Getting started trading!
* Really love a job, finding herself in him; in itself that should be developed to explore aspects that make this journey is actually a summary of the cases. Trading alone is not only a method of making money, even for investors who gain large sums of money, perhaps the second priority. After the performance a lot of preparation to pre-meditative relaxation phase of the psychological and physical effort that requires a complete challenge. Trading, in fact, "I live to make money" or "Live" is the answer to the question. Living loves and is practical, folding sell.
* Trading is a very serious person and made a journey in self-confidence you want. The ego is only as good as a place to develop self-confidence, self-confidence after the feeding of the ground difficult.
* Do yourself a favor!
* Leave of thought!
* Fundamental analysis, forget it!
* Focus on technical analysis. Because a method which contains all the parameters. If you apply a'' win'' for a full technical Analiz.
Here the emphasis to create your own system. And not to betray strategy created! ...
Trading also important to fundamental analysis. Know what day t…
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