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Momentum based trading strategy is an investment strategy that aims to capitalize on the continuance of existing trends in the market. In order to take advantage of the perceived opportunity, a trader takes a long position in a currency pair that has shown an upward trending price, or short-sells a security that has been in a downtrend. The idea being once a trend is established, it is more likely to continue in that direction than to move against the trend.
This article looks at how we can create a momentum based trading strategy in Visual JForex using the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) and Stochastic indicators.
What is Visual JForex?

Visual JForex is a comprehensive solution to build, test and run strategies; it is based on a user-friendly interface using drag and drop feature. It has a unique way to develop fully automated strategies using blocks linked to each other to build a complete and ready-to-execute forex strategies. The platform is web based presenting a flash user interface with a Java backend.

Fig 1: Visual JForex platform.

Momentum indicators

  • Commodity Channel Index
The CCI is an oscillator introduced by Donald Lambert in 1980 that is useful …
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Sanju777 12 Mar.


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Verona888 12 Mar.

Well done)

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well done

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Good ))

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This article is well presented ! I liked the concept of Momentum based on different useful kind of trading strategy actions! Congratulations!

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1.Пройдемся немного по теории
На данный момент выделяют четыре торговых типов трейдеров относительно продолжительности поддержания открытых позиций:
  • Скальперы (scalpers). Продолжительность от одной до пятнадцати минут.
  • Дневные трейдеры. Проводят сделки исключительно в течении дня. Продолжительность от пятнадцати минут и более.
  • Среднесрочники (medium-term traders). Открывают пару сделок в неделю, средняя продолжительность которых колеблется от одного до десяти дней.
  • Долгосрочные трейдеры. Открытая сделка может существовать несколько месяцев.
Но также существуют такие типы трейдеров, которые разделяются по манере открытия сделок:
  • Умеренные (осторожные). Такие трейдеры открывают сделку, когда цена совершила один или несколько откатов в сторону ордера, либо сделка открывается с пробоем флэта (flat) или консолидации.
  • Агрессивные. Открывают ордер, когда цена только развернулась в противоположную сторону.
Про одни из самых важных критериев и типов трейдеров я описал выше. Существуют, конечно, еще множество показателей, которые можно найти на просторах интернета...Но, как сказал ранее, основные уже написаны.
Моя стратегия рассчитана для дневных трейдеров с открытием сделок после пробивания флэта…
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Молодец ????????

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отличная работа!

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good work!

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In this Article i focus on different and most perfect strategy of doing Binary option or Scalping , our first part i showed u how to use the Bollinger band and William % R and this article i show u some complex setup, but its much perfect giving signal for entering in trade. In this u need 15 min chart setup and we enter trade for next 15 min time frame expiry only. So lets have a look on chart setup and entry of trade.
Setting up Chart :-
Choose the currency pair such as like EURUSD and set time frame 15 min and add Indicator ,
  1. main price chart add Bollinger band (20,2)
  2. RSI value(7) ,level (20-80) and insert EMA value(20)
  3. Stochastic value (5,3,3) ,level (20-80)
  4. CCi value (14),level(100,-100) and insert EMA value(20)
Once u add all indicator charts will look like this as shown image below :-
Buy Trade 1st condition :-

When RSI value is above 20 and Ema cross Rsi, Stochastic value above 20 and trending up and CCI value above -100 and EMA crossing CCI and price is above Lower Bollinger band, we enter in Buy trade as shown in below chart :-
Note :- Always enter 1 pip lower then last candle close and the trade is for current 15 min candle close only.

Buy Trade 2nd condition :-
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AND 31 Aug.

I am not a supporter of binary options, but the idea is interesting

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rupesh1984 31 Aug.

AND :D its depends on person to person,however thank you appreciating idea :)

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I see this wery usefull. Thanks for shari

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Well done

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very useful article

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After the first implementations exposed in previous article, I am now to show more important aspect involved in automating a strategy and as promised, I will show the results I obtained after last arrangements. Collecting data When planning a strategy - will it be manual or automated - one key step is to collect all data obtained from tests, to quickly compare all results. So I invested some time to setup this simple table, using a program easily found for free on the web:Using such a simple table, helps to understand if and how an arrangement really affects/or not a strategy, relatively to previous results. And it also helps me to save a lot of words! Previous test I finished last article showing the results obtained from the very first tests. After some days of study on strategy behavior, I came to the conclusion to reduce the stop loss and the take profit trying to stabilize the profitability by getting more profitable trades. Results were slightly better than previous, so I decided to take this as starting point. Here below you see the equity curve, obtained directly from Jforex visual tester:The curve shows nothing new respectively to the raw data, but helps to visually …
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scramble 26 Apr.

yes efegen, the first picure is intentionally partial-obfuscate: all data are shown in the following paragraphs! tks :)

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jlongo 29 Apr.

I'm a litle sceptical about using MA's with the current market flow, and obeying to too much parameters sooner or later we can't get the expected results. But is a good starting point and we are always learning :)

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scramble 29 Apr.

yes jose i know, MAs have some important problems. results obtained after last arrangements are very interesting anyway.. personally i didn't believe to reach such. let's see what forward tests will give! and yes... we are always learning! this strategy has been a great school for me! :) tks

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AdrianWS 29 Apr.

good work and great to see that you are taking the time to learn to code, so useful in life! nice mini series you've got going, maybe next month try some really complicated multi indicator strategy :)

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scramble 29 Apr.

more likely i will crash my head while trying to understand how to restructure the open-position block (already a chair today was going...) :D eheh tks for your support :)

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Preferred Instrument - EURUSDPreferred Timeframe - 4H & aboveBacktest - NoStrategy owner - Loke4300 Risk reward ratio - 1:2; Disclaimer - As with all other systems out there, the success or failure of a technique depends more on trader and his discipline. Try this technique on DEMO account before you decide to implement this on REAL account. I wish to share one of my favorite methods of trading by using the CCI indicator. CCI indicator is best explained here. The system that i present here has NOT been taken from the internet or copied from someone; Is this the holy grail?Far from it. This is just another method of trading. The success or failure of which depends on YOU - the trader. Because YOU are a bundle of mixed emotions, conflicting thoughts and a confused state of mind while trading. If you could achieve DISCIPLINE, any system would work.So, the strategy in brief:Go LONG when CCI indicator has dipped twice below 100 level;Go SHORT when CCI indicator has spiked twice above 100 level;Further Addition 1:Go LONG when CCI indicator has dipped twice below 100 level; AND has turned up;Go SHORT when CCI indicator has spiked twice above 100 level; AND has turned down;Further Addition…
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loke4300 20 Nov.

@Likerty : thank you for reading and commenting on my article. Sure, there's always something new to learn everyday and I am looking forward to reading your article and see if it helps us in our trading pursuit.

Thanks again.

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fxigor 20 Nov.

I read that CCI indicator is used for commodities. What is your oppinion and statistics about CCI indicator asnd major forex pairs?

loke4300 avatar
loke4300 21 Nov.

@fxigor : thank you for reading my article. CCI - although the name has commodity in it, is not confined to commodities; it is widely used to trade almost all instruments - equities, commodities, forex.
CCI like others - is put in the category of oscillators; However, the method to use CCI profitably, as i put forward in my article above, makes it even better at having an edge in trading at almost all types of conditions [except news time];
wrt to your question about statistics: Iam in the process of gathering some back test result [i need a reliable software/site to do so].

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doctortyby 25 Nov.

I personally use CCI indicator just for confirmation as it is a lagging indicator that shows past performance and does not have the same effect in the future development of the price. But i strongly belive it can be successfully used in Trends, trading in the direction of the trend (especially on pullbacks). Let me know when you test this strategy with more than 300 trades backtest to know extcly the average winn/loss ratio and the money management that you apply (reward/risk ratio, money risk ratio, profit factor, drawdown). Good luck

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Great there an indicator that will identify CCI double dip opportunities ?
Best Regards -
Bob Pierce

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This article refers to tdurai84's article:Review of Winning Strategy in Dukascopy Strategy ContestWhenever I download the strategy of a contest winner, I ask myself: Would this strategy work in the long run, and which amount of risk/leverage would be optimal?The answer to this question is what this article is about.So I plugged the strategy into the tester, using 1min bars with cubic spline interpolation on EURUSD beginning 2009. Those settings would give me enough speed for the backtest but also enough precision to be confident with the results, since the strategy uses 10min bars only and no ticks:So the strategy made 1.4 million out of 100k in three years. Not bad.Note though what would have happened if we started three months ago:We had a nice equity peak of about  $160000 but after that the account pretty much crashed and burned.So the question would be: Which risk settings would yield acceptable results without killing my account, considering there may be times that the strategy does not work well?Before we can answer let me clarify two common misconceptions about money management:Variable lot sizes are safer / yield better results than fixed lot sizesMore risk yields better …
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I really liked your presentation style.

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AdrianWS 29 Jan.

good promising work here

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Hi all again. Today I will show you 4 easy forex indicator(r.s.i.,s.a.r parabolic, alligator & cci) used all time by me in the “Trader contest’’and all my transaction. Technical indicators. Use of technical indicators Charts help price in market traders identify trends, while indicators techniques help traders to see power analysis sustainability and trends. If an indicator report a reversal,wait for confirmation before acting in the square. this means the same indicator  wait to provide confirmation and for a period of time or more to get confirmation from other indicators. Patience will help to read right signals. First indicator is r.s.i. (relative strength index) Just give attention to the chart Now: -when you see the line in the ‘’70’’zone and he comeback you must put sell order. -when you see the line in the ‘’30’’ zone and comeback tou must put sell;s soo easy(this indicator is very good for 4h chart and 1 day time frame because exist risk to get false signal in small time frame chart)   Now I will explain the s.a.r parabolic indicator (stop and reversal parabolic indicator) It’s so easy to read this indicat…
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