In this article , I Intend to discuss my view on a trading plan and I am also keen to know about yours so please do share it.
Something about a Trading Plan :
Can you ever imagine a long drive without your beautiful girlfriend ? No , you dont have to answer it . Well I know your answer
Rule is the same in the forex market , here a trading plan is your companion for the long drives. It is a trading plan in forex that makes journey stress free and pleasurable. According to the Surveys taken from thousand of losers across the globe , they were successful to have consecutive failures because they had several Dreams but NO PLANS !!! By the time they realized their mistake , they had already owned a Caravan instead of mansion to live in . So now dreamers If you don't like Caravans it's the time to have a good Plan and ride on life not on roads Let's start building it .
First Step of a Trading Plan:
In the forex trading you would have often come across two types of analysis Fundamental and Technical . But In this article we would discuss the most essential type of analysis , that is " SELF ANALYSIS " . Self analysis is like ordering dishes in any restaurant considering the equation of yo…
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