In the jungle where a lot of animal species live, every animal is different and has its own lifestyle and the way of living, but all of them are controlled by the same instinct which is the hunger and hunting. The survival and fear of death are enough reasons to keep animals looking for foods and a good hunt to stay alive. Animals are following their instinct very strict and they invented and innovated a lot of tricks and ways to get the food they need to keep alive, some predators wait for days and weeks patiently until an unlucky prey get trapped, hunted and eaten by them. Some animal species such as lions, Cheetahs, Crocodiles, and Wolves share the same goal of getting the prey trapped and hunted but every animal has its own tricks and characteristics which make them very successful hunters.

In fact, the animal kingdom is full of lessons and tricks that strongly associated with being successful and lucrative Forex Trader, and if we closely observe animals we will be surprised on how intelligent and creative animals are. Therefore valuable tricky lessons can be learned and adopted by Forex Traders to improve their profitability and to be successful in Trading. Animals have successful characteristics that they were born with it and if Traders learn how to apply animal tricks and hunting strategies in their trading, they will be more successful and lucrative by no means.

  • Trading like a lion makes you a more confident Trader.
Have you ever asked yourself why do lions hunt can catch its preys so successfully? Because lions show confidence and power in their lifestyle, when they go hunting, they hunt confidently and with strong determination, once the lion determine which prey is going to be hunted, they follow the target very closely and patiently till the right time comes to take action without hesitation and starting to run after the prey till he catches it with great power and determination .

1- What can Traders learn from Lions?

Actually, every trader experienced that awful feeling of being confident and scared of taking a signal generated by his own trading strategy, only to get surprised that the trade turned to be profitable and to regret not taking it. This is caused by fear and confidence, therefore lions teach us valuable lessons on how to be determined and powerful when we go trading. Trading Forex is like hunting needs a powerful and determined attitude like lions in the animal kingdom. If Traders adopt the lions lifestyle in their trading, to be more determined and not hesitating to take action when the right trade comes, they have to take every generated trading signal without hesitation and follow the trading strategy strictly with strong determination, also lions can teach, Traders, how to be more confident and not to be afraid of the market so we never miss a profitable trade .

2- What do you learn from Crocodiles about Trading Forex successfully?

Crocodiles have been known to be opportunistic predators, they wait patiently and humbly under the water surface for days or weeks to the point of starving until the prey appears and snatch it at the right time. Crocodiles are a very smart predator, they would prefer waiting for the prey to come to him rather than chasing it, they attack the prey silently and with great precision get it down the water and eat it alive.

Even though Crocodiles seem lazy predator in nature, but they are adaptable creatures take advantage of the water which they like spending most of the time lurking and watching for any unlucky prey to come down to water. Crocodiles are not looking for a small little prey, they are into hunting big fat prey and they don't hesitate to pay the price for winning big by being disciplined and patient.

What do Traders learn from the behaviour of crocodiles? Actually, Traders would improve their trading performance if they apply the behaviour of crocodiles to their Trading, the first lesson crocodiles teach us about trading is how to be too patient and self-controlled for long periods of time never get bored or frustrated till the right opportunity show up, snatching a profitable trade and win big.

As Traders, we must copy the crocodiles hunting Styles and to be disciplined, like crocodiles we can wait for days not trading waiting for the big juicy lucrative trade to come so we never settle for the small unprofitable risky trades, we have to be patient for the king-size trade to show up ,so it can be snatched .

Also, we have to be adaptable to the Market conditions as the markets sometimes go nowhere without clear direction get into consolidation or accumulation so be ready to wait for the perfect trading opportunity to come up, that way you can avoid making unnecessary losses and keeping their live accounts alive.

3- lessons Traders can learn from Cheetah the fastest creature in the world?

Cheetah has been known for a long time as the fastest creature in the world, yet if you watch its behaviour you will notice that cheetah tends to take a position and stay still not moving for a quite long time, this position can be a long tree or a hill looking over a valley.

Cheetah follows certain steps to hunt its prey , first it surveys the surrounded environment, analyzing the herd looking for the best and most suitable prey to hunt, like Traders when they analyzing the charts and watching the behaviour of price and currencies, traders looking for certain pattern to be completed like cheetah looking for a certain movement and behaviour in the prey .
The Cheetah is looking for a certain behaviour to happen first for the prey in order to take it as a potential target, Cheetah is waiting for the prey to panic and get fearful losing control, and get separated from the rest of the herd, so it can be hunted easily. Like Traders waiting for the other Markets investors and Traders selling on panic or buying on greed, so they can take advantage of emotional trading.

Conclusion: Animal behaviour exhibits very important characteristics that Traders can adopt them and integrate them into their trading because emotional and psychological state are what separate winners from losers in trading. Animals behaviour is often overlooked in trading so by illustrating this in this article I hope we can improve our trading profitability.
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