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Last month I wrote an article about one currency master trading setup. Now I want to share how to trade with it. We will be able to trade in different timeframes with different styles.
As I described in my earlier article we will need to follow three different charts: Daily, 4 Hour and 1 Hour. I made small changes so this setup will be better for trading.
ADX: 13 – will be signaling trend strength and weakness
MACD: 13- will signal momentum
EMA 23, EMA 89, EMA 144 – These are mainly for keeping an eye on trend and potential support resistance level.
RSI: 13 – will be used to check sell and buy zones, also overbought and oversold zones.
MACD: 13- will signal momentum and sell and buy zone.
EMA 23, EMA 89, EMA 144 – These are mainly for keeping an eye on trend and potential support resistance level.
Stochastic: 13 – Will be used for enter and exit signals.
MACD: 13- will signal momentum and sell and buy zone.
Volume - Standard
EMA 23, EMA 89, EMA 144 – These are mainly for keeping an eye on trend and potential support resistance level.
We are huntin for opportunity first in Daily, then in 4H and then in 1H charts. We…
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Но  помни, что техника и все, что касается разных технических моментов - это только вспомогательные инструменты. Главное, правильный взгляд на сам рынок в конкретный момент времени!) Рынок очень хитер)

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great job!

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Well done!!!!

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Mepcuk 23 Feb.


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good option for the trend

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4hour or daily chart in Price Action? Part 1As you probably know, each trader has to find harmony between his personality and his trading strategy. It is one of the most important steps on the road to become a stable profitable trader. Several months ago I have decided that Price Action is my method of making technical analysis. Sometimes there is a huge gap between decisions and our trading practice, but it is a topic for another day. EXAMPLE 1 Let's see the daily chart EURJPYIt is a bearish candle - 25 February 2013 What do we see? There is s strong bearish candle as breakdown. Strong engolfing, as we may say in PA's language. I suppose several thousand traders all around world opened short positions on this pair in 61,8% or 82% fibo and set stop loss behind this 25 February's candle. It doesn't matter if several PA's setups won't work on daily charts, of course, but let's ask another question. How we can use this big move to make money in the market?It is time to see 4 hours chart EURJPY during 25 February's session. The 4 hours chart show chance open short position with good relation between risk and profit.We see the false break setup, (i've written some information about t…
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scramble 18 Apr.

in my opinion combination of timeframe is the only way to make a good technical analysis! so definetly is not just a daily candle giving the direction. but sometimes it is, depending on hourly and weekly setups :)

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valentine 30 Apr.

Why does this article drop in rank so bad? Anything related to price action should be valued :)

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zbych 1 May

Valentine, thanks for support.

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Jester 7 May

IMHO, 4H charts are most useless in trading because of 4H chart reflects nothing in terms of big market players actions. It's just a ... chart. There is nothing new and important which You don't see ant daily and hourly charts. But intraday accumulations and manipulations could be not seen on it. So my choice is daily and hourly. They have valuable info about market forces. Not 4H.

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zbych 7 May

Jester, thanks for your comment. Maybe You are right, but i try read market using 4h charts and on eurusd, or audusd it is interesting. Maybe eurjpy is very special pair, and i want to write about this pair more in next artical. Best regards

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This next trade on
my real account involved shorting the EURO JPY that continued its downtrend
following the Daily Chart’s Bear Crown formation. This trade was in sync with
other bearish moves against the Euro as the currency continues to decline
amid a deteriorating economic outlook for the Euro zone. Although there is a
consensus that the risk on a trade in the Forex be no more than the 2%-5% range, my strategy
involves risking 15% on each trade because of the high probability of success
of these setups.
The Daily Chart
below shows how the recent downtrend on the EURO JPY started with the Bear Crown/Head and
Shoulders pattern at the beginning of July. This was in sync and supported by
the strong bearish trend that was already in place on the Monthly Chart.
 With the trend
direction already decided, it was then time to wait for an appropriate setup on
the 4H Chart that would allow us to take advantage of the downtrend. This came
in the form of a Pennant that was formed between the 97,25 and 96,33 price
 It was important
that this setup be strong enough to give the trade a hig…
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kostas19 25 July

Trend lines are underrated with all these studies... good stuff

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DaddyPapi 27 July

gracias...very useful indeed

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