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Generally, there’s some truth and some myth about managing your capital in trading. Effectively, there’s relevant information about fund management as there is on the other hand worthless information that will not bring success in trading. The reason is obvious: each amount of investment in traders’ accounts will be different. And engagement to take risk will be different depending on the trader as well.
This fluctuation is due to an initial fund in question and to the level of skill of the trader.

What helps us manage our funds well in trading?
Everyone knows that money management is a must to succeed in trading. However, most traders don’t spend enough time on elaborating or planning the money management. In this article, you will find out what would be the best professional perspective on money management in trading and we’ll also mention the ideas that can fit it.
After acquiring experience in that, we finally understand that most traders (after our investment) need method – Fund management – Readiness spirit.
All this reminds us to have a good working methodology, a good management practice, and a good intelligible approach.
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Yonggi7 22 Sep.

RahmanSL ! Your opinion is very relevant!!!!

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De nature générale, il existe certaines vérités et certains mythes autour du thème de la gestion de votre capital au sein du trading. En effet, il y a des informations qui peuvent être pertinentes sur la gestion de l'argent, mais d’autres sont complètement inutiles et ne fonctionneront pas bien au trading.
La raison est simple: C'est que chaque montant d'investissement dans les comptes de traders sera différent. De même chaque engagement pour le risque variera selon la personne. Cette variation est liée à la valeur nette, et au niveau de compétence selon les traders.
Qu'est-ce qui nous permet d'avoir une bonne gestion de nos fonds au trading?
Tout le monde sait que la gestion de l'argent est un aspect nécessaire pour réussir au trading. Cependant, la plupart des traders ne consacrent pas assez de temps pour se concentrer sur l'élaboration ou la mise en œuvre d'un plan de gestion d'argent.
Dans cet article, vous verrez quelle serait la meilleure perspective professionnelle sur la gestion de l'argent au sein du trading; et on citera aussi les idées qui peuvent s'y attachées.
Après avoir acquéri un peu d'expérience là-dessus, on finit par retenir que la majorité des traders doivent …
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great ....good luck

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La mayoría de nosotros estamos intentando llegar a ser traders profesionales y poder vivir del mercado forex algún día , pero no es una tarea fácil, de todas las personas que comienzan a realizar trading tan solo un 5% consigue ser un trader profesional, con esta estadística podríamos desilusionarnos pero aunque sea un poco difícil cualquier persona que se esfuerce y tenga las herramientas necesarias lo puede conseguir. En este articulo voy explicar las condiciones necesarias para poder llegar a ser en un trader profesional algún día ,estas condiciones se pueden agrupar en cuatro bloques fundamentales y por orden de importancia serian psicología de trading, gestión monetaria, sistema de trading y capital.
Es el factor mas importante en el éxito de un trader , podríamos decir que la psicología es el 70% de la receta para llegar a ser un trader profesional y es tan importante para nosotros porque en esta actividad no existe ningún otro tipo de control,solo el nuestro, por ejemplo en la mayoría de trabajos tenemos un jefe que nos controla y esto hace que seamos mas disciplinados y cumplamos las reglas establecidas, sin embargo en el trading retail el jefe somos…
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Gracias todos !!, si es cierto scramble nos olvidamos de la psicología que es lo mas importante y nos centramos en crear un sistema de trading que acierte siempre y eso no existe !!

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salamandra 23 July

Nice article!

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Armands 23 July

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Hi every one, How are you I show you (Eu members countries) old currency note before euro. Some currency note is there Currency names and Forex Market Codes .I think teenager cannot know old currencies Eu members. Total Eu members 28 countries you saw there Country Capital Geographical Population and since Eu Member Current Currency And or Old Currency
1. Austria
Capital: Vienna Geographical size: 83 879 km² Population: 8 507 786 EU member: 1 January 1995 Current Use Currency: Euro. Old Currency Name Austrian Schilling Code in Forex Market (ATS)

2. Belgium
Capital: Brussels Geographical size: 30 528 km2 Population: 11 203 992 EU members: 1 January 1958 Currency: Euro. Old Currency Name Belgian Franc Code in Forex Market (BEF)

3. Bulgaria
Capital: Sofia Geographical size: 111 002 km² Population: 7 245 677 EU members: 1 January 2007 still use old Currency: Bulgarian lev Code in Forex Market (BGN)

4. Cyprus
Capital: Nicosia Geographical size: 9 251 km² Population: 858 000 EU member : 1 May 2004 Current Use Currency: Euro. Old Currency Name Cypriot Pound Code in Forex Market (CYP)

5. Czech Republic
Capital: Prague Geographical size: 78 867 km²Population: 10 512 419 EU member : 1 May 2
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llolor 20 Jan.

Great article

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very good article!

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al_dcdemo 22 Jan.

You got the Slovenian data right but the image is of the Croatian dinar - I think they had that before the kuna. Otherwise, nice effort and an interesting article. Well done!

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Skif 27 Jan.

It has done a good job

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Capital Management in ForexLearn how to make money management in Forex.If I had to pick a single "secret" to tell the Forex would be exactly this: capital management. Learning to deal with risk and your money will keep you alive when all else fails.Absolutely no system or method of operation will save you the Forex market if you do not know how to protect your hard-earned money.Throughout his career working as a Forex trader you will meet many stories of failure. When faced with a success story and look to deepen the reasons you may discover that the last trader standing was the one who took care of your money better.The purpose of this article is to put you on the path to becoming this trader. ____________________________________________________________________________Capital Management in Forex: Why the Attack is the Best Defense Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of variables that are associated with the operations in Forex?Economic news last minute changes in the mood of the market entry of large players in the game, changing operating session, your physical and psychological state ... among other things.Many traders waste their time trying to control these uncont…
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To trade successfully in FOREX it is not enough using your skills in fundamental factors or doing technical analysis.  Both of these are very important, but often the main factor becomes your skills to distribute your resource as well as it is possible. Very often to make profitably trade traders needs some little trifle as couple of hundreds biggest deposit in your account and traders have to leave the market with loss, and then the market turn around in his way. In purpose to avoid these situations you should know some special management of capital rules
These rules answers to question like: where and how much you can invest, how much your capital in percents you can lose in bad trade, how to optimize your profit. So here it goes.
First of all you should not have opened bigger positions in sum of all 30% of capital. Second: to open position for one currency you should not use more than 5% of initial margin. And third, your loss in one position has not to be bigger than 5% of your current capital.
All traders and dealers approve opinion that capital management rules are more important than technical or fundamental analysis. In other articles on internet I saw that the main thing …
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litsat 24 July

write something better ;)

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Again, good reading for beginners.

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Every individual in this world is different in one way or the other, and our variation lies on a continuum. As traders, we are no exception to the above, thus the reason why there are a myriad of systems and styles of trading in the foreign exchange market. For example, we have intraday scalpers, intraday swing traders, long- term swing traders, strong holders, weak holders, etc. Many factors affect the type of trader one will become, and these factors can be related to the available capital base, emotions, available trading time, lifestyle, personal strengths and weaknesses, etc. Therefore, in order to design a trading system that is a‘perfect fit’ for you, you need to discover yourself based on the factors aforementioned. In most cases, failures in forex trading result from traders who want to trade like another trader without matching the trading style with their personality. My aim in this article is to outline certain overlooked factors which play important roles in helping you to design a trading approach that suits your personality.
 Do you have control over your emotions? This is a very important question that a trader needs to answer sincerely before looking for their trad…
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gorozcoh 23 Nov.

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Forex, which is the best marketplace. On the web and also real world you are likely to locate recommendations to be able to the forex market since FX also. Forex trading will take place with a broker or even a monetary institution typically in which you might be able to buy other styles regarding stocks, bonds and also investments. In case you are contemplating getting required inside forex markets it's always best to realize you might be mailing dollars being put in together with some other nations around the world. That is carried out to be able to prop the investments regarding men and also women associated with positive forms of hedge funds, and also in the markets offshore. The forex marketplace may have the funds dedicated to 1 marketplace 1 day, combined with future evening the dollars will be dedicated to just one more country. The each day alterations are usually dependent on the broker or perhaps monetary establishment. Any time studying the assertions and also studying far more concerning the account, you might be proceeding to find that all individual sort of currency provides 3 correspondence which could symbolize in which currency. As an example, the United States dol…
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Nicco 14 Oct.

Where first article "VSA is simple" is?

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