I hope everyone had a great holidays
and year 2012 will be the best year ever, for everyone! This year is
going to be a very interesting to trade. So be alerted and listen to
fundamentals as this time, no matter how technical you are,
fundamentals may give you a great understanding of where the markets
are going to go.
In this article I will write about my
Asia Calm Market trading strategy. I am using this strategy in a
contest. But contest version is not what you want to trade real. So I
will tell what differences should be between live and contest
versions, how both strategies perform and how it works. Also
I have to mention that in this article I talk only about trading EURUSD pair.Strategy contest
version results
First let’s talk about Asia strategy
results in the Strategy contest. I have started to participate in
this contest with Asia strategy since June, 2011 (on May I was using
another strategy). First participation month wasn't very good, but
later I improved the strategy and began to get better results.
Results are in table below.Results are different from month to
month because everything depends on quantity of losing trades. Most
common take profit of this strategy is ~…
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