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Hi Guys
I've been trading now on and off for about 5 years. I've tried all the usual stuff training course, following traders here and loads and loads of research and self taught stuff too. I've done all the usual stuff too, doubled my account one day then lost the lot the next day!!! You know all the same old story, but now its different, now I am starting to understand what its all about and I've been having some relative success trading my demo account recently so thought well now its time to try some real money.
So here I am and I am gonna give it another go to see if I can crack it once and for all. The system I am about to share with you is all my own work, its personal to me, sure its got a little bit of someones system here and there but very basically I've broken the whole forex trading game down to its simplest form and I believe I 've cracked it!!
Its nothing new , in fact its all been done before , but its exactly fits me and my personality, its exactly how I see the market and how to trade it. Hopefully some of you guys will enjoy it too. I'm sure there will plenty who don't but thats cool we all have to find our own path in life and forex trading is no different.
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great article!

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Beto 12 Feb.

nice history.

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ak10 13 Feb.

But sooner or later the man who wins
Is the one who thinks he can.

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rashadali 22 Feb.

interesting article )

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FXRabbit 23 Feb.

Good article!

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traders!!! This is my first article, hope you enjoy it and find it
in May 2011, i learn good technique to trade HS's using
AB=CB reversal pattern to calculate the targets, and potential spot a
new reversal. This type of reversal pattern (HD's) followed for other
reversal pattern (AB=CD) can be found in all the time frames, and can
help you to spot long term trend and intra day trends
as well.
keep in mind, one off the
most important aspect to trade reversal patterns it's to closely observe the
price action in the potential reversal zone,
in fact this aspect it's critical!! You
MUST have the discipline to wait for the price arrives
to the reversal zone, and start to gives you the sign for the
reversal. First i will explain how i
trade HS's using
AB=CD reversal pattern to find the targets and potential new trend
reversal and later i will show you the example in the Cable.
How to spot and trade HS's –
This is can be used in all time frames, this example it's in up trend
Price it's trending (making
higher highs and higher lows)
Price makes new high, but
fails to make new low, breaking the up trend line and retracing till the
last support (establishing…
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LinnuxFX 3 Jan.

Well written and nice pattern explanation, great article, good luck...

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Bideira 4 Jan.

Thank you for the comments!!!

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alifari 4 Jan.

nice article with good visual charts

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Great article. Good luck in both contests.

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Interesting Introduction to Head & Shoulders pattern and ABCD. I also use them in as Trading Instruments in my Analysis. Do You use Constant Range Bars Charts (Volatility charts, based only on price movement, eliminating the Time factor)?... They are available in J-forx Platform. Read my introduction to Range Bars Charts and my weekly analisys model. Range Bars give you an edge ;) +1

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