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In some cases Regulators determine that firms have been concealing retail or customers accounts and have found out that they are breaching the Regular T margin rules in the process. Sorry to say, arbitrary and selective enforcement by regulators in a prejudiced manner has proprietary traders and firms to restructure, modify how they transact business and to close down doing business in their current manner.
Since more and more scams are involve with regulators and brokers, here are 9 good questions that you can ask in choosing a Forex broker. Although looking for a broker can be a quite a complicated search for traders, you have to be certain to make sure to ask prospective brokers for you to have a reputable broker to work with. These questions may be a good basis for choosing a good broker.
1. Ask the broker what regulatory authority is your brokerage firm registered with and in what country. The NFA or National Futures Association conducts audit on books and is one of the best present regulators. The Forex market is presently far less regulated than stocks, bonds, and commodities.
2. Know how fast they can execute the order. Apparently, it should be a second or less than a seco…
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In general, people are interested in learning and becoming profitable traders. However, all beginners should think about recognizing the basics before actually getting started.
Indeed, new traders tend to appreciate these tips imagining that it provides a guarantee of definite and permanent success. That's why they want more to know how to set up their tables so they can hurry and make money.
But if we all would like to trade well, one of the relevant question would be:
What are the essential tips to ensure our success in trading?

To succeed in trading, you have to recognize that there is a set of rules to apply. These rules are so useful that we can be certain that they serve to guide all traders (whether experienced or not). This is reciprocal for any amount of investment. Each tip might be important, but when used properly, the effects are effective. Trading with these rules can significantly increase the chances of succeeding in the markets.
Therefore, in this article I want to present some tips that will guide you to the path of success.
Tip 1: Always use a trading plan.
A trading plan is a set of rules that specifies the entry and exit criteria of currency change. A plan is b…
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Trading for beginners by Warren Abels

Many people are afraid of trading on the stock market. Some are put off by horror stories of someone losing all their life savings, some are intimidated by the amount of jargon and information related to trading, while others simply never think of it as an option. The average person with no trading experience envisages a Stock Exchange as an institution accessible only to professional stock brokers and rich old men with nothing better to do. Obviously there are many different strategies and options available, but this is a general guide for the layman on how to get started. It’s not as complicated and unfathomable as you might think.
Firstly, as a novice, you should definitely think about getting yourself a good broker. You will benefit from having their advice at your fingertips (because at first you will second guess every decision you make) and they should also supply you with educational material and reports that will enable you to get comfortable with trading with a bit of a safety net.
Secondly, start with an exchange traded fund (ETF) that will expose you to a range of top companies. ETF’s are investment instruments that give investo…
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На рынке форекс я делаю только первые шаги . Познакомилась с валютным рынком благодаря тому что решила участвовать в конкурсе Miss Dukascopy 2016. Люблю рисовать, поэтому в этой статье я буду пытаться смотреть на все колебания курсов, глазами художника. Творческий подход свойственен мне в жизни .Попробую этот же подход, применить для понимания череды факторов, влияющих на ежедневные стремительные движения валют.
Конечно, следует учесть что это будет женский подход )))) вероятно парни будут возражать в отношении такого подхода к рынку, но все таки я рискну. Признаюсь, вначале очень скептически относилась к тому, можно ли заработать деньги используя колебания курсов валют. Но, любопытство взяло вверх и я начала больше интересоваться , узнавать и читать про рынок форекс, в частности статьи из конкурса article contest также помогли мне заполнить пробел в знаниях относительно торговли валютами.
В моих глазах начал отображаться здоровый блеск,, точь в точь как на картинке которая отображает вспыхнувший интерес ко всему что как-то связанно с валютами. В определенный момент, я стала смотреть на рынок сквозь очки меркантильного интереса и задала себе вопрос: «А можно ли зарабатывать деньги …
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1.0 Introduction
In economic literature, the individual terms used interchangeably or in similar contexts, so it is necessary to distinguish detail to define and explain, in order to understand their interconnection and relationships. Some terms below are important for traders because fundamental analysis can help to create better technical analysis.
Figure 1: Introduction
2.0 Stock market and Burgernomics
From the very beginning, the stock market is tied to a specific place - a meeting place of traders / intermediaries, who are between themselves traded in certain period of time and by the rules that are established. On the stock exchanges are traded cash and goods, according to the trade exchange are divided into effective, merchandise and mixed. On the first trading securities, foreign exchange and financial derivatives, other goods, and on the third one and the other. The subject of trading on the stock exchange must always be standardized. Another characteristic of stock markets, the absence of cases of trafficking from where it traded. Rules of exchange on the stock exchange markets have a dual function - to provide all the detailed eye standardization items and trading rule…
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With the plethora of advertising about Forex Trading chances are,
you have tried your hand at a demo account by now. Odds are you have made a
handsome profit, jumped onto the bandwagon of “Forex Trader”.
improbable overnight Millionaire Dream
leads many to an addiction to Forex Trading.
 How is your first Real(Live) money account doing today? 
In my
99.99% amateur forex
traders lose money on their first,second 
& third deposit.By this time
majority will quit forex trading, their pockets can't sustain further
drawdowns.1% will double
or triple their deposit and look to Revenge Trade, use excessive leverage
and be washed out for the final time with a bad taste in their mouths.
A lot of Forex Internet wisdom centres around:
your Trade, Trade your Plan." Wise advice.
1- How do
I make a "PLAN"?
2- How do
I know its the right "PLAN"?
I have never received a straight forward answer to these questions.
Think about it, these question are not complete.(Different people
different lives)
This article will try to guide you to the start of your plan and
push you to ask the correct/complete questions.
The Holy Grail is:
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@OneGoodTrade, doctoryby: Thanks. I would share a lot more, continue the series to the end point(which is changing mindset into an analytical machine). Wont do much good here though where the newbie readers are interested only in being spoon fed. I wouldn't even care about "article contest" as long as a few people were interested. May post it somewhere else though. Cheers

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 Sorry for my English, thinking an article you like and you understand it.I like all the new traders start with the forum and am going to tell you what it is, because not all realize that it really is. Many of the traders learned to trade, so far, they write their sentences in their crown settlements. think that there can together solve some problems and arrive at a correct conclusion, but almost everything that was written, no rational decision-making has not, since all of this writings is more like crap than a logical thought. If you are ever copied on the forums, you probably know that it takes all the time in which you can develop your trading skills. All the so-called forumyane, eternal residents forum, trying to show how smart they are by writing very same nonsense, and praising a colleague, who supports them, waiting for him and praise. Almost everything that is discussed on the forums does not help very well to trade in any way, and all those things on which we must focus our attention immediately put on, you know what and contemptibly thrown away.Promotions carried out dealing centers, such as throw their low-profit work and get rich in the foreign exchange market. In the…
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Scalping is basically the trading method used by traders on the floor and future actions. They use the order book to make small profits but many. That they can with their speed of execution and transaction costs very low. The concept of scalping has now expanded to many players taking positions in a short duration of time.Many beginners try their hand at scalping but it's actually a trading style of the most difficult to master. Indeed, the scalping requires concentration and a very high execution speed, there is no room for hesitation. A scalper must have a very high resistance to stress. Scalping is all the more difficult it is generally done with a high leverage of about 100 to 1000 which does not forgive mistakes.The Forex market is one that lends itself quite well in scalping because it is very liquid and transaction costs are very low. The control of these transaction costs is very important as they can quickly gain a strong impact. Indeed, a scalper will very often gain of 5 to 10 pips or less so the spread will impact strongly enough performance. The scalpers are therefore working on the currency pairs as the most liquid EUR / USD, GBP / USD and USD / JPY.The choice of trad…
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Most people who starting to engage into forex trading will start their practical journey with a demo/dummy account. There are many ways to success in forex, from reading a lot of forex trading book, learning fundamental and technical skills, discussing certain topics in forums, using custom indicators, and off course many other skills that I have not included above. This time I will cover a slightly different side of unsuccessful of forex trading. Do you ever realise why you can make a big profit in demo account but blown up your live account within month or week or even day or worst in a hour? Simple because you are not yet ready for a real live trading eventhough you might think it is a good time to go live. Newbie/beginner traders often do not realise that demo and live account has a very big difference in terms of emotions of greed & fear, anger, self pity and many other psychology related. A wise trader often once says that there is only a thin of paper barrier divided between a good trader and a bad trader which called emotions. We are human and it is normal to have a desire of winning every trades and getting a big positive number in trading forex but is there a holy gra…
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I say... nerver let your emotions quide You before or after you take a trade... +1 and trade well. Do you think the trading psychology is the key?

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@doctortyby - Psychology is not just a key to success but a mandatory to have who want to get success. :)

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