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Visual JForex is a great Dukascopy tool for building automatic trading strategies. It is easy to use and doesn't require any programming knowledge. Visual JForex is powerful enough to build and test even very complex strategies. In the following article, we will review some tips about this platform.
Dear reader, I have dedicated much thought and many hours to write this article. So I'm really interested in hearing what you think about it. Please comment and share your thoughts! I hope this article will make your experience with Visual JForex more effective and enjoyable. :-)
Learn and Experiment

This is probably the most important tip! You can learn a lot about Visual JForex from videos, as well as the forum (see resources below). After you've gained some knowledge, experiment with it. For example, you can try to convert a trading strategy that you already use into Visual JForex. Here are some great learning resources:
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geula4x 31 Paź

@alifari Thank you :-) Happy trading today :-)

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This article is a good introduction to Visual Jforex. Well done!

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geula4x 1 Lis

@Fxtrader500 Thank you :-) Happy trading today :-)

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I need more help to paste the group of blocks. I can find "Copy" in using right-click, but i don't find "paste" or "rename". Thanks

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I've found how to rename a group of blocks clicking in the edit symbol at the upper left corner of the collapsed group. But still unable to "paste" the group of blocks

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Every trader should automate their trading strategy. This is especially true for new forex traders given the low barriers to entry in the market and the generous amounts of leverage available. The process of developing an automated trading strategy has numerous ingrained benefits for traders that can help avoid making costly mistakes that are typically associated with the shortening of a trading career.Reason #1: Development of a Trading PlanA key to success in trading is to have a good plan and to have the conviction to stick with your plan over time. The basic tenet of a trading plan is to know exactly how you will act throughout the entirety of a trade before you place your initial entry. Often times, traders will bend this definition of a trading plan, allowing for some discretion throughout a trade. This is not beneficial to a trader because this level of discretion means that you cannot reliably backtest your strategy. By automating a trading strategy, the trader is forced to define exactly how each trade will progress. As such, by choosing to automate a strategy, you are more likely to be testing and trading a complete plan.Reason #2: BacktestingWhile it is not necessary to …
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madiha avatar
madiha 2 Maj

good luck

RobertBric avatar

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) not every strategy can be automated. Discretionary strategies cannot be automated (for example classical pattern or Elliott Wave trading). Or should I say: cannot be automated well. Because such programs already exist but they mostly provide signals for traders to decide upon.
One point where I don’t agree. I believe that novice traders should trade manually as much as they can in order to gain experience. With a demo account, of course. Only then can they go and define an automated strategy.
All the very best with future articles in the contest

doctortyby avatar

I think there is no strategy that could work in different market conditions. Some strategies work sometimes, other strategies work in other market conditions and some strategies never work. :) But there has to be a strategy otherwise the trading becomes gambling and that means coin flipping. Keep it up and trade well my friend.+1

alifari avatar
alifari 19 Maj

I use both automated & manual strategy, but I feel automated strategy is less stressful +1

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