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How To Select Forex A Trading Broker.
Forex trading brokers provide a vibrant & strong place for small traders, individual investors & large traders. There are both thrilling experiences faced by people who trade. It is not possible to begin trading without the support of a forex brokerage account. There are many stock market brokerages which enable a trader to do business in mutual funds, bonds and financial institutions. Some points to remember while opening an account are as follows:
One of the advantages of transacting in currency is the facility offered even for a small time trader to trade more for less. The normal leverage offered is 100:1. This implies that for one dollar in the brokerage account, you can trade up to 100 dollars in currencies. 1000$ would help you trade 100,000$ currency worth. Hence, if the value of currency goes up by 1%, your money is doubled. In case the value falls by 2%, you would lose out on all the money. This is where a brokerage firm comes to your rescue and helps you tide over the loss.
You need to decide what leverage level you want to go in for. Leverage depends on the creditworthiness. Hence, if the credit report is not good, you wo…
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shivraj 3 July

very very good

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Gunjan 3 July

Excellently Explained Bro.. Please keep sharing your valuable knowledge and experience.

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AAAnya 4 July

very nice

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Dominos 21 July

good article

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Demo training for Forex accounts - a service that someone love one and other hate. Why is this happening? It would seem that a free demo account cannot bring nothing but good, is not it? Not exactly. Demo account certainly has its advantages, but it was not without pitfalls. In this article we look at the "pros" and "cons" of the use of Demo account.
Let's start. For those who do not know: a free demo account, as follows from its very name suggests, allows you free to practice trading in the Forex market . Sounds appealing to novice and, in many ways, it is.
Brokers offering a free demo account, do so in order to get people interested in trading on Forex. And there is nothing wrong with that, because they exist in order to increase the number of traders in the market and on their platform. It's also a great way for a beginner to start learning Forex trading.
Currency trading - not an easy task to start it without preparation. Some brokers provide a simplified platform with minimum deposits for new traders to bring them up to speed. Many other brokers allowed people to open free demo account, with which you can start trading with virtual money, and to do so as long as you have obtai…
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Airmike 23 Oct.

nice article , i wish you good luck

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rokasltu 25 Oct.

I like your point about discipline...

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agddivisas 28 Oct.

Well done!!!

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Maria_r 8 Nov.


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salamandra 28 Nov.

Good luck !!!

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Abstract:The speed of execution of our orders is crucial in trading whatever the type of trading we use. This guide explains how to measure your latency to your broker's server in different operating systems.Article:Network latency [1] in a packet-switched network is measured either one-way (the time from the source sending a packet to the destination receiving it), or round-trip (the one-way latency from source to destination plus the one-way latency from the destination back to the source).We will learn how to measure the latency or time needed by our orders to reach the broker's server. We want to minimize this time, or eventually choosing a nearest server or broker if possible.The proposed solution is a 3 step method.Know your broker's IPDetermine reachability of the IPMeasure the latencyWINDOWSStep 1: Know your broker's server IP1.1 Start Button -> Run
1.2 Type cmd and press OK1.3 The previous command will open the MS-DOS console. Close all your network programs at this point.1.4 Type netstat and note the connections you see. These are the remaining open connections that we didn't close in the previous step.1.5 Open your platform (JForex, Metatrader, ...) and type netstat again. [/1]…
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Myprox4x 20 Aug.

good article +1

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lyon_agus 28 Aug.

good information

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adask 30 Aug.

May be useful

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SmithJr 31 Aug.

Thanks all for the nice words and support :) Good trades for all!

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In this article I'll try to explain difference between Dealing Desk, STP and ECN brokers how they work? and how to choose one according to your need.With the rise of forex popularity, hundreds of brokers entered the market wich made the competition thoughter for honest brokers and from other side made forex business reputation as almost scams by number of custumers that been cheated and made to loose by malicious brokers and advertisement., in this articles will show more details on how to choose your broker to trust your money and have sucessful trading.*Different types of brokers:* Dealing Desk :     Brokers that offer "Cents account" or a "Mini account" with a fixed spread are routing the customer order to a dealing desk instead of real marketand are always is a counter-party of your trades.This means that all small orders placed by traders (usually those which are below 0.1 lot) cannot be sent directly to the liquidity providers, simply because they won't be When you BUY, your brokers SELL and when you SELL - your broker BUY. which create a (virtual) market that is not connected to the real market, that is the reason behind infamous requote in MetaTrader and sometim…
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Likerty avatar
Likerty 13 July

Today there is a lot of ECN brokers

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Likerty 13 July

but what I really would like to see is more brokers that offers usdollar index for charting and true interbank data feed!

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mbarbuska 19 July

good written :)

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JayJ 22 July

Nice article, good luck +1

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Fx18 11 July

Well explained. Finally, I understand the differences. Thank you!

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Many of beginner traders start to ask themselves either in
their own mind or even searching in google search engine or if they are keen
learning through many forex courses and forex textbooks.
I know this is not an easy task but to tackle and to answer
this, the traders themselves must know about their personality better at first
rather than looking for solutions outside their boundaries.
Most traders are often trapped by the brokers, forex courses,
forex signal service and many others similar profile to have a super duper hype
of easy cash flow in trying their system or services in a demo account.
In a way, it is true that a demo can help traders to
understand more of how the forex market works and how to start trading. But do
not think that trading forex is very easy as it happens to many novice traders.
It is very common that brokers often set a trap for novice
traders by trading on the demo first and become billionaires easily the next
month or the next year. Is this how you train yourself at the beginning? Or the
brokers help in training you by giving an over leverage feature into your
I think you know what I mean by that. Now I will bring you
deeper and you will real…
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Tinktank 22 Jan.

True words.

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Tinktank 22 Jan.

..but you could further explain exactly how newbies can attain the right mindset for successful trading. I'll be looking forward to your next article.

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Do you know why a lot of trader loss money from forex? Do you know most of the trader/newbie went to seminar, majority forex gurus just teach you the strategies to use and tell you which broker to use BUT they never teach you how to choose a right broker and never teach you how to avoid scam from broker. And, do you know that are 2 types of brokers in this forex market that are ECN and Market maker.
If you fail from forex and loss money is not your fault! Why?
The truth is you are not trading in a true market environment but instead are in a "sandbox" type of trading environment called dealing-desk where the broker has full control over your position. Their income from currency spread plus your loss (win-lose situation).
If you are loser, they welcome but if you are winner and win consistently on a long term basis, they may send your win position to the real market to off-set their risks or they will banned your account or suspended and all your profits go to nowhere! Or indeed in the broker's greedy pocket! Finally, they trade against their client. Therefore, they are no transparency and conflict of interest.
If you want to know more details the different between dealing desk and …
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NagarajaAdiga avatar

You have misconceptions about the market making brokers.

they are counterparty to your trade doesn't mean that they are trading against you.

spikes often comes after a news and not at regular market hours

If you don't place sl while entering a position, you don't need to worry about they eating your sl.

of course, stop loss is a planned way by them to suck the retailers money.

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ikhall 26 Nov.

Choice of broker is very important! WOuld you mind reading my article and letting me know what you think? Thanks.

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alsartawi 15 Mar.

thank u very much of course very important information and i agree with u that ducka scopy is the perfict one

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Duythinh 31 Mar.

Very useful +1

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Many traders disregard or forget to assess themselves whether forex trading is generally good for them or not. Addiction is defined as continuous involvement on a substance/activity despite the negative consequences. Those people who love watching market from pips to pips are the ones who are at risk being a forex addict.  I am not saying Forex Trading is bad especially if you are earning a living with it however everything that is too much is definitely not good.  Forex Trading can be somehow be related with computer addiction because as we trade we used computers as a bridge from our brokers.  Signs and Symptoms of Forex Addiction: -Spending increasing amounts of time and money - Increasing amounts of time spent on Computer watching your charts - Neglecting friends and family or Lack of Social interaction - Feeling restless when not engaged in the activity - Computer use interfering with job/school performance - Changes in sleep patterns - Physical changes such as weight gain or loss                 Now Assess yourself are you experiencing 4 or more signs/symptoms? If yes then you might need some changes with regards to your trading habits. First thing you need is to accept…
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sw20 7 Oct.

nice one.. good job +1

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amerfx86 8 Oct.

good article +1

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Tinktank 21 Oct.

Well written article and very original. Well done!

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demosco 27 Oct.

brilliant article ,makes a lot of sense +,good luck in the contest +

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Reasons why some traders do not use Stop-Loss: I have mental Stop-Loss; I will exit my trades manually when it turns against me at certain pips. Price will come back, it happens in the past, and it certainly will happen again. I cannot let my broker see my stops, they would hunt it down.   Why mental Stop-Loss Fails Ok, let we look at some statistics first. Below is a table displaying the maximum pips range of four forex major pairs from the last 2,000 bars for 1 minute, 10 minutes, one hour, and 1-day time interval/period.  As you can see from the table above, price could move very far within very short period. Take EURUSD for example, could you react fast enough to exit manually when price move 59 pips in the wrong direction in just 1 minute? Remember when The Swiss National Bank decides to set a floor price of 1.20 Swiss francs to the euro to halt the continuing rise of its currency? How could you manually-exit your trade when price instantly jump after the announcement and end up 445 pips in just 10 minutes? Power failures, lost of internet connections, computer crashes are other reasons not to use mental Stop-Loss.    Waiting Price to Come BackM…
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adask 3 Oct.

I think it's a good article. First I read title and thought - this one is new to FX and will soon lose his equity. But it seems that article is great.

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LinnuxFX 3 Oct.

First you must find a good brokers, then you decide if you use SL or Not, if Not i think is too Risky... good article...

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ritesh 12 Oct.

Good conclusion. Nicely written, quite detailed and informative article. Nice one..keep more coming. Best of luck and +1

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Trigger-happy definition from Tending to resort to the use of firearms or violence irresponsiblyTending to act rashly or without due considerationNot very nice right? What is trigger-happy trading? Two pages daily trading reports Trade with M1, M5, and M15 time frames H1 and longer time frames definitely only for “chickens” (long term traders) High risk tolerance Price action is the greatest  forex  god Trades duration: several minutes mostly, but some maybe takes an hour or more. Never waste leverage offered by the broker (the higher the better) Hate to pay overnight interest (swap) High probability to blow up accounts Possibility to doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling accounts in very short period. WARNING: This section forward is not for everyone! So, you read the definition, you know what it is (read point 9 again!), but you still want to trade with this trading style? (Point 10 really tickling your greedy nerve right?). You reading the right article, below are guides for you how to (relatively) safe trading Trigger-happy style. Step 1 - Preparation Learn about scalping techniques, and choose …
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LinnuxFX 20 Sep.

Another good article, good luck for the contest...

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Livornese 20 Sep.

Our only fear should be to die without trying! Nice one. thumb up!

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ritesh 27 Sep.

Great article and last week of competition, so best of luck buddy +1

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There are so many brokers that are appearing right now and most of them are unregulated ones which can abused their authority over their clients. Unregulated brokers have capabilities to cheat their clients by slippage or high spread. Brokers also know where you place your stops so they might also hunt it and put you out of trade.   DEALING DESK BROKER  - this type of brokers match your orders to the opposite side if there is no match for the certain order the broker will hedge it. Thus sometimes they segregate losing account to winning accounts so that those losing account can be hedge by them so if they lose the broker still wins. They can offer fixed spread because they manipulate the orders however their rates could be different from the interbank rates. Non-Dealing Desk – This type of brokers do not hedge clients account they send the orders to their liquidity providers (Banks, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, or other Brokers). This NDD are commonly known to be ECN and sometimes do not offer fixed spread however they earn through commissions./volume of trade. This could be good brokers but sometimes too much volatility can occur because it is connected on m…
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Livornese 12 Sep.

Really good point!

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doctortyby 12 Sep.

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LinnuxFX 15 Sep.

Interesting, we must allways be allert with the brokers, lol... nice article

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