In this article i'm going to share the elements i have found in the past 3 years of research on how to become a professional trader.I have read and taken notes from every article,forum or book i could find on the internet about trading and these are the steps i consider to be the most important in the journey one begins in the trading world.
1. What is trading?

Trading is participating in the global opportunities game. To be successful to any degree one needs to identify an edge, a slight skewing of the opportunities in one’s favor . Let's say we toss a coin 1,000 times and record the amounts of heads and tails, one could reasonable deduct that each occurrence would happen 50% of the time, now suppose one would add a small weight to one side of the coin, one could reasonably deduct that the weighted side would land bottoms down more then 50% of the time. Trading is very similar, a trader finds a way to tilt the odds in his favor by identifying patterns and fine tuning entries to those pattern. A price moves up because there are more buyers then sellers, a buyer will buy a currency because he expects to be able to sell if at a later tim…
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