About my auto-trading software:
- Removing the Influences of Human Emotion – It is a well known fact that traders are frequently influenced by emotions such as fear and excitement which may cause them to stray away from their original trading plan.
- Accuracy of execution – the computer is not affected by fatigue or other human vulnerabilities which may cause mistakes such as pressing the wrong button.
- High speed execution – a computer can monitor and trade multiple currency simultaneously and react much faster than a human trader.
- Your hands and eyes, always free - You can sleep and have trade.
- Very fast decision-making – auto trading strategies can quickly and easily handle complicated calculations required for decision making processes, whereas a human trader may encounter difficulties.

Version ONE:

pic_1. Example: Intraday strategy
Intraday trading is a popular method involving the quick opening and liquidation of positions ( in period 1 - 24 hours).
Consequently, the intraday trader needs to be a patient, diligent individual who is willing to wait as the fruits of his labors translate to great profits over time. Many people purs…
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