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1. Introduction:

Bollinger Bands are a volatility based indicator, developed by John Bollinger, which have a number of trading applications.
There are three lines that compose Bollinger Bands: A simple moving average (middle band) and an upper and lower band. These bands move with the price, widening or narrowing as volatility increases or decreases, respectively. The position of the bands and how the price acts in relation to the bands provides information about how strong the trend is and potential bottom or topping signals.
Bollinger Bands are used on all time frames, such as daily, hourly or five-minute charts. Bollinger Bands have two adjustable settings: the Period and the Standard Deviation. The Period is how many price bars are included in the Bollinger Band calculation. The number of periods used is often 20, but is adjusted to suit various trading styles.
2. what is consists of ? :

The Standard Deviation is typically set at 2.0, and determines the widths of the Bands. The higher the Standard Deviation, the harder it will be for the price to reach the upper or lower band. The lower the Standard Deviation the easier it is for price to “breakout” of the Bands.
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This strategy is not in entry points, the most important of the entry points is Stop-Loss, easy to identify the entry points which is the entry with the trend but the most important is to put a stop loss, in this strategy traders are watching very closed points of resistance and support this is why a lot of times Price reflection is due to the war between buying and selling at this point when the resistance is broken or supported
2. Applying Breakout trading in forex
A) Currency Pairs :
All currency pairs in dukascopy platform
b) Time Frame
use 15 MIN and 30 MIN time frame
3. Concept of strategy :
Trading strategy is to find a movement in the market liquidity to close the pair above resistance or under support and this tells us that the liquidity is high on one side(up or down ), when the pair breaks up resistance and close we are opening a buy order market with the stop loss in the average number of points between support and resistance It was broken and when a candle closes under support we enter a sell deal and put stop loss in the points between the previous support and resistance will show you in Examples.
4. Examples:
a) open Long (buy) Trade :
use at l…
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Hello Friends.
Everybody wants to wear a crown of Trader contest. Aren't you. So lets begin a journey together.
This is the beginning of new month so I am going to share with you all, my experience with Trader Contest last month on Dukascopy and I will tell why one must participate in it every month.
Trader Contest is most important contest on Dukascopy because after all we are here on Community to become one of best traders in World and trader contest offers the vast opportunity to compete and grow with fellow traders.
As per my evaluation these are the benefits of Trader contest.
1. Prizes awarded till the thirtieth rank. Longest prize rank as compared to any other contest. After all we require prize fund to start trading in live account.
2. Automatic Registration for two more contest :As you register for the trader and become active trader automatically you gets registered for one another contest that is Signal Provider Grand Pix. There also one can win prize. And if you show consistent profitability you stands chance to win Trader Of The Year title. And as it is a very pride moment to wear a crown of Trader of The Year Title.
3. COMPETITIVE ATMOSPHERE : As we know when w…
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Many traders are surprised with the things they see in the market, while some will ask themselves while the market turned against them, because they believed they had perfected the analysis already, why could then could the market go in such manner since they still lost the order? This losing is possible in many way and for many reasons, and best thing for traders to do is to make sure they are only trading when they have the major breakout in the market, and they can make other analysis count in combination to what they are doing.
I love to do my trading only when there is a major breakout in the market, and by this, i will not be baffled by any uncertain movement in the market, because lots of noises would have been eliminated, and the market would have a clearer direction with a percentage of about 80%, this is good for any trader to take advantage of. Also, i see trading as a professional thing that needs the professional dealings of the trader, this is more than mere trading the indicators of the trend, it is more on the breakout, and the right recognition of the true support and resistance in the market. And this is very simple, in fact, it is one of the most s…
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It’s a million dollar question for many Forex trader that, what is the perfect strategy to achieve 100% win in Forex trading? Whether it really exists? If yes, How to formulate or determine the strategy? If you have patience and follow the rules correctly, is it possible to set-up the perfect strategy? Whether perfect strategy can be applicable only to certain pairs? And many more questions arise in every traders mind during their journey to become successful trader. The simple survey would say as below,
1. Forex beginners answer will be “Yes”
2. Experience traders answer will be “No”
3. Intermediate traders accustomed to have mixed answers
Let’s try to check few best trading strategies with few examples to find out the reason.
SMA with different period provides Trading entry points:
Many basic Forex tutorials and forex traders suggests that combining different period SMA in your chart can give you the best entry points and big profits. Several chart examples and screenshots used to be shared in such tutorials which used to be very accurate and it creates an impression that it will not fail.
Please find the latest EURUSD 4HR chart for easy example,
20 SMA and 80 SMA are used t…
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Trend lines are most popular in Forex for technical analysis of market. Most successful traders are using them. But only trend lines are not enough for trading because trend lines show many fake signals or breakouts. Ali’s strategy is new strategy in which many filters can filter the trend line signals and we can prevent fake signals. In this article i will discuss a professional Forex trading strategy with entry, take profit and stop loss rules. Money management will also discuss in it.
How to draw trend lines?

Trend lines are very important level of market. We draw trend line from peak to peak point of market. A best trend line should touch minimum 2 peaks of market. But trend line on more than 2 peaks are more perfect in trading.
Correct trend line example
False trend lines example
Buy Entry Rules:
- Trend Line break and close above by a bullish candle
- Moving average below the price
- Bar signal indicator maximum green
- RSI also break trend lines above
Sell Entry Rules:
- Trend line break and close below by a bearish candle
- Moving average above the price
- Bar signals maximum red
- RSI also break trend line below
Take profit :
Formula: …
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Great article, msharjeel  An original ideas, and really impressive approach! Thank you for sharing this information.

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Very interesting, clear and straight forward article, thankyou.
I am still reading and learning, how do I apply the bar signal indicator to my demo account, is it possible to apply on a demo account?

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#Annabel21  yes you can apply on Demo and live both accounts

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First let have a look at what are the fractals. This is an indicator developed by Bill Williams which let us know when the market has reached its peak or bottom and should reverse the trend. The fractal shows that we have reached the peak when the average candle (5 candles) is located at highest. The fractal shows that we have reached the bottom when the average candle is placed at lowest.There are numerous strategies that include fractals but in this article and the forthcoming ones we will focus only on the most basic ones. The one we are going to have a look on today is extremely effective if it is used correctly and I would recommend it for advanced traders.Strategy: Scalping This strategy that I will show you in this article is based on fractals and Alligator. Both indicators were developed by Bill Williams. The strategy aims through multiple deals to secure stable income. Its main idea is to make deals with profit of 9 pips at risk 15 or 25. For this reason it is not recommended for beginner traders
Rules for trading:The first point of the strategy that must be discussed is the time frame. It should be 1 hour. This strategy works well also in larger time frames such as 4 hour…
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My understanding is " From the market you cannot have multiple indicators operating on a same level of disturbances, it means you have to make a formula in such a way that through maintaining the equation, you have to level the positional aspects related to changes in the cumbersome equations.

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prectical 25 June

I agree, but fractals can not be used alone. They have several meanings. as points of breakout or support and resistance. So they must be combined with others indicators

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According to my backtest, this strategy has been profitable for at least two years now. The strategy itself is very simple and literally takes less then 5 minutes PER WEEK to execute. If you have been trading for a while, you’ve probably encountered this system in one version or another on forex forums. It’s a simple weekly breakout strategy. After the markets open on Sunday at 23:00 CET (17:00 EST) we wait for the first 4 Hour candle to close. This happens at 3 AM CET on Monday, or 9 PM EST. Since I know I will get this question, if your broker has different 4 Hour settings, just use the hourly chart and draw a breakout box from 23:00 to 03:00.
For longs:
Place a Buy stop order at the high of the 4 Hour breakout box + 20 pips (+2 pips added for the spread)
For shorts:
Place a Sell stop order at the low of the 4 Hour candle - 20 pips
Here are the rules I used during the backtest. I tried to keep the rules simple and robust to avoid curve-fitting the data. The stoploss is placed at the opposite side of the of the breakout channel. If we are long we exit our trade when price breaks the low of the breakout channel and we simultaneously enter a short trade. But we only take …
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Thanks for your comment Airmike. While 125 trades may seem like a small amount, this is a weekly strategy. Doing a test with 1000 trades would mean back-testing the past 1000 weeks or since 1996. The Euro wasn't even around back then.

You can't use the same rules for short-term and long-term strategies.

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I'm by no mean an expert on forex (still researching when I have the time), but there are a number of 'cherry picking' bells that go off in my head when I read this. Please don't take this as a harsh critique, this article is much better than most on here. But why do you use only one currency pair, and not even GBP or USD? Do you assume there is enough correlation that it applies to all, or did this just happen to be the one you tested? And as I'm sure you know, curve fitting is not just about maintaining general rules, you will inevitably find patterns if you go through enough data...

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...You could go to a casino and go through the red/black history at all the roulette tables and if there are enough of them you will find a number of patterns, but as we know there is no reason to think they will apply in the future. We know that from conceptually understanding how roulette wheels work. I guess my question here is: what is your conceptual model for why this patterns works? Do you assume there is an assimilation of information during the first 4 hours after a weekly open and then this information coalesces at this point? But why 4 hours and not 2 or 3?

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thank you, Airmike, anna_t, and VV!!
Be honestly, this research is not for the the one-month or one-year wonder strategy. If you want to design such strategy as like as the pure gambling strategy for the high-rate currency pairs, you don't need this articles, all you need is the luck :))

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Good luck!! And useful article!! Well done

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I wrote a series of articles some time ago about why traditional tech analysis tools are doomed to fail.. And these comonly accepted indicators, like RSI, MACD, ichimoku etc.. are just useless.. Its rather a distraction from all the info, that Price action on itself gives..

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Over the last 2 years the market has been changing a lot and we saw across the board many currency pairs has started moving away from those nasty big range zone and have been shifted towards more clear trendsTrend trading can be as difficult as range trading if you don't understand the characteristic of this new type of environment, and you need new adequate rules to be able to profit in the market. In this regard my article is going to provide you with some core basics and unique rules that have been helping me to trend trading with a unique strategy
A healty trading market is when we move step by step: Consolidation - Breakout type of move. As a general rule if a market is moving in a consolidation or a range trading box or a base, followed by a breakout and than repeat the process, than the market is doing what it should be doing (see Figure 1). One of the best hedge fund managers PT Jones has explained this process quite simple, and I'm quoting him here:
The basic premise of the system is that market move sharply, when they move. If there is a sudden range expansion in a market that has been trading narrowly, human nature is to try to fade that price move. When you get a r…
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Great great article, many traders probably utilyze this set of informations  without formulate a strategy.
It could be probably matter of study to evaluate the Standard Deviation considering the different scale.
...... Also if you probably think that there is invariance of scale  : )
Good job 

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Most traders overcomplicate their trades with too many laggy indicators, over trading, lack of money management , fear and greed. After trying out many different technical strategies and blowing up tons of money I have become consistent trader using "Price Action" trading and proper money management. I don't trade 1 min - 15 min charts as they don't show clear direction of a trend or ranging market. Risk Reward ratio is a must in a trading if you want to become a successful trader. If your risk to reward per trade is 1:2 then all you need is 35% win rate to be a profitable trader (35% win rate trader is not a good trader by the way).
10 risk reward trades with 60% win rate example:

risk reward 1:1= risking X number of pips to make X number of pips
risk reward 1:2= risking X number of pips to make (double of risks) 2X number of pips
risk reward 2:1 = risking 2X number of pips to make X number of pips
for trading simplicity lets consider per trade is $5.
.....1:1 ......................... .....................................1:2 ..................................................2:1
10 trades ................................................10 Trades...................................…
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Did you utilyze pending orders ?

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no i didn't. Pending orders are great if you are not infront of the chart or think you might miss the trade

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Hi all traders. This is my first analytical overview in this community. I hope, it will be interesting reading for you. I would like to showyou my analytic overview of London open - 19. of september 2013 on
short time frame 15 minutes with currency pair GBP/JPY. I will use
only support and resistance levels with combination of price action
in overview. It is very simple for understand.
Price created newlevel of resistance at night. This level of resistance is very
important for my analytic overview. The first test of level of resistance was unsuccessful but London open can change it very fast. We can see all situation on next
London open created very solid massive breakout from thisresistance level. Breakout is with four green bars. This breakout is
valid and price created new clear level of resistance. We have two levels of resistance now:
After that price move down withfive red bars and last bar is typical pin bar. Pin bar is bar with
one long wick and one small wick and with small body. Price tested
resistance and created support from this level, because price did not
close below of this level. This new level of support was very
important for this setup. We need to know…
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Thank you. You need to know direction of trend from higher time frame to open any position.

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Forex trading is not rocket science. If you obey the principles, you will make money in forex. In this article, I will demonstrate a very simple strategy on how to use one of the commonly occurring chart patterns in the forex market to make some good money. The pattern to be discussed here is the falling wedge, which setup nicely on the GBPUSD and EURUSD before the market open for the week. That for the GBPUSD was more straightforward and is described here. The GBPUSD set up in a falling wedge pattern as shown below: The falling wedge is a bullish reversal pattern which is formed when the highs and lows of the price action can be connected to form an upper and lower trend line respectively, with the upper trend line slanting more than the lower trend line to form a falling wedge. The key to trading this strategy is to trade the expected bullish break of the asset from the upper trend line. Here are the steps that were used to deliver a profitable trade on this one. a) The first step was to delineate the borders of the chart pattern. In order to do this, the trend lines drawn must touch at least three areas where the price made highs, and three areas where the price made lows. b) W…
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Does anyone see some pictures? :-)

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I don't see images, and it's hard to understand :(

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In the following article, I will describe a complete strategy for trading breakouts. This includesefinition of “Breakout”ExamplesWhat Really Happens in a “Breakout”?Currencies to TradeTime Frames to TradeSessions to TradeFind a Level for Possible BreakoutGood SetupTrade EntryStop-Loss and Take-Profit LevelsSummary / Key PointsMany charts, with real setups and trade examples, are also included. These examples help explain the Breakout Trading Strategy and reinforce different points we’ll discuss. I hope you find this strategy helpful for your trading.__________________________________________________________________________________________► Definition of “Breakout”“Breakout” is price movement through a barrier. The barrier can be a support or resistance level, a trend line, channel, triangle etc. Any technical level or price area, that holds price from moving higher or lower through it, is a barrier. The Breakout occurs when price finally moves through the barrier.__________________________________________________________________________________________► ExamplesLet’s look at some recent examples. The first example is on EUR/USD 4 Hour Chart. The barrier lies in the area 1.3030-1.…
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The following strategy was created solely based on Bill Williams indicators. It makes use of three of the Chaos Theory indicators, which will give us essential technical market analysis.It works on any pair and any timeframe, however, I like to use smaller timeframes in order to keep my stop losses low and enter and exit the market quickly.THE INDICATORSAwesome Oscillator - MomentumDetermines market momentum at a given time on the last 5 bars, comparing them to the momentum on the last 34 bars.Fractal Lines - BreakoutA buy fractal is a series of five consecutive bars where the highest high is preceded by two lower highs and is followed by two lower highs. The opposite would be a sell fractal.Fractal Lines indicator - which comes with Dukascopy JForex - makes it easier to detect and analyze fractals.Alligator - Trend DirectionBill Williams described the Alligator as being a compass, helping to spot the trends and ranges.ENTRY RULESAwesome Oscillator is near zero - which means there is no momentumAlligator is closed and tight and inside the Fractals lines - no trend is definedFractal Lines are broken - it marks the entry to the side the channel is brokenSTOP LOSSStop losses are place…
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tulasi 24 Apr.

it looks like great strategy .can you explain more on how you are exiting the trades.(those red arrows).i would also like to know how it works on longer time frames.

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Thank you scramble!

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@tulasi, on longer timeframes the procedure is exactly the same. However, if you confirm with a higher timeframe, like D1 and W1, you wouldn't come up with many trades. The easiest way to exit is when the price crosses the green alligator line (which is the fastest). For example, on a long trade, you can exit when the price closes below the green line. It is used as a "live" support/resistance. The other way is candle trailing: after a very strong move of a couple or three candles, you can close the trade after 2 consecutive opposite bars, for eg. I recommend the alligator trailing.

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ATjoa 22 Aug.

Hi AlligatorEffect, please check your personal message in Dukascopy. thanks

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Misani 16 Dec.

Do you have back tested it? maybe have you VFS code?
If you combine it with this strategy ( I think the result will be perfect.

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