the Forex.
Graphic figures serve two main functions:
- indicate the possible direction of price movement;
- allow to determine the value (calculated target) of this movement.

Types of graphic shapes (models, patterns) platformJForex

patterns confirming continuation of the trend:
  • CHANNEL_DOWN (Channel Down Pattern)
  • CHANNEL_UP (Channel Up Pattern)
  • ASC_TRIANGLE (Ascending Triangle Pattern)
  • DESC_TRIANGLE (Descending Triangle Pattern)
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► Introduction
This article is a continuation to my previous article: "Finding Key Support and Resistance Areas". In this article I will demonstrate how to find key support and resistance areas quickly and easily. We will use the same method explained in the previous article. I have applied the method on all the Major Currencies: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF and USD/CAD. I hope this article will help us understand the method better and observe how it can be used in live market charts.
Although the method is very technical, it does require some practice. I suggest that you first read again the previous article. Then, open the daily charts of the Majors and try to find the key support and resistance areas in them by yourself. Finally, you can compare your areas of support and resistance with my suggestions in this article. I think that this is a nice way to practice the method and gain the needed experience.
In each currency pair I will introduce three charts. The first chart is the daily chart. It is zoomed out to show at least one year of recent price movements. The second chart includes green v-shape and red upside-down-v-shape markings. They represent key support a
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Long been proven that successful Forex trading needsan opportune moment for the start of trading and market entry. Some believe that this requires luck and thatprofit - it will only event. Others - you need to know the basics of the market and its stigma, so thispoint can be determined. We cannot say that the first group is mistaken. After all, even withtrading experience does not alwaysstay in the win. However, beaware of Forex patterns necessary.
Forex patterns -are specialized graphic elements (modules ) that provide minimum risk and maximum profit trader. This is - a kind of advisers in the vast expanses of the currency market . Years of experience of hundreds of Forex traders said that the market is subject to cyclical changes . This means that all price figures are recurring and Forex traders certainly they are encountered . Forex patterns , basically use this pattern for your operation. In fact - they are those repetitive patterns . Over time , traders , forex learningcapture these patterns , put them to work " on yourself."
The currentsituation of the Forex market says that the number of valid patterns Forex large. However, they aredivid…
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► Introduction
In this article we will discuss how to find key support and resistance areas quickly and easily. We will use a simple method to reach this goal. This is a step-by-step guide. Some charts and examples are also included. They will help us understand this method better and visualize different points we’ll discuss.
Although this method is very technical, it does require some practice at first. I suggest that you first read this article. Then, open some daily charts of different currency pairs and try to find the key support and resistance levels in them. If you have some knowledge of Supply and Demand levels, this could be handy. I hope you will find this article helpful for your trading. :-)
► Currencies To Use
The method is a pure technical method. Therefore, it works for all currencies. You can use it for any currency that you feel comfortable trading. Actually, you can use it for other markets too. For example, you can use this exact method for finding key support and resistance areas in Gold, Silver, Stocks, Futures and so on.
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► Introduction

In this article we will discuss how to profit by trading a false trend break. We will use a clever strategy to reach this goal. This is a complete strategy that includes entry, stop loss and take profit levels. Some charts, setups and trade examples, are also included. They will help us understand the False Trend Break Strategy better and reinforce different points we’ll discuss.
This is a very technical method. We simply look for an up-trend to appear on the daily chart. We draw its trend-line and wait patiently for it to break down. Then, we examine carefully the candle immediately after the break-down. We are looking for signs that the break is false. In such a case, we enter a long position (buy).
Although the method is simple to follow technically, it is quite hard psychologically. Taking a long position after price breaks down seems a suicidal, counter-momentum trade! Nonetheless, the strategy has its logic and can be quite effective and profitable. A back-test on EUR/USD is included to demonstrate this. I hope you will find this article helpful for your trading. :-)
► Currenci
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*** Some of the images in the article have been missing. I don't know why. I have uploaded the images to my blog:

I hope you find the False Trend Break Strategy useful for your trading.

Thank you all for your support and comments! Much appreciated :-)
Happy New Year!

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1. OverviewThere are a lot of theories in FOREX market. You can use various indicators, trade signals, copy others trades, etc. But in every such a case you will use some theory, which will be used by many others. Of course it is great job to choose relevant method and apply it during right conditions. But can you create your own theory? This question arises sooner or later after spending some years in FOREX market.2. Movements prediction method descriptionWhen creating theory for predictions some kind of statistical method could be used. I will assume that if some pair is in the middle of its highs and lows (lets assume analyzing only 10 past years) from statistical point of view it is unlikely that during coming 2-3 years such pair will break highs or lows. Of course it is from statistical point of view as in real world different matters could occur and ruin statistical predictions. But there is no 100% accurate predictions in any case.For this analysis monthly charts will be used.Further on from statistical point of view if we will take shorter period lets say 2 years and look at highs and lows for this period and if rate is somewhere in the middle again once again from statisti…
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► IntroductionIn this article we will discuss how to profit by following the trend. We will use a powerful strategy to achieve this goal. The strategy includes an entry, stop loss and take profit levels. Some charts, with setups and trade examples, are also included. These examples help explain the 1-2-3-TRADE Strategy and reinforce different points we’ll discuss.This is a very technical method. We simply count the times a trend line is being tested. We enter the trade exactly at the right moment, the third test. Although the method is simple, it is quite effective and profitable. Two back-tests (on EUR/USD and GBP/USD) clearly demonstrate this. I hope you find this article and strategy helpful for your trading. :-)____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________► What Really Happens in a Trend Line?Here is an example of an up trend on the EUR/USD Daily chart. Buyers supported price at the first six points (green arrows). However, when price tested the trend line for the seventh time, buyers lost power. Price started to range around the trend line (red…
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what if the 3rd touch (test candle) go in the other side of the trendline but close in the good side of the trendline with at least 20 pips away from it, do we enter the trade or no?

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@adloule Hello :) IMHO yes, we should trade. As long as the CLOSE of any candle isn't below the trendline, the trend is still valid. Happy trading :)

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