Hi pip makers;
Welcome to my new article, Normally I spend 12 to 16 hours in the market and tries to find good opportunities to enter day and swing trades using my day and swing strategies. But most of the time I will not trade because market is dead slow or my strategy criteria will not meet so ended up with just market watch so, I have decided to build one scalping strategy to make profit in dead market or average moving market.
I am developed many scalping strategies from past 6 months using different indicators, most of them didn’t gave good result and some of them work in different market condition and will not work in some condition finally I have arrived with online strategy which works in all market conditions with 70% to 95% accuracy which depends on the major currency pairs you are trading which I am sharing with you guys. Please use this strategy with only major pairs and I have tired with cross pairs it will not work as prefect with major pairs and below are my stats from past three and half months with different major pairs:
1.GBP/USD : 80% to 95% Accuracy
2.EUR/USD : 80% to 85% Accuracy
3.USD/JPY : 78% to 83% Accuracy
4.USD/CAD : 75% to 82% Accuracy
5.USD/CHF :…
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