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One of the biggest problems that a trader faces is his ability to be disciplined and stick to his plan. With a strategy that controls the market through the defined parameters, we guarantee that if a trading opportunity arises this is executed without errors according to the programmed. An automated strategy, in turn, can also analyze more data successively than a human would achieve, making it easier to monitor multiple patterns at the same time.


Following the previous article in April, I chose 2 patterns to present the code in JForex and study to what extent these patterns are profitable or not in forex. The chosen patterns were as follows:

Bullish Piercing Line:
This pattern is defined by a candle with a considerable body in which the next candle opens below the minimum of the previous candle, but closes above the middle, without exceeding the top. In this case, it is expected that the market is initiating a bullish move, thus altering the trend and initiating a new one.
Recognition Criteria:
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misabelalegre avatar

Well done. have you tested the RSI with the main strategy trigger?

jcardoso avatar
jcardoso 31 July

I like your code style :) When are you planning to put this strategy in a real account?

miguelmatos avatar

Very well done. I thing the big point is to find the main trend ;) have you checked for example consecutive red or green bars to check the main trend?

insky avatar
insky 31 July

Good. I like the SMA indicator :) Are you using this indicator in other strategies?

HerkusPT avatar
HerkusPT 1 Aug.

Very useful. Why are you using SMA with 72 periods?

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Using the Three Wide Candle Pattern on the Four Hour chart
In this Article I would like to share with you a profitable strategy that I have been using in my Live account,
and that can also be a very interesting technical trade setup for Contests.
The buildup of this Article is as follows:
  1. Introduction
  2. The Technical setup of the Strategy
  3. Examples of the Three Wide Candle Pattern strategies

I hope this Article will help you make some money on the Forex Markets and/or improve your Trading Arsenal
This Strategy: A Technical indicator setup for Trading on the 4 hour charts, is a profitable way of trading on the Forex Markets for me,
and is something that I have been using for Trading in my Live account the last few months
It has helped me make some money, and it is a relatively easy strategy to set up, while the results can be great!
The Strategy works with all pairs, and is an Intraday Trading tool, because we look at the 4 hour charts
The Trades typically last between 1 and 5 days, and if the setup is executed correctly, the average profit is around 100 pips
In my case I have found that 60-80 % of the trades are successful, again - if the setup is executed correctly.
What w…
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AdamFx42 avatar
AdamFx42 17 Sep.

Thanks, Olga  ;-)

gino32 avatar
gino32 18 Sep.

AdamFx42 japanese candlesticks, also if you look closely this pattern indicates where compression patterns are breaking and giving a possible rally... if we translate jpc+divergence to english its simply saying dude im getting ready to rally(divergence) and here its where i may rally (your pattern).. good stuff you can also add a daily pattern filter say dbhc then divergence 4h+your pattern..

AdamFx42 avatar
AdamFx42 18 Sep.

Thanks for that gino32

AdamFx42 avatar
AdamFx42 19 Sep.

There are nice bearish setups forming in all Gbp crosses, if anyone is interested

VictoriaVika avatar

Thanks for your article, there is many useful information, really good strategy and detail explanation. Well done! Go ahead! Victoria

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Charting has become a widely used science. Much of it seems overengineered and some follow it in a religious style. So it's critical to know what is important and what not. One of my favourite signals is this one here: The market is bullish and running up the hill. But the last candle with its very high top and lower close is showing you that the market has no more power. During the candle it was still strong but then towards the end of the candles time period the market got weak. A very good sign for the end of the trend.Same on the way down: The market fell for quite a few candles but at the end it snapped back up. The last candle has a very long leg and closed up. This shows you that the market wanted to go back up and wasn't being sold anymore during the candle.Watch out for long candle necks or candle legs. It's a great sign for reversals.I like it best in the 15min candle and trade the reversal in direction of the longer trend (1hour, 4 hour, daily). Add a tight stop loss and let the profits run.Give a look at the complete picture:- a candle with a very long neck- showing that the uptrend might run out of power- "indecisive" candles after the long neck candle- a turning MACD …
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gorozcoh avatar
gorozcoh 23 Nov.

Good luck. visit me

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