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All through time, people have basically acted and reacted the same way in the market as a result of greed, fear, ignorance, and hope. That is why the numerical formations and patterns recur on a constant basis. Over and over, with slight variations. Because markets are driven by humans and human nature never changes. - Jesse Lauriston Livermore
Hello, my dear friends, and fellow community members.
As I am a Technical Analyst, I have decided to write a few articles on the patterns that are used in the Technical Analysis. I want to mention here that there is a difference between the Candlestick patterns and the Chart patterns I am going to talk about. The candlestick patterns are like doji, Harami, Engulfing, Pin Bar etc. But the chart patterns are made up of normal life shapes and Geometric Patterns. Although there are a lot of patterns, to name a few are
  • Cup and Handle
  • Ascending Triangle
  • Triple Bottom
  • Triple Top
  • Bullish Symmetrical Triangle
  • Rounding Bottom
  • Double Top
  • Bearish Symmetrical Triangle
  • Head and Shoulders and few more.

Keeping in mind the word limit, I will mention one pattern in an article so that the readers are not overloaded with the data and facts about these patterns. I will …
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good luck


good luck

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a very informative article!)

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very nice

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nice post:)

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Many traders that are using technical analysis for their forex strategies are focusing primarily on singles they are giving. But there are also hidden signals in some indicators such as: MACD, RSI, Stochastic, Momentum, and other oscillators. These hidden signals are called divergences. Divergence is one of the most impressive techniques in technical analysis. In forecasting currency movements the more advanced traders are paying much attention to it. Amazing results can be achieved trough to it. The divergence is characterized by the gap between the chart and the indicators, or more precisely the direction of movement of the price and the indicator.
In the last years, more and more traders are paying attention to the divergence. In combination with other techniques can be achieved amazing results and profits.
Divergence Itself gives us clarity of an impending change in the trend or a continuation of the trend. There are two main types of divergences: normal (bullish or bearish) and hidden (bullish or bearish)Normal (negative) divergence:
Bullish divergence - in this type of divergence as it is seen from the chart. Price draws two bottoms, the second is lower than the first, b…
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Very interesting!

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The US Dollar has been on the spotlight since beginning of the year as momentum has surprised everyone. Retracements continue to be shallow. The dollar bullish trend is well mature on its own and I thought it's the perfect time to reinforce my view on the dollar as many are asking: what's next for the US Dollar?
This is the US dollar's fastest rise in 40 years, and it's up 14% on this year alone, and I was one of the few to speak about the dollar rally, even before the trend to be put in motion.
Explaining the dollar's incredible turnaround, at current speed and velocity is not quite hard to explain if you have been following my articles. There are plenty of evidences, from my side, as I was preparing for this kind of move. To understand better what it's happening with the dollar i'll suggest to go over and re-read my previous articles here:
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For those who are interested to find more about my own view on the US Dollar, I wrote last week an blog post talking about the 1980-1985 US Dollar analog which fits perfectly to current market environment and also it's a fractal for current price action. See link above.

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Thanks, this article is interesting and qualitatively. Did you also have some correlation analysis with labour market ?
Great article 

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foreignexchange Unfortunately I never looked into that stuff, when it comes with the currency market the 2 most important things I look at are inflation and interest rates I think that anything else will just alter the view of the market, of course this is just my own opinion. Thanks

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Illya 27 May

It looks like you spend a lot of time for this report.Good job!!!

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@lllya It takes some times to put all the pieces together and also I do a lot of research because I want to provide high content to my readers. Thanks for the good words.

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In this article I will be explaining about one of the popular candlestick pin bar strategy that has been used by thousands of traders over many decades. Sometimes perfect setup of this this strategy fails and make you lose the trade, but like every other trading strategy this pin bar strategy is not a holy grail of forex trading. With proper money management and discipline eventually all traders can become profitable.
What is a Pin Bar?
A pin bar is a candlestick pattern that has a long wick and small body. There are two types of pin bars: bullish and bearish pin bar. Pin bars are formed when prices are tested at the given price and then rejected from that price.
The picture below shows what bullish and bearish pin bars look like.
Pin Bar strategy: Buy/Sell, Stop loss/ Take Profit
Buy or Sell:
This strategy is very simple.sell at the downtrend and buy at the uptrend. In the ranging market buy at the support and sell at the resistance
The picture above shows the formation of pin bars in the trending market and when to buy or sell. Pin Bars often formed at the end of a trend or at the end of a pull backs.
The picture above shows the formation of pin bars in the ranging markets and w…
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Well done!

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Airmike 22 Feb.

nice article

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Nice one, keep doing a great work!

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Agnessa26 24 Feb.

Отличная работа!

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aaalisher 17 Mar.

yes ,,,agree,,very usefull information where charts were not clear..

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Not more than 3 months ago I've been writing an article about how you can trade the 4:00PM London Fix, giving out an easy step by step guide on how to profit from the price action around that time. You can read more about it here: London Fix Strategy
In this article we're going to make one step further and automatize the whole process by using Dukascopy Visual JForex. This will be one of those strategy that will require no indicators and I'm going to use some of the blocks that I've already been using them in my previous article, and you should be already familiarized with them. I like to keep things simple so in this regard even if you don't have any programming skills whatsoever you will be able to understand the whole process.
Lets proceed first by giving a short summary of our strategy:
  1. Currency pair: GBPUSD;
  2. Time Frame: 1h;
  3. Target= 16 pips. Since beginning of the year the average pips volatility at 4:00PM was around 16.6 pips (see Figure 1);
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MobNaga 13 Oct.

Nice work. FYI, Counter strategy (for GBP/USD) is good between 17 - 25(LondonTime) in last 10 years.

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Likerty 23 Oct.

I'm sceptical about historical testing of volatility based trading systems as trading already formed candles and ones - still in the making (real-time) produces very different results..

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Jignesh 25 Oct.

Congrats Daytrader21 on finding a strategy and automating it, not an easy endeavor.

Daytrader21 avatar

MobNaga Thanks for the info I'll check that out. Likerty So far I've seen big difference between the backtesting results and what I get in real-time environment. Jignesh Thanks buddy.

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Stix 31 Oct.

Interesting and useful Article. Thank you very much. :) :)

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TIME IN FOREXJune 7, 2013 Time time time what an important concept. It’s difficult to really estimate how important time in the Forex market is. Sometimes if you really think about it, it’s everything! So was a good example yesterday in the EURUSD and GBPUSD it was a time to buy!!! GBPUSD EURUSD EurUSD rallied about 215pips! Amazing! While GBPUSD rallied about 280pips in one day!! Whoa! Even more beautiful is that fact that I collected a 100pips on GU. I bought at just about the lowest point of the day and set my take point for 100ips (proof my username is healer and I am on the traders contest). I also collected a good amount of pips on EurUsd too about 50+. Do you know I wrote on the traders contest on my GU trade when I was entering it that anyone seeing it should follow me? This was over nine hours before the trade took its 100pips profit. How could I have known and be so sure? The answer is simple I knew the time to buy. Timing in forex trading is too important. There are various times in forex trading I would list some and endeavor to explain. 1. A TIME TO WAIT 2. A TIME TO BUY 3. A TIME TO SELL 4. A TIME TO BUY AND SELL TIME TO WAIT This is when your method of trading g…
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Victor 9 June

good gun

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healer 10 June

Oh victor you have made my weekend thanks a million and
pls help to share it thanks again

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geula4x 18 June

+1 Liked: interesting article. I'd like to read more about how you time your trades, systems that you use and so on. Happy trading :-)

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healer 3 July

Thank geula4x much appreciated i had login challenges within the month and this really affected my participation thanks alot much more would be seen of me and many good stuffs are ahead!

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Hello dear members Dukas community, first of all, I want to wish to everyone, a happy 2013, which this year be full of many pips "blue" for all. This month I return to articles, and once again within the philosophy of negotiating with simplicity. I bring you another strategy that already use a few years ago, call it FiboDec_System. For this strategy, we will use graphs 1 hour time frame. The analysis should be performed between 18 and 23:00 GMT, and my experience tells me that analyzes at 18:00 may translate into better results, however later analysis also show very interesting perform. This system should be divided into a few distinct stages, namely: 1) Determination of maximum and minimum of the last 24 hours 2) Application of Fibonacci_Dec (Fibonacci custom which is divided into tenths) 3) Determination of scenario / predominant trend 4) Definition of possible scenarios Having said this, I try to describe each of these steps so in summary form, to anyone of you could try this system. MAX vs. MIN The first thing to do is determine the maximum and minimum which occurred in the last 24 hours or since the last review. We'll need these values ​​when we make the application of our Fib…
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Likerty 25 Jan.

I like this approach but I would add common mathematical proportions - 25 %, 75, 125, 175 etc..

Sintano avatar
Sintano 26 Jan.

If you so much like mathematical proportions, I would recommend you to work over Murray Math SR levels. These are a must in my personal trading system.

Bluedragon avatar
Bluedragon 29 Jan.

Sintano i know it and a like very much ;). Thanks for suggest

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Bluedragon 29 Jan.

Likerty if you see, the targets in this strategy is not so far of your suggest values ;) I think that is important test all scenarios, because everyone is right ;)

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SpecialFX 30 Jan.

Another good strategy, thanks for sharing! :) Will this one be automated as well sometime in the future?

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Success is not in the simplest attitudes?!Which of us does not walk in search of the Holy Grail? We all seek ways to negotiate, that we can bring fortune to our pockets ... but is that deep down, we believe that this is possible?!I walk in the Forex markets since 2006 and in truth I have to tell you, it took me 3 margin call, I've been through different trading strategies, I've lost, I won and I'm back to lose, repeatedly questioned the possibility of quitting, either because I thought it was not my thing, either because I felt that the levels of stress and anxiety rose to the point of forgetting and despise everything that was around me. However, with the passage of time have been mature, I have looked at things another way and I believe increasingly that the solution passes through Discipline, Money Management, and by the simplest strategies. Obviously I am only a simple trader as others here, however is my intention with this article explain a strategy that I have been using and which I consider for each moment that passes as a good way to earn what they me proposed. I assure you, I have no idea of ​​making fortunes with it, but with discipline, without much greed and good manag…
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Bluedragon 13 Sep.

higher you climb the greater the fall, this movement has improved a bit over our PIVOT.
Monthly Pivot at 150 pips (down)
Weekly Pivot at 70 pips (down)
Daily Pivot currently 35 pips (too down).
Right here we have a nice trigger to sell. I just put a sell order without SL and TP 50 pips pointing. We shall see.

good trades

SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 14 Sep.

If with all the problems Europe faces the Euro still goes up considerably, way above the 200-day moving average now, then the market is telling you something, but it sure is not to sell... The markets are always right, even when they're not, there's nothing to gain in arguing with the markets. The trend is friend...or your worst enemy if you go against it, just my humble opinion :)

Bluedragon avatar
Bluedragon 20 Sep.

As you all can see, in trends always reversal happen. And this is a prove of that. Pivot W1 was get it, now we continue moving down to MN Pivot... Pacience is our best friend...even more than trend ;) Good trades to all

alifari avatar
alifari 24 Sep.

nice strategy and well explained

juandata avatar
juandata 21 Sep.

Hi Guys, it looks like a profitable strategy, (thanks for sharing it bluedragon) but for some reason I cannot draw the EMA1, the minimum I can choose is 2. Has this happened to someone else?

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There are a lot of Forex strategies all over the
Internet. In the following series articles I am going to present briefly the most
important factor-strategies for consistent winnings.
1st Article - Strategy 1 –
Market Sentiment
The forex market is nothing more
than the compressed display of emotions at any one time emanating from
currency speculators around the world. How can you better understand the
market, and use that knowledge as one of your trading weapons? This is the
question that every trader should ask to himself. In order to give an answer to
that question we firstly need to give an answer to “What is the market
Market sentiment is simply what
the majority of the market is perceived to be thinking or feeling about the
market – it is the most important factor that drives the currency market. This is so because traders tend
to act based on what they feel and think of certain currencies, regarding their
strength or weakness relative to other currencies. I will assume that when you trade
currencies, you don’t blindfold yourself to simply pick any pair to buy or
sell, leaving it to randomness to determine your profit/loss statement at the
end of the day or month. …
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AdrianWS 9 Jan.

hey great article, take a look at my profile and check out my articles I think they can help you

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doctortyby 10 Jan.

Very informative article about Market Sentiment, I would have Liked to see some charts and some Images.I believe Market Sentiment can be Better spoted on range Bars Charts(Price Movement, volatility charts). The volumes in those charts give better signals. check out my range Bars Charts Articles and Analysis.+3 And good luck this month. Waiting for your next article.

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ritesh 19 Jan.

Market sentiment is above all indicators. :) +1

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