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All of us would want to be able to beat the market at its game. I set out to study the patterns of candlesticks on any currency pair and I realized that on the one minute candlestick or any time-frame of candlesticks, you will never find twenty consecutive candlesticks without having at least two candlesticks of the same color coming right after each other. I then started to think of a way to figure out how to profit from that proven fact.And the answer was, the martingale system. Yes you heard me right, the martingale system. Don't go away yet, read on and see how you can do it at the same time eliminating risk.
As you can see on the image,the market most probably continues in its direction as the famous quote says, "The trend is your friend." The probability of having two green candlesticks coming one after the other is greater than the probability of two consecutive candlesticks with different colors. When I carried out my research I realized that at most, only ten consecutive candlesticks followed the pattern red, green, red green or vice versa. That is what made me come to the conclusion of a twenty candlestick system as that pattern can never be found over twenty candlestick…
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Good System

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thanks guys

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Are you trading this system?

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sounds tantalising, let me try!

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Приветствую всех участников сообщества Dukascopy!
В своей прошлой статье "Смысл различных Payout/refund при торговле бинарными опционами" я привел размышления и расчеты о том, как влияет на торговлю бинарными опционами параметр Payout/Refund.
На этот раз я продолжу размышления еще о двух аспектах при торговле бинарными опционами:
  1. Выбор инструмента для торговли в зависимости от спреда;
  2. Выбор периода открываемой нами сделки Duration.

Рассмотрим выбор инструмента в зависимости от спреда.

Для понимания о чем идет речь посмотрим на рисунок:
Совершая сделку, например, Put наша цена ASK должна опуститься ниже чем первоначальный BID к моменту завершения сделки, то есть цена должна пройти величину больше чем спред. Только в этом случае мы получим прибыль. Получается, что нам нужно не только угадать направление движения цены, но и что бы это движение превысило величину спреда - как на следующем рисунке:
Из этого можно сделать очевидный вывод:
Для увеличения вероятности получения профитной сделки нужно вибирать для торговли инструменты с меньшим спредом

Также очевидно, что для того, чтобы цена прошла величину спреда - нам необходима еще хорошая волатильность валютной пары. Нужно,…
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Yonggi7 26 مه

"The meaning of the various Payout / refund when trading binary options, is very important to know this concept! Well done!

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Vlad_55 26 مه

Согласен с мнением многих - бинарные опционы для тех кто любит риск, а прибыль уже потом))

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Очень интересная статья! Молодец!

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Очень интересно)

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good analysis!

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Приветствую участников сообщества Dukascopy!
Сегодня я коснусь одной интересной темы при торговле бинарными опционами.
Я не буду описывать процесс торговли или анализ при совершении сделок. Я решил остановиться на параметре совершения сделок Payout/Refund.
Выбор значений этого параметра происходит ниже выбора инструмента и периода сделки -
Этим параметром мы выбираем сразу два значения -
  1. Payout - процент прибыли в случае удачного прогноза;
  2. Refund - процент возврата от суммы сделки в случае отрицательного результата сделки.

Давайте посмотрим что нам предлагают выбрать -
Пять вариантов сочетания Payout/Refund.
Я человек технический, люблю математику и статистику. И вот решил проверить чем отличаются предложенные варианты с математической и статистической точки зрения. Психологический момент от различных вариантов очевиден сразу - если вы не желаете сильно рисковать и меньше проиграть в случае отрицательного результата, то нужно выбирать более нижние значения, например, 70%/20% (так Ваш выигрыш будет всего 70% от ставки, но и возврат в случае проигрыша 20% - не так обидно проигрывать).
Для рассуждений возьмем обычного трейдера, который выигрывает и проигрывает одинаковое количество с…
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Вполне согласна.Тише едешь дальше будешь.

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Nice , well done !

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I like it, thank you!

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Использовал только максимальный, зачем нужен этот возврат. Не уверен в сделке - не входи. 1% вероятности можно отнести к погрешности.

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Nattysha 27 اوریل

интересный анализ, давно искала таковой с наглядным примером прибыль/убыток. Согласна разница в 1% незначительна. Получается этой разницы практически нет, что при торговле 90/0, что при 70/20

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Hello my dear readers and fellow Community members,
Today I am going to discuss in this article in detail about the use of the Technical Analysis to trade Forex Binary Options. Before we proceed, we need to understand- what is Binary Option and how to trade it profitably?
Well, it is nothing but to predict the price of any instrument at a particular time will be above(CALL) or below(PUT) the strike price(PRICE OF OPENING THE TRADE). If one thinks that the price will be higher then he opens a CALL option and if he thinks that the price will be below the strike price then he opens a PUT option. To know more about the concept of Binary Trading one can go here.
The essence here is to predict it and earn the fruits. But the market is no slave. It does not do what we say. But we have to see the rhythm of the market and predict its direction. Of course, it is not a simple task. Many of those reading know it already that predicting markets is very difficult or next to impossible. But the idea here is not to be correct all the time but to be correct most of the times.
To help you…
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very interesting

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very well done Rakesh!

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very good

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Good article!!thanks!

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Dear Valuable Reader,
From time to time assets make big, unexpected movements which cause price jumps. Such jumps leave gaps in stock price charts. They usually take place after trading pauses, when trades are stopped for a night, weekend or holidays. Sometimes such gaps are the result of some breaking news also. So, when supply exceeds demand, the price will decrease and often it will drop to that closing price of the previous night, and the gap made by it will be closed.You may now utilize it for your successful trading. In this instance you should seek for overnight, weekend, holiday or news gaps in Forex. As soon as you find one, you are able to forecast the asset price movement direction and convert your knowledge into profit.
Gap trading can be used in binary options of several types, lets have 2 recent examples on EURUSD to analyze for a while:
1- first was in date Monday 30th January , at Market opening in 22:00pm(Sunday) .
Market recent close was ( 1.0696 )
Market opened on price (1.0722 )
so gap distance is (26 pips-up)
in 1st hour gap shorted to (22 pips-up).
Price went under the line of starting price at (7:00am)
then gap totally closed in (9:00am)
So time spent…
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Good article!

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Great job!)

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Dukascopy gives binary options traders, in every trade, the right to select between predefined sets of Payout/Refund combinations. Combinations alternatives are : 90%/0% , 85%/5% , 80%/10% , 75%/15% , and 70%/20%.
For some traders it is puzzling. Traders may ask: which ratio is better to choose? Is it just a matter of personal preference and risk tolerance? Do all ratios have the same profit potential in the long run? If no, which ratio is more profitable? In this article we will try to answer these questions and help binary options traders to make a clear and intelligible choice.
P.S. If at any time you feel that you don't like the math details, you can directly jump to the article conclusion.
What are Dukascopy payout / refund ratios?
Binary options payout ratio (90%, 85%, 80%, 75%, and 70%) refers to the percentage of your initial investment amount you will win if your prediction turns out to be correct and your option expires "in the money".
Whereas the binary options refund ratio, also known as "Return on loss" (0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%) refers to the percentage of your initial investment that you recover even if you traded in the wrong direction. You can get this partial…
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Good work!

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Не плохо)

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very good!!!!

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good job

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In this Article i will discuss the strategy on use of William % R and Bollinger band that can be used with any currency pair but better work on Major pair. the system is good to take trade for 15-20 min time frame which u can be used in binary option or scalping so lets have a look from setting up chart and entry of trade.
1) Setting up Chart
Choose the currency pair such as like EURUSD and set time frame 5 min and add Indicator,
1) Bollinger Band (20,2)
2) William % R value -10 and -90
2) Trade Entry
2.1) Buy Entry

When William % R value below -90 and price below Lower Bollinger Band closed we enter in Buy trade for 15-20 min Time Frame, as example given below with attached image :-
2.2) Sell Entry
When William % R value above -10 and price above Upper Bollinger Band closed we in sell trade for 15-20 min Time Frame, as example given below with attached image :-
Note :-
Never Enter trade when price is in expansion or squeeze mode which can be easily identified by Bollinger Band , as example give below on attached Image :-
1) Price Expansion

2) Price Squeeze

Conclusion :-
Use of William % R and Bollinger band is good to use for scalping an…
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Very good!

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Thank you, man!

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kuzmichov1 your welcome bro :)

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Rupesh, what you mean 2 cons. loss? 2 loss candles after signal or 2 loss after signal at once?

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  • Almost any trader who starts trading on the new platform, feels uncomfortable or even experiences unbearable distaste for it, cursing it's "stupid" creators. Fortunately, I did not know the whole bouquet of those emotions when a month ago, began trading on the Dukascopy's options platform. Not because it is flawless, but because I have very little experience with similar platforms.

  • In the process of working with the platform, one thing caught my eye immediately, there are other disadvantages implicit. So what do Ducascopy need to become a butterfly among other options platforms...
  • In fact, a little bit. Let's start from the beginning.

  • 1. Pending/Active Opions area.
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Thanks Guys!

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maviz Great to hear that you're now able to use one-click mode. As for the screen size issue, you may as well report that to support. Or make a request for adaptation of the binary platform for smaller screens, tablets and mobiles.

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Good articel !

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great post

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Хорошая статья

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  • 3 weeks ago I decided to seriously work on binary options. Strictly speaking, this article - the result of this experience. At the beginning I started to learn how to better predict the behavior of prices in the short intervals, such as 1 minute. And what other traders are using to do this.

  • Currently, there are many different automated technical approaches (technical indicators) to obtain the correct forecast for binary options. The most frequently used classical configuration for their application. At the same time the technical indicators are not able to properly respond to the market situation, and as a result, the trader receives an incorrect forecast.

  • Some days I experimented with the settings of the popular technical indicator MACD. This trading approach tested not for a long time and was able to bring 284% of the income for one of the trading week. Now let us consider in detail how to use «MACD» trading techniques.

How to configure technical indicator MACD?
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nice article

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Good explanation

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really so nice

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very good

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В первой части своей статьи я описал некоторые свои статистические наблюдения из фундаментального анализа и возможность их использования в бинарных опционах.
Статистический отбор возможен всегда и некоторые наблюдения за поведением участников и рынков дают возможность для эксперемента.
Фундаментальный анализ последнего конкурса. Часть таблицы лидеров на пятницю 22.01.16г.
Из украинцев в лидирующей пятерке двое. Это Sikman и Bombila. Вот по их прогнозам я и применил свой эксперемент. Почему они. Первое на что я обратил внимание это то, что в пятницу 22.01.16г в 9:45 AM ( 7:45 GMT ) будет выступление ECB President Draghi.
Учитывая это я предполагал, что новости по европейским валютам должны получить положительный фундаментальный фон и как прогноз отработку в бычьем направлении. Расматривая прогнозы моих соотечественников я увидел подтверждение моему видению бычьих прогнозов. Переходя на прогнозы с долларом я продолжил свой бычий настрой поддерживаемый этими участниками.
Основная часть.
Расстановку бычьих ордеров по бинарным опционам я использовал тот же подход, что и в первой статьи. Старт в конкурсе бинарных опционов на минуту позже чем в фундаментальном анализе…
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да, продолжение действительно хорошее!

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Тут я соглашусь с Olkiss70 труд хоть и интересный но в реалиях конкурса бинаров совсем не пригодится)))) Но спасибо за роботу!!!!

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salamandra 31 ژانویه

SikmaN  Повторюсь. Головна ідея була була як фундаментально статистична і тільки. Ніхто не презентував її як варіант перемоги в конкурсах.  Це ж не стратегії на перемогу.
А от для реальної торгівлі в бінарних як експеремент можливої торгівлі вона пригодиться багатьм.

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it is interesting experiment

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восхитительная статья!))

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- конкурс фундаментальный анализ: https://www.dukascopy.com/fxcomm/fundamental_analysis/?action=rules
Анализируя статистику в конкурсе фундаментального анализа я заметил один из вариантов статистической оценки и возможности ее применения в конкурсе бинарных опционов.
О правилах проведения этих конкурсов Вы узнаете посетив странички:
- конкурс фундаментальный анализ: https://www.dukascopy.com/fxcomm/fundamental_analysis/?action=rules
- конкурс бинарные опционы: https://www.dukascopy.com/fxcomm/binary/?action=rules
За основу я принимаю конкурс фундаментального анализа. Согласно условий он выкладывается к рассмотрению участникам уже в ночь субботы. Выкладываются все предлагаемые к рассмотрению новости. И к завершению дня воскресения уже многие делают свои пометки о направлении движения предлагаемой валютной пары.
Основная часть.
Я опишу свой день понедельник 04.01.2016 года и свою работу в конкурсе бинарных опционов исходя из статистики фундаментального анализа.
Вот такую картинку мы наблюдаем по мере приближения времени оценки конкурса:
Из такой картинки я статистически узнаю, что за рост австралийского доллара против американского на время выхода данной новост…
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salamandra 31 ژانویه

Olkiss70 Если период коррекционных по старших ТФ Вы прекрасно понимаете, что будет 50%-50%. Как пример берем валюты против доллара в прошлом году. Тренд нисходящий и многие не зависимо от новости ставили на доллар и выигрывали конкурс почти в 90% попаданий. Помню и Вы были в их числе.
Ответ точен и период и ситуация на рынке. Спасибо

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salamandra 31 ژانویه

Natali_Niyazova , Annuuta  Дякую Вам за хороші слова.

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Отличная статья

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какая информативная статья!

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Binary options are a simple way to participate in the negotiation of financial assets. It is very easy and simple the understanding its operating principle. As the name indicates its behavior is binary, comprising only two possible values (is like the 0 or 1 of the bit value), you win the predetermined profit percentage or you lose your investment.
Moreover, in binary options no matter how many pips you will win or lose, but only if it is above or below the entry price (it is suggested the close price of the last bar). So, there is a big question, what is the best option to take after the close of a bar? In this article we make an analysis of the history close bars during the current year and making conclusions about the binary directions for our orders.

The Strategy:

In binary options the important is to be above or below the entry price (In this case is suggested the last close price bar). Furthermore, that is not an issue having the worry of optimizing the number of pips to gain or minimize the number of pips to lose. So was done an analysis from the beginning of this year, making sure that the bar immediately following the bar that was just closed will close …
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Good idea!

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good. I will try it.

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Simple and good!

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Good article, nice written, good luck with it.

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matkooo2575 20 نوامبر

not sure if this can be profitable. yes 52% is more than 50% more BUT in BO if you bet on up 10usd you will not win 10usd you will win 9-9,5usd.

یااظهار نظر
I have been searching best topic for my next article and I found something what can be interesting for all beginners in trading and especially in quantitative trading. The name of this article may sound weird but truth is that it is fact and I would like to share the way how I made this profit. The key idea of this article is not about profit. Key idea is about way how I achieved this goal. Let’s take a look on details.
My way in options trading
I spent some time by reading a blogs and community discussions about option trading. I found only one useful information. Best advice I ever read. Before you place the trade you have to analyze.
It’s pretty simple. Most of you wouldn't believe that all you need to know is find an idea which is valid. Then you have to prove it. Analyze before trade is my favorite phrase.
I don’t want to say that other informations were useless but in my case they were not powerful enough. For example there was a one dogmatic hypothesis which assumes that you as an options trader have to participate only on sell side (writing an option). You have to sell options first and then take credit premium. Reason is that value of the option is decreasing in time. This…
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thank you guys

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the fun is if  you can make 1 million usd to 1100 percent profits for 12 million usd ... you will be shaken and nerves will come into play . ....:)

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Airmike 24 اکتبر

anderspirlo I wish I was able to trade 1M. the problem is that broker will never let you play once he realized that your profits are in thousand of percent. This was biggest and only one problem in this trading strategy. you can not trade this strategy in big scale. Once you are profitable , you are above  the radar and broker knows that he have to stop you.

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Good job!

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Summary of last articles
In this article, summary of the last 5 articles wrote about Trading Forex Using Margins or Binary Options will be done.

Trading Forex using margins have a lot of advantages and limitations, the same, Trading Forex using binary options, but for traders like us existence of multiple trading options is not luxury, it should be beneficial for us, we should use margins when its benefits exceeded the benefits of binary options, also, we should use binary options when its benefits exceeded the benefits of trading using margins.
Advantages of Trading Forex using margins:
  • Ultimate profits, you can make profits without any limitations.
  • Your sell or buy instrument may continue as long as you can.
  • You can close your buy or sell transaction at any time.
Disadvantages of Trading Forex using margins:
  • Using high margins may cause quick and big losses for you, sometimes, change of margins due to weekends or due to financial crisis may make your trading complicated and may cause unexpected losses for you.
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Well done

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well done!

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Which is the best to use in different day time (1)

Forex markets is working 24 hour per day from Sunday night to Friday night, 5 days, 24 hour which means that Forex market in not sleeping, but it may differ from time to time, as you know when English person got to bed to sleep, at the same time, Japanese person wake up from bed, that is difference of time from country to country, But is the Forex market the same in the 24 hour of the day, absolutely no, it differ significantly from time to time in volatility, which is the most driving factor of trading Forex.
What is volatility:
Volatility in Forex measured by pips, as example, when talking about 1 hour volatility of EUR/USD to be 15 pips during Asian time, it means that average move of EUR/USD up to down is 15 pips, as volatility increases, risk increase but often volatility supporting one direction which means clear trend.
General consideration about volatility:

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