• Introduction
In my view relax mind in trading is very important for success in trading. Trading is not the type of work where you work more and you will get more profits. In this article I will point to the causes of "burnout" of the trader, the impact of market stress and subjective (sometimes inadequate) response from the trader; causes of fatigue, overtrading, tilt, inability to admit a mistake, violation of own trading rules etc. I will mainly focus on how a trader can be relaxed while trading the market.
As a trader, you must be familiar with the situation: you took position with indicator signal. The price starts to go in your favor - but then something strange happens. The price slips your against your entry point and rushes sharply in the opposite direction. If you don’t put stop-loss, immediately a thought appear: "well, maybe the price will come back?". You are now riveted to the terminal, sweating, your heart palpate. Price meanwhile goes to your pain threshold and you curse everything in the world. And then, lo and behold, in half an hour (half day) price shot to original position. There comes a sense of calm.
Let's look at this situation statistically. What happens if …
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