Dear Traders,
I haven't been very active in the community recently and today I decided that it is time to begin sharing some of the successful trading strategies I'm using with my first article.
The Bollinger Bands indicator always fascinated me and I've been lucky to meet John Bollinger several times in person during trade shows and seminars. He has a deep knowledge about the markets and is a very funny and humorous guy. If I had to describe him with one word: simply genius! Depending on how old you are and since when you're using computers you probably can imagine how things were when he invented the Bollinger Bands. Some decades ago we had no Excel or sophisticated trading platforms and the process of calculating the bands was a very work intensive task. To simplify things, we can also see the Bollinger Bands as a statistical model with a moving average (middle channel), a line above two standard deviations apart (upper channel) and a line below also two standard deviations apart (lower channel).
There are numerous ways one can use the Bollinger Bands for trading the markets. Today, I like to show you the my Bollinger Band strategy I'm using in trending
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